Attract Only Verified Janitorial Leads With These Tricks

Jason Hunt
June 17, 2019
I thought it was easy to tell people I am an industrial janitor and will be willing to render janitorial services. Though I was right, I was also wrong. I had the skills to qualify the janitorial leads, but it seemed people aren’t really willing to share information about themselves with others as confidently as they confided me. As a result, that got me thinking about what would be the right way to approach prospects?


It is good to first clearly explain the term ‘Leads.’

What is a Lead? Who are your Leads? Where can they be found? How can one meet them?

A Lead is a potential customer whose data is compiled because they have shown interest or willingness to buy your product or service; a lead is an interested buyer and is primarily intrigued based on your approach.

In as much as you can be aggressive trying to compile lists of leads, it is noteworthy to state that a friendly marketer gets more leads than an unfriendly marketer.

You cannot predict a serious buyer or a great referral, therefore, it is advisable to meet, greet, and introduce your business to the prospects.

Everyone needs cleaning but they are busy, which is why a cleaning assistant is in demand these days.

The perfect funnel attracts leads automatically to your business. Leads can be found everywhere, regardless of time and day.

To be factual, janitorial leads are reasonably easier to find since everyone is willing to hire a custodial cleaner.

 Always call every Lead for setting appointments right away without making them waiting. 

You meet them everywhere; at the park, at the pub, at viewing stations, cinemas, on the transit, and every other place; therefore, it is important to say a janitor is a vigorous marketer.



Leads are everywhere, but while searching for leads, you must meet the right vendors.

  • You need more than 1000 leads to get a reasonable number of buyers or sales initially.
  • Once Leads are successfully channeled, it is of great importance to save their contact information for remarketing.
  • Their contacts will help to create and retain a client’s engagement.

Remember, not everyone who shows interest in your product will be willing to engage in a transaction with you.

Keep in touch with them and be sure to make them realize what your janitorial services are all about.


You have made a smart decision by gathering your janitorial leads, but it will be smarter when you could finally channel them into sales.

  • You need confidence and display friendliness while dealing with customers.
  • Intentionally make your clients decide to have no choice but to clean with your janitorial service.
  • There is a difference in the way you speak with an existing client and the way you speak with a new prospect.

It is important to note that your calls might be disturbing as a telemarketer, but also be optimistic that some Leads remember they dropped their contacts and they hope to hear from you someday for their cleaning.

In fact, I pride myself on how I turn my leads into clients.


  • CONSTANT FOLLOW-UP: This is the most annoying strategy for Leads. As annoying as it could be, it is the only way one can reach them and get an instant response from them. Calling your Leads to market your janitorial services is not an easy task, but you can make it easy with your choice of tone or choice of words.
  • GIVEAWAYS: Everyone needs special treatments, hence, there is no age limit for gifts. As a janitor, you can gift either goods or services. You can render a free service alongside the paid service, or provide a discounted service and leave the premise with a thoughtful gift on the house.
  • MEET, GREET AND INTRODUCE: It is no doubt that chatting one-on-one gives you room to understand body language. Meet your prospective clients and explain why your janitorial service is the best. Avoid FAQs (read common questions asked during janitorial job interviews). They are indirect and not effective. Be available to chat, call, and engage them directly.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Social media is a home for all where you can search for everyone. Stalk your Leads positively based on the information you gather. Study their availability online and spend time sharing your janitorial leads blogs on social platforms. Social media is more intriguing, so seize this opportunity to market your services.
  • SET AN URGENCY TONE: Some companies or potential clients need a new janitorial touch in their space. However, they keep postponing until they meet your competitor and forget about you. Give your unresponsive Leads a time limit, let them understand you mean business and they might miss the opportunity. As much as you can’t be harsh, you should also be firm. This method will cause either a positive or negative reaction. It will either save you time and energy or bring the sales you expected.

Janitorial Leads Pro - a trusted vendor for janitors:albert-einstein-quote-janitorial-leads-pro

Janitorial service is a rewarding business, but you can only make your business exist and stay relevant if you follow the above tactics intentionally and religiously.

My challenges were simple; how to get good sales on my leads.

It also includes how to get good leads, meet new clients, and keep existing ones.

However, it was easier said than done. I tried every means to make sure I made sales from my leads, but it was to no avail. Meanwhile, you know what they say about trying different methods.

Remember that Albert Einstein once said,

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

So, I changed my method, and right now my sales are going well. If you wish to join forces with an appointment setting team particularly for janitors and free marketing, then reach out to us today for more information.

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