Acquiring Cleaning Leads Worth Your Money and Time: Stay Off Bad Leads!

Jason Hunt
September 21, 2021
Being an integral stakeholder in the janitorial business, we all need to make everything worth the money. The continuous search for efficiency has led many to pursue risky ventures; as a result, numerous janitorial business owners continue suffering from unqualified, and old commercial cleaning leads from not-so-reliable janitorial leads vendors. Besides, pay-per-lead commercial cleaning jobs are not that simple for cleaning businesses to avail.

To understand which cleaning contracts are worth your money or pursuing, we have elaborated on the nitty-gritty details throughout this article.

As a cleaning business owner, you will be perfectly aware of authentic and qualified office cleaning leads who are also actively hiring janitors.

Why are Leads Not Just Enough?

Leads are what every business seeks; after all, this helps them find prospects and customers. A lead can be anything ranging from simple contacts to interested prospects.

Marketing concepts and tools for lead generation in digital networks.
Modern marketing concepts and tools for effective janitorial lead generation through digital networks.

If you’re paying simply for needs, you will need to know the value of leads. Some Janitorial Lead vendors may merely sell you many contacts labeled “leads,” which may seem shady.

You may even feel hopeful about getting a few solid contracts through these; however, this is a shallow bar for those selling leads.

Every janitorial business deserves to buy leads that are actually worth their money, and this is how you can expect to get hot janitorial leads awaiting your phone call for conversion!

Raw Vs Qualified Prospects

If you’re heading out to get yourself cleaning jobs in a constant flow, raw leads won’t get you anywhere.

With a 10-year-old phone directory, you already have raw leads. You may think these are of no use, and that is precisely what raw leads are.

Some third-party vendors simply hand you a bunch of old phone numbers and contact names who are no longer interested; might not even exist in 2022!

Every contact info goes through several stages of human interaction before it’s labeled as a qualified commercial cleaning leads.

The authentication process is fulfilled by further verification over a phone call as our appointment setters reach out to them.

 Long years of experience combined with a positive brand image has successfully instilled trust among uncountable office managers in our area, which is why we never really run out of work, not even the janitors whom we are working with right now. 

A lead is only deemed qualified when all the following criteria are met; however, this itself isn’t what the best third-party vendors have to offer.  

Appointment Setting & Calendar Management

What’s better than having a confirmed cleaning job through qualified leads?

“Appointment setting” is perhaps the practice of professionals, which is probably the best form of cleaning leads.

Appointment Setting Through Lead Generation
Appointment Setting Through Lead Generation

Janitorial lead providers go out of their way to speak for you and set appointments on your behalf with office managers and facilitators.

The appointment-setting service ensures the job is a success and results in a solid long-term commercial cleaning contract.

Upon verification, one of our janitorial telemarketing agents will then continue to speak on your behalf, discussing minor details of the job and noting down their requirements to match yours.

The Extra Mile…

The more processed the lead is, the more worth it is for the money.

After seeing appointment-setting services for leads, cleaning business owners must think about what could be better than this?

A combination of reliability traits help us maintain a long-term relationship with office managers

The bar for this is set much higher by some professionals who go out of their way to ensure you get the job and get it done right.

Some janitorial lead vendors often employ practices that help them manage your calendar.

Through calendar management, lead generators will notify you about upcoming jobs or appointments set by the lead generators themselves.

Simply leave everything to the lead generators while you focus on the quality of your cleaning services.

Effective Lead-Gen With Janitorial Telemarketing

The simple fact is that professional lead generation companies invest a lot of their time and effort to ensure each lead is a confirmed sale.

The action can range from constantly being in touch with the leads or cold calling them with an approach that will sway their minds.

Janitorial lead generation companies have known most office facility managers and business owners for years through having coordinated and completed successful cleaning jobs.

Strategic Client Prospecting

Leads won’t get you far without strategic prospecting from lead generators.

Both these techniques result in leads that will guarantee you an office cleaning job.

  • They have a command over the market like no other.
  • Their expertise and goodwill ensure the legitimacy of each lead that you can always trust.
  • Routine follow-up builds trust, thus, eliminating the risk of old unreliable leads being in the mix.

Lead generation companies operating for a long time and have survived the initial phases are usually classified as reliable.

In the end ...

When you pay for office cleaning leads, you’re not always getting your money’s worth. Not all janitorial lead generation companies sell legit leads. However, some will exceed your expectations when it comes to commercial cleaning leads guaranteed cleaning contracts. These are the leads that are worth the money.

Guarantee your success today and partner with the best commercial cleaning lead generators.

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