10 Best Cleaning Chemical Suppliers in the USA

Jason Hunt
June 3, 2022

Whenever running a Janitorial business, you will need chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing spaces. But it’s not easy to find dependable suppliers offering authentic chemicals. Buying unauthentic chemicals might result in skin irritation or oftentimes, not-so-effective cleaning.

That is why you should buy from the top janitor cleaning chemicals manufactured in the USA, however, the more important question is,

“How would you know which chemical suppliers are the best?”

In this article, you will find information related to the top ten cleaning chemicals and their suppliers in the USA.

Renowned Cleaning Chemical Suppliers in the USA

1. Procter and Gamble Company

P&G is an American brand headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was formed in 1837, focusing on personal and consumer health in addition to personal care and hygiene products.

Beauty, grooming, health care, fabric & home care, cleaning products, and infant, feminine, and family care are just a few categories where these products can be found.

Procter and Gamble-Company Logo

They are the number 1 company in the USA supplying the best chemicals.

2. Zep Inc: Buy Zep Products Today!

Zep Inc Buy Zep Products Today logo

For almost 80 years, Zep has been manufacturing cleaning products. Established in 1937 in Atlanta City, USA, their goal is “make the world cleaner, safer, and more productive.”

All Zep Solutions are developed by their R&D that understands the science of safety and successfully cleaning everything from a small stain on a carpet to some of the world’s toughest problems. Besides other products, Zep offers a wide range of cleaning solutions.

It has glass cleaners, carpet care, hard floor care, pest control, outdoor and pressure washing concentrate, hospitality & janitorial, laundry, and degreases; therefore, upgrade your cleaning system and experience the Zep difference.

3. Ecolab

Ecolab began in 1923 at Greensboro city, North Carolina, with just one cleaning agent (powder) for cleaning hotel rugs. They now have over 3 million customer locations and 450 staff.

They continue to innovate dispensing techniques, packaging, and monitoring chemicals over a century later, offering long-term solutions to customers.

Ecolab logo

Then, this company helps you to achieve operational efficiency and HSE compliance.

4. Champion Packaging & Distributing, Inc

Champion Packaging & Distributing, Inc logo

Champion Packaging & Distribution was founded in Woodridge in 1989 providing cleaning products like Muriatic Acid, Bleach, and Pool Cleansers – for both Retail and Commercial purposes. In Woodridge, Illinois, the company employs 250 workers.

CPDI is dedicated to providing high quality products at reasonable prices with superior customer service, designed for minimizing environmental impact, and on the verge of becoming a leader in the industry.

They maintain a safe working environment, interact with carefully selected vendors, and cultivate a collaborative workplace where all employees’ ideas are pondered and implemented.

5. U.S Nonwovens Corp

U.S Nonwoven Corp was established in 1993. The 220 employees of this Ludlow, KY-based company are solely focused on developing private label solutions for mass-market companies. They offer product variations, formulating safe and non-toxic cleaning products.

U. S. Nonwovens Corp logo

You can purchase from them without experiencing any hassle as they produce good quality cleaning products.

6. Chemico Systems, Inc.

Chemico-Systems,-Inc. logo

The Chemico Group is led by a management team with over 200 years of combined experience and a clear vision for its clients’ long-term development. It was founded in 1989, the company has 200 employees basing in Chesterfield, Michigan.

Chemico Systems, specializing in wash booth cleaning and coating removal services, also provides facility maintenance with cleaning chemicals. They offer fantastic products and services to their clients.

7. Weiman Products, LLC

The Weiman family began as a furniture company in Gurnee, Illinois in 1941. In the beginning, the company provided its customers with a complimentary bottle of special wood cleaning lotion with each item.

Weiman Products, LLC logo

The cleaner’s popularity set the tone for the company’s future. Weiman Products is presently a major distributor of cleaning supplies and a leading source of white label surgical instrument detergents, with 172 workers.

8. Royal Chemical Co.

Royal Chemical Co. logo

Royal Chemical has 160 people to create customized cleaning solutions for their customers. It was established in 1938. One of their five manufacturing facilities is based in Macedonia, Ohio. With over 80 years of experience, Royal Chemical believes in strong collaborations while continuing production cleaning chemicals and products.

Royal Chemical provides chemical production solutions for applications such as industrial and institutional cleaning, metal cleaning, oil and gas, chemical distribution, agrochemical, and water treatment.

For them, every task is a top priority, and every setback is an opportunity to help you.

9. Dober Chemical Corp

Dober Chemical owns multiple facilities in Woodridge, IL, including coolant additives, bespoke detergents, water treatment, performance testing, and Smart Release technology to better serve their customers upon initiating their journey since 1957.

Dober Chemical Corp logo

This company has 155 employees who work for its development with a global supply chain to reduce costs and meeting product quality or criteria.

10. Twin Specialist Corp

Twin Specialist Corp logo

Since 1955, Twin Specialties continues to manufacture a wide range of products and solutions for meeting the customers’ demands. Twin Specialties work with various vendors to build a customized menu of products that meets your specific needs. Twin fulfills the needs of a wide range of industries with its proven track record of selling lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaners, rust preventatives, and absorbent products.

This company aims at the highest customer service standards to ensure a smooth flow of your cleaning business. They offer custom-blended formulas created by professional chemists to manufacture the best cleaning chemicals.

Why Should You Purchase from Top Cleaning Chemical Suppliers?

Everyone knows that these companies are now leading the USA market. If you check the reviews of these companies and their products, you know that their customers are also happy as they clean impeccably.

How to Contact These Suppliers?

If you want to purchase from these companies, then you could either purchase online or visit any of their local outlets. In case of any issues while using these products, you can always return them.


If you want to purchase some good products for your cleaning business, you can definitely purchase from these top ten cleaning chemical suppliers in the USA as per your need. If you’re a cleaner looking for clients, then leave us a line.

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