15 Janitorial Staff Training & Manual Courses For Every Janitorial Business

Jason Hunt
September 16, 2022

Working and coping as a cleaning service or janitor isn’t so easy all the time. It takes a lot more than just doing regular cleaning. Now, you need practical methods and training courses that can grow your janitorial business. Most qualified entrepreneurs run barely successful cleaning companies. Mostly, the problem is not a lack of janitorial abilities but rather an absence of business acumen and the capacity to train staff efficiently.

Almost fifty percent of workers who don’t get the on-the-job training they need to excel at their jobs quit within the first year. On the other hand, businesses that provide thorough training profit two times more than those that don’t.

This article will discuss the training courses you can offer for your janitorial staff.

Types of training programs

There are several training programs available, but you can offer any of them or even keep all of them according to the needs of your staff.

But it’s better to keep all the options open for your team so they can choose which aspect to growing while maintaining proper cleaning standards.

The type of thorough instruction for boosting sales in your janitorial company is as follows:

  • Online Video Training
  • Training Programs Download System
  • Certified Training on Site

All the training programs will have core courses for janitors that are:

1. Cleaning and Disinfecting Training –

Around 2020, during the Covid-19 outbreak, infection control and disinfecting services gained prominence in the industry.

Janitorial businesses suddenly required credentials and documentation of pandemic measures by housing developers and management companies.

The disinfection Prevention and Training Program is an alternative to training your staff and assisting them by comprehending the significance of sanitizing workplaces.

Most janitorial services have been offering certified training to the cleaning industry for a long time.

2. The Course for Fundamental janitorial Training

In this training course, janitors will be trained to use and learn the fundamentals, such as:

  • Collecting Trash,
  • Dusting,
  • Restroom Cleaning,
  • Breakroom Cleaning,
  • Mopping,
  • Vacuuming, and
  • Equipment preparation

3. Course for Training in Toilet Maintenance

First, it’s crucial to understand that the Cleaning to Excel General Cleaning Training Program covers toilet maintenance.

For janitorial specialists that perform more than just regular maintenance, the Toilet Maintenance Training Program offers additional in-depth training, which further includes an overview of toilet cleaning, sink, urinal, shower stall, commode, surface floor cleaning, methods of using tools and solutions for toilet cleaning, cross-contamination, biohazard identifying, etc.

4. Course for Janitorial Safety Training

Your cleaning company has to prioritize janitorial safety training following compliance measures. Besides having a duty to ensure your staff’s safety, it’s also advised to not incur additional employee insurance fees due to lack of training.

Are you aware that janitorial service providers are among the organizations that receive the highest penalties for not providing sufficient learning materials to their staff on workplace safety and risks?

Complying with all regional, statewide, and regulations for safety training can be a significant hassle for your cleaning business.

If you lack a written worker safety protocol for your janitorial staff, a little event could cause substantial fines for your business.

5. Training Program for Risk Management

According to Risk, organizations should give employees the “Right to Be Informed” training about the substances and risks they face at work. This includes,

  • Working with harmful chemicals,
  • Contact with potentially dangerous corrosives,
  • Irritants,
  • First Aid Recommendations,
  • Combustible and explosive substances,
  • Oxidizers,
  • Poisons,
  • Toxic metabolites,
  • Carcinogenic chemicals,
  • Pictorial representations, etc.

6. Training in Biohazards

Workers in different professions, including janitors, risk contracting bloodborne diseases. OSHA has set a standard to protect employees who might come into contact with blood or other potentially contaminated objects while cleaning any medical office.

The OSHA Blood-borne Pathogens Standard aims to reduce or eradicate workers’ exposure to these microbes and guard against employees developing acute, incurable diseases, including Aids, HCV, and Hepatitis.

That’s why it’s essential to go through biohazard training.

7. Maintenance of Hard Flooring

Considering your clients prefer to engage with complete cleaning agencies, hard floor maintenance is crucial for extensive janitorial services.

You must therefore be skilled in all cleaning and rugged floor maintenance areas.

Many floor care procedures are covered in this training course, including burnishing, scrubbing, polishing, washing and re-coating, scraping and bleaching, and much more.

8. Training for Carpet Cleaning

Janitorial or cleaning services, particularly for businesses offer more than just garbage removal, toilet upkeep, dusting, and vacuuming.

They also need to be professionals at maintaining different floor types, including rugs and carpets; However, you and your staff must first complete specialized carpet cleaning courses before you can provide this service. Without formal training, you could encounter:

Spoiling your clients’ carpets by implementing improper cleaning techniques, the incorrect products, which can cause scorching or discolor, or over-wetting and turning soil “hard” or resurfacing later.

9. Specialization in Green Cleaning

The Eco – friendly cleaning or green cleaning Training Program debunks common fallacies about eco-friendly cleaning and teaches you how to create your green cleaning regimen. It also covers the indoor environment and what you should know. This program leads you thru the procedure so you may qualify your cleaning staff. There are many phases when moving from a regular cleaning program to a green cleaning program.

10. Client Support Training

The way your staff conducts themselves and upholds your obligations to your clients is typically how they perceive you, your brand, and the caliber of your services.

Let your clients know that your organization values their business as much as they do by giving them outstanding customer service.

You may show a client’s account that you value by providing your staff training on customer service that is specific to their requirements.

11. Course for Janitorial Supervisor Training

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a thorough training course that you could use to prepare your top workers for supervisory roles and offer additional training to your present superintendents?

As a company owner, you rely on your managers to keep your operation running as smoothly as it did back when you were directly responsible for the cleaning. You must first instruct your superiors in leadership, training, evaluation, and mentoring in order to do that. A person who is excellent at cleaning doesn’t guarantee they’ll be a terrific manager.

This course is to assist you in preparing your top staff for professional growth.

12. Training for Personal Growth and development

We all require methods to deal with the pressure of balancing job, household, and personal commitments in today’s environment.

Use these methods, rather than always responding to events happening around you, which adds to your strain:

  • Boost your self-assurance
  • Boost your communication skills
  • Manage staff issues more easily
  • develop time management skills to make efficient use of time and achieve your objectives more quickly.

13. Training Course on Cleaning Ceramics Surfaces

One of the most popular floor materials used nowadays in construction is flooring. After the floor has been sealed with a comprehensive sealant, it is robust and durable and requires little care.

However, tiles and grouting can get soiled and contaminated with dust over time. This training course provides the resources you need to keep your flooring looking fantastic while guiding you through methods and materials.

14. Wooden Surface Cleaning Training

Wooden Surface care services have a rising industry because of the popularity of wooden floors, including in home and office settings. No matter the type of floor—solid, manufactured, or parquet—maintenance is eventually required.

With the help of this training course, you will recognize the many types of wooden flooring and their finishes. The routine upkeep, polishing, and restoring procedures that may be carried out to increase the lifespan of the wood floor before a costly scrubbing, coloring, and re-coating are required to be done are also outlined.

15. Training program for window cleaning

Window Cleaning Training Course may teach you stage guidelines for cleaning windows. This manual will guide you and your staff to clean windows effectively. They will be educated about different types of windows and methods of cleaning with hard water and dry cleaning.

EndNote –

All in all, we can say that facilitating your staff with various kinds of training programs or courses in your janitorial business will only benefit you in the long run. It will help you to create a strong brand image and reputation in this industry and will grow opportunities for your staff to grow individually as well.

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