7 Tips to Win Profitable Janitorial Bids as a Custodian Cleaner

Jason Hunt
December 20, 2021
When you seek success in the janitorial industry, you must focus on winning janitorial cleaning bids. It stands to reason that acquiring cleaning bids through professionalism is the best approach. In the Janitorial industry, acquiring one would secure a client for long-term contracts as the best-case scenario. We will discuss further how you can acquire cleaning bids with ease using these seven tips that are guaranteed to work every single time.

Let us get right into the details without further ado –

1. Have the Perfect Proposal

A perfect proposal can either make or break your janitorial bids

Verified commercial cleaning leads aren’t easy to come by, which is why bidding on such contracts becomes mandatory before you can actually land any project.

Bids are something you will need to go through, and having your janitorial business plan set up before your bid is the best way to go.

You will need to state your plan on how you will conduct the cleaning job in detail.

Your prospects will be expecting to know what you’re capable of providing irrespective of your status.

They can be a bit picky, which means you will need to present them with the best proposal that will surely win you the bid.

2. Knowing Prospects’ Requirements

If anyone is looking for janitorial services, they may have requirements and needs that professionals in that field can only fulfill.

Genuinely understanding a client’s needs and catering to them accordingly is vital for success.

Whenever a prospect demands your cleaning and sanitizing services, assert yourselves as an expert with integrity and professionalism throughout.

Make sure you read the job description correctly before bidding for the job and prepare your proposal in a way that checks out every requirement.

Doing so will assure your prospect of your professionalism as they slowly weigh in on choosing you for their job, or perhaps, even a long-term contract.

This is your first impression, so making sure the proposal portrays a strong image is mandatory.

3. Competitive but Fair and Transparent Pricing

When you land the perfect commercial cleaning job that you know you can win, approaching it with caution is recommended.

Transparent Pricing
Perfect pricing convinces prospects into buying your services
 For instance, if your pricing estimates do not convince your prospects, they might opt for a different janitorial service.  

Pricing is a huge factor in cleaning jobs, and you will need to make sure each cost has been broken down to convince that your pricing is neither low nor too high, just enough to cover your costs leaving a reasonable amount for yourself and your team.

Keep track of how you price services and win bids with ease as prospects find yours more agreeable.

4. Knowing What Prospects Demand

When offices seek janitors, they have a list of requirements that must be handled or delivered efficiently.

Consequently, this is where your company comes in and takes its chance for winning more janitorial bids.

Your prospects will state their needs so you can tailor your services accordingly.

If a bid is beyond your limit, simply pass it over to someone else in your network who can.

By doing this, you will avoid future embarrassment while building a healthy relationship with others in your industry.

The bids that suit you will come by, and your business will have ample opportunities to grow if you could present winning proposals.

5. Certification Raises Your Income Level

Certified cleaners are high in demand, and prospects will not miss the chance of hiring one when in view.

If you’re unclear about cleaning certification, it is an assessment and training program carried out by ISSA and OSHA.

You, alongside your staff, will receive training sessions, after which the governing bodies will conduct a thorough evaluation and rate your cleaning business based on your performance in various fields of expertise.

Having a cleaning certificate increases your chances of winning cleaning bids by a wide margin.

Additionally, the cleaner’s association will include your janitorial company on a local listing that contains certified cleaners in a specific region.

Being certified while maintaining cleaning standards will benefit your janitorial business in more ways than just winning cleaning bids.

6. Proper Online Presence

When you bid on a cleaning job, it is evident that your prospects will conduct thorough research on you and your cleaning business in an attempt to assess your reputation.

This research is mainly done online in several ways.

Proper Online Presence
Omnipresence across social media and search engines bolsters branding

Online presence helps them evaluate you through the experience, which goes a long way in serving your purpose while fulfilling the prospects’ needs.

The most common method is when prospects look up your website to get more information on you.

If you haven’t already set up a website for your cleaning business, you may be missing out on tremendous opportunities.

Your website shows your level of professionalism and commitment to work while giving your prospects more information on how you conduct your cleaning.

Social media platforms are also common places for prospects to find you.

Suppose you maintain your presence on social media platforms by showcasing your work processes and maintaining constant rapport with clients and prospects.

In such a case, the scales will weigh in your favor, and you may win the approval of countless cleaning bids while expanding the possibilities of acquiring profitable cleaning contracts.

Online listings are also a common place where your prospects might look.

Google My Business and Yelp might aid your prospects in getting to know more about your business.

These listings will provide your prospects with various data while also showing the reviews you will earn from clients you have already served.

In addition, this is where maintaining your professionalism and a clean track record comes into play.

7. Provide Extra Services

If your prospect has asked for thorough cleaning while paying for it, you may add extra services into the mix.

Additional services may include minor tasks such as assessing repairs or providing sanitization services.

Any extra service you provide for your prospects will weigh their judgment in your favor and win you the bid with ease.


Winning bids depends on making the best first impression and maintaining that positive image through constant work. Whether you’re running a successful janitorial business or operating on a small scale, providing excellent services that satisfy clients can and will always benefit you in the long run.

Maintain an outstanding online presence and watch it work wonders for you as you add all this into the mix and win janitorial cleaning bids with flair and confidence.

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