Understanding Needs and Qualifying Commercial Cleaning Leads

Jason Hunt
April 17, 2019
Are you a born telemarketer? Fantastic! Do you attract your clients’ attention at the first meeting? Thumbs up! However, you still struggle to get commercial cleaning Leads in this pandemic. Persuasion doesn’t let you pass because they have very little time to speak with you on the phone; moreover, they are more reluctant to let outsiders enter their property.
You feel tired right? You don’t have to; simply try to understand a client’s need better by following your very own lead qualification process.

Telemarketing can be defined as the marketing of goods and services over phone calls, typically unsolicited to potential customers or existing ones.

As we converse with various prospects on your behalf, our janitorial appointment setters will jot down everything necessary for you to know your pricing criteria.

All you have to do later is to visit, inspect, and come up with an estimate without underpaying yourself.


Every cold call must address a genuine problem commonly experienced by prospects. The calls need to elaborate on your solutions to help them overcome such problems.

Janitorial telemarketing is the process of marketing or promoting custodial cleaning services over the phone as well as online.

It involves answering calls, chatting, and posting about various company’s services across multiple social platforms.

A telemarketer must understand the concept of understanding the needs of prospects by following their unique commercial cleaning leads qualification process.

It is necessary to do proper research and understand the company’s requirements you are willing to work with.

Then you go further by asking relevant questions about their previous experience with the previous cleaning service.

If you ask your clients the right questions, you will get any information you need prior to starting any project.

Understanding clients’ needs require engaging their minds by hearing out their usual pain points, and basing their answers it’ll be a lot easier to know should you spend more time with them or not.

There are different tips to follow that help understanding prospects better:


A telemarketer needs to understand the problems commonly faced by a client.

The client will not give you attention if he or she is not interested in the services you are going to render them.

Get to meet your clients and know what they are likely to offer you for the work.

An organization might have had a janitorial service before, get to know what made them stop using their previous service; do they delay in their delivery, or do they have bad customer service or their washing perfume is awful?

You should research why a company has come for your service and get to know their expectations.

Learn the problems and expectations of every company.


A company has a reason for employing a janitorial service.

The work of a janitor is to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of an office.

If you get a call from a company, try to find out the purpose of their phone call.

Ask questions like, is the company expecting a guest?

Is the company preparing for a new phase (New Year, new month, or anniversary), or it is for continuous cleaning of the office.

Find out what they wish to achieve and how to exceed their expectations.

If you could fulfill all their requirements, you stand a chance to have them as regular clients.


A janitorial service provider is as good as the staff of any organization.

The janitorial service has to understand every company’s specifications clearly.

The first thing a janitorial service provider should do after meeting a company is to search about them, get to know their industry, and how they operate for satisfying their own customers.

This way, you are exposed to the company.

You can get enough information online or meet one of the central cleaners of the company.

Office cleaners seem to have information about a company more often.

Be intentional about knowing the specification of a company. It helps janitorial cleaners to be more specific.


When dealing with a prospective client, it is important to be humble as well as respectful.

Some managers will only share information with anyone they feel is humble.

Most managers want to be respected, so maintain your calm while qualifying such commercial cleaning leads into the sales funnel.

However, if you are proud and act as you know it all, the manager might not be willing to carry on the conversation much longer.

The manager might feel too pushy, or you’re somebody that knows it all. Maintain humility and be respectful.


Some prospects do not know what they want or are unaware of proper expression.

It is your duty as a janitorial service provider to make them aware of all available options.

This method will help by keeping everything transparent between parties; moreover, it can help by instilling a greater sense of trust between the parties involved.

So whether you will have a long-term or short-term janitorial contract with them, giving them options will act as further encouragement.


When you offer discounted services to clients that have referred you to others, they are more likely to return.

This time, they get to explain better the kind of services they aspire.

They can also decide to talk about their past experiences with previous janitorial services.


Good listening skills enable every marketer to genuinely understand the existing problems faced by the prospects.

Always try to listen attentively to clients.

Most of them are too busy, and they want to talk fast and get back to their work.

So dealing with them requires listening and taking notes to avoid future conflicts.

You might also not have an opportunity to ask these kinds of clients questions.

To play safe, listen patiently, and take notes.


How to get reliable commercial cleaning leads?

As a janitorial service, you might consider generating your own cleaning leads in-house; however, the process will certainly slow you down and eventually, will hike your expenses while trying and testing out different techniques.

Once you sign up with any reliable janitorial appointment setting like us, you will be amazed at how faster you are landing more janitorial contracts successfully.

Simply because this is our expertise, and we have dedicated commercial centers, hospitals, offices, and even day-care centers frequently hiring janitors.

We will always make sure that your workweeks are always filled and you’re never out there blindly searching for janitorial jobs.


Always learn to get feedback from your clients.

After a cleaning operation at your client’s office and/or home, call to know how they feel about your services and request recommendations or what they would love you to add when next you work with them.

Not every client has the time to call back, but there is always a reservation for every cleaning service.

You might only get to have their reservations if you call, not when they call you.


Janitorial telemarketing gets interesting when you are doing it right. The primary key is effective communication with clients by following our unique commercial cleaning leads qualification tips.

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