Why Janitorial Leads Pro?

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Starting as a business generating B2B Leads, we yearn to deliver excellence and allow janitorial businesses across the US to garner success through nurtured leads.
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We act as partners by finding you more appointments while letting you focus on your job. Not only that, but we also promote your janitorial business online.

Why Janitorial Leads Pro?

Specialized Leads 

We provide leads that are specialized to meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking for disinfectant jobs, deep cleaning or office cleaning or wherever you want your jobs, we’ve got you covered.

Double Verified Leads

The janitorial leads that we provide are all double-verified. That means after the initial qualification of the leads, we contact them via phone call to re-verify to ensure that our leads are genuinely qualified.

High Sales Conversion

We harbor skilled agents and qualify cleaning leads through fine filtered eligibility measures. This makes our Janitorial Leads genuine and crisp, ensuring a higher sales conversion rate than general leads.

Money Back Guarantee

We don’t charge you for failed appointments. This means that you’ll only be charged when you successfully attend an appointment and provide a quotation. In failing to do so, we offer cashback or connect you with another client.

In-House Marketing Solutions For Janitorial Businesses


Finding Prospects

Janitorial Leads Pro specializes in finding prospects looking for office cleaning contractors. We verify every lead to ensure they are qualified based on your criteria. 

Cold Calling

Our appointment setting is live throughout the year to connect cleaners with facility managers through experienced telemarketers following strict protocols. .


Our appointment setters notify you immediately in case of any changes in the appointment schedules, also connecting you with more janitorial jobs in your area continually. 


Each of our leads is verified before they’re handed over. Once an appointment is placed, you need to simply meet the prospect on time, and the rest is entirely in your hands. .


We implement SEO for Google to help your janitorial service rank on the first page. This is where commercial centers and offices will find you through our platform. 
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Digital Branding

We work on digital branding in the technology arena through our experienced marketers, which make significant changes in your commercial cleaning business.
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Voice Promotion

Our multilingual telemarketers can communicate professionally with companies to confirm more meetings with businesses looking for a reliable commercial cleaning service. 
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Email Marketing

We have an in-house Email marketing team to remind other companies about the cleaning services you’re ready to provide and engage with customers with solid strategies.

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