A Guideline for Janitorial Service Proposal

Once Janitorial Businesses are done visiting premises, they are then required to prepare a Janitorial Services Proposal. This article explains how to write one. It serves as a guide for writing an accurate and professional paper. It will advise you on what to do. If you follow this guide, you will be able to write the best janitorial proposal service.

Guideline for Janitorial Proposal Service

Commercial Cleaning Proposal Guideline
Things to include in a commercial cleaning proposal –

1. Cover Page & Contact Info

Start off with a cover page for the proposal where you provide a proper title and all your contact information so that the clients know about you and the purpose of this proposal. This is the first page.

2. Cover Letter & Introduction

Add a cover letter and an introduction about your business on the second page. This should be precise and interesting.

3. Price Page

Include a pricing page that describes the cost of janitorial services monthly and annually. List the day hours and the nightly days/hours if possible.

4. Service & Frequency

Next, make a list of all of the significant office areas that need to be cleaned and the frequency with which the jobs will be handled. Private offices, common areas, a lobby, restrooms, and break rooms are essential.

5. Safety

Safety is a major concern for all industries. Make sure to include janitorial safety policies and practices and introduce any other janitorial safety programs you offer.

Additionally, include any health safety certifications that your technicians or cleaners may possess. Also, mention the schedule for safety meetings, including the requirements for safety,

6. Employee Rules

As a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service provider, you are expected to clearly outline your policies and set out a list of employee rules.

This allows greater transparency and protects both your employees and your clients from future discrepancies.

For example –

  • The cleaners will place all office equipment as it is after cleaning
  • All employees will wear and keep personal protective equipment to keep themselves safe

7. Hiring & Training

Discuss your company's hiring & training process.

Elaborate on how you hire your employees, how you train them, and your monitoring & evaluation process.

8. Work Guidelines

Developing a system for cleaning individual desks and disinfecting is a very important element of janitorial cleaning.

Make leaflets or rack cards to display on employee workstations to remind them to remove any personal items before cleaning, sterilizing, and sanitizing their workspace.

9. Inspections

A weekly commercial cleaning inspection should be there. To keep everything under maintenance, you have to keep regular inspections.

In the ninth part of the proposal, you have to mention the process of inspection or schedule for monitoring.

10. Training Checklist

Next up, discuss your cleaning training checklist. You can add there how you train employees, what jobs you assign them, and how long it takes for them to operate freely.

11. Equipment Capabilities

Try to include any unique cleaning equipment that will be required for the task, as well as any large investments or specific challenges that will be overcome.

What cleaning products you will use, mainly if the client requires green cleaning detergents or if you specialize in them.

This is an excellent opportunity to inform them about all of your company’s special capabilities.

12. References & Testimonials

Mention client testimonials from a current commercial cleaning account; case studies or client testimonials as they can help you boost your credibility.

Any connection you can make with someone in a similar industry, geographic area, or organization can significantly impact your reputation. Strong references help attract more clients.

Here’s a free Template for Janitorial Service Proposal.

What to Do for janitorial service proposal

What to Do

Explain Why You Do What You Do

Most companies acknowledge the importance of explaining what they do. Using this approach, the 'what' you do is simply evidence of your company's beliefs — why.

So the question is, what is your "why?"

The executive summary at the beginning of your proposal is the ideal spot to explain your 'why.' If you provide the proper explanation of what you do and why you do, your clients will believe you.

They will come to you for your service. Don't forget to add this to your service proposal.

Clarify ways your services are different from the rest -

You have to make a clear statement about your services first. Explain to the clients about the uniqueness and specialty of your services.

 You have to clarify how your company’s services are different from others in your proposal by using examples, such as The dedication of your employees to cleaning; the best quality cleaning equipment or gear and chemicals you will be using. 

This will capture the attraction of the employee.

Show dedication to existing clientele -

A business’s first aim is to serve its clients with proper service.

As you have a business and you want to run it for a long time, you have to serve your customers consistently without compromising quality.

Prove your dedication to clients; however, remember that your company must clear confusions and solve their pain-points.

Your dedication to your business and clients will bring you more clients.

Keep following-up and collect feedback -

In many cases, your potential client may receive proposals from other companies, so you always make sure they get the level of attention your clients deserve.

Try to keep an option of follow-up. If they face any problem or want to clear any confusion, they can come to your company and discuss it.

You have to make sure that they get proper treatment. If you treat them properly, they will return to you for the service.

What not to include in a janitorial service proposal:

What Not to Do

Do not focus on the cleaning only -

Your business is indeed all about cleaning; however, you shouldn’t focus on the cleaning only. Focus on the other services, such as time management of the employees - including any modern technology that you intend to use.

Furthermore, clearly elaborate on your methods for improving your business, and ways you would like to expand your operations.

If you can manage everything together, you will do well in the market.

Phrase ‘As Required’ shouldn’t be over used -

When you write "as required" in your proposal, you're indicating that you, the cleaning contractor, will serve a certain section of the facility as many times as it requires to be cleaned.

This implies you could spend a large amount of time and resources cleaning a single room that was previously not accounted for in your time and labor costs.

In the proposal, always include a number of service times every year. You should also mention how much  additional cleaning services will cost  if the prospect believes they will need more expensive services than the price you've quoted.

Don't Put Too Much Emphasis On Your Materials

This may seem absurd, but many companies don't know what they're using for cleaning. You have to prove your services are better in the marketplace, and it isn't the materials you're using for cleaning. \

On the contrary, emphasize efficiency and turn around time for delivering work.

Show a bit of personality in your recommendations that will create a positive impact on your business.

Don’t ignore your client's feedback -

Clients are your priority. Your business is alive because of them. Your company's aim should be to provide the best service to them.

You shouldn’t ignore them or do anything that might upset them..

Give a Final Check -

When you are done writing the proposal, you have to give a final check before publishing. If anything is left, please add it.This is your last chance to improve/alter something.

improve/alter something

A final check can prepare the proposal better, and a better proposal can bring clients for you.

Final Note

Finally, please attempt to follow useful guidelines when producing a janitorial service proposal so that you can win big office cleaning contracts. This article includes a guideline that you can easily follow if you need to construct a janitorial proposal for service.

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