Tips For Making Prospects Reach Out to Your Janitorial Service

Jason Hunt
March 7, 2019
Imagine waking up one morning only to find 100 new prospects seeking inquiries, how would you feel then? To attract hot leads as a janitorial service, all you need to have is a proper lead magnet (obviously a website with a contact form) so people can find you easily; however, you must remember that one can’t just sit around and expect to make sales the following day.

That’s why you will have to be consistently working, meaning, you have to come up with regular posts and outreach through social media or email for generating awareness.

 For now, allow me to guide you throughout the process of an automatic janitorial leads generation system. 

People cringe every time they answer a telemarketer’s call:

That’s right, nobody is willing to answer their phone anymore only to hear someone trying to pitch a janitorial service in broken English.

The cold calling days are over, which is why you, as a janitorial service, must adopt innovative ways to close more sales in the long run.

Instead, set up a clean website with a newsletter for visitors to sign up in exchange for information they are generally seeking online.

In return, you must be willing to offer them something useful, such as a sales script or perhaps, lead lists.

As soon as someone agrees to share their personal email with you, make sure you send them a “Thank You” note.

This simple strategy is a surefire way of establishing a deeper connection with clients.

Start writing on relatable topics:

Content must be relevant as well as useful for your audience so they spend more time absorbing information and later sharing in their network.

Once you have a website, you can’t just leave it unattended, or it will be a complete waste of investment.

  • You must be willing to create and upload new blogs every week without copy-pasting directly from other sources.
  • If you don't know how SEO works then there are plenty of courses that could explain the process.
  • To make your website appear on the first page of Google, you must build a solid structure so every search results point users to your website.

The search engine algorithm has advanced significantly and is now quite actual reader-centric than bots.

Suppose, someone types in "cleaning services near me"; consequently, if you're already listed on Google My Business, people are more likely to find you.

Through maintenance and routine blog posts, you will observe noticeable traction as more and more pages begin to get indexed across search engines.

Whatever relevant you're likely to upload, make sure such posts are unique by combining images, texts, and videos for maximum impressions.

Start utilizing social platforms:

 You have the website along with content/articles to fill up your blog section, so what do you do next? 

Make your presence known sporadically across the social networking sites to remind customers about your USP.

The next bit of the process will involve marketing and outreach through social media for generating traffic.

Visitors will look for your profile picture first, which is why having a Gravatar account is important.

Your gravatar then needs to be connected with WordPress so your picture remains visible beneath every post published on the website.

 To learn about social media trends in 2019, click the highlighted part of the text. 

In addition to gravatar, make sure you have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium to begin with.

 Here's how you can leverage Facebook Ads for generating more solid prospects repeatedly. 

Join communities on social media:

As a janitorial service provider, you need to join groups and contribute first before you plan on making money.

  • You must avoid sharing links to your website and your comments must be relevant.
  • There are rules imposed by the admins of such groups, so read those first before posting.
  • Look out for posts as well as comments from users since some of them could be high potential leads waiting to be closed.

Remember that this form of marketing is based solely on a "value-first" strategy, meaning, you have to give something first to your audience so they are inclined to return.

Initiate email marketing:

Although an old technique yet still effective if you have access to highly defined and updated leads.

This is also the most feasible marketing strategy for creating awareness.

Emailing is still an effective method of triggering interest in your potential customers.

All you need to have is buy a domain-hosting service and hire someone who would be willing to send emails (you could do that yourself too if you have time).

  • Your email will be the first point of contact; therefore, it has to be short simply asking for a suitable time for a phone call.
  • Once set, then it will be your responsibility to reach out via cold call to schedule a convenient time for work.
  • Only 1 out of 100 emails might help to land any projects, yet it still covers your investment.

Oftentimes your emails will bounce, which is why sending at least 100 emails per day would be ideal.

Maintain a separate spreadsheet of other janitorial services -

Once people start inquiring more about what you have to offer, maintaining a spreadsheet becomes equally important if you wish to keep track of your clients/or going-to-be clients.

Not everyone is likely to pay you in full, and there will be many individuals who'd pay you upfront.

And there are those who'd consume your service without even paying at the end of the day.

Yes, you have to keep an eye out for those too.

Trust me, there are hundreds or probably, thousands of sellers currently offering the same range of services.


You're likely to get disappointed if you are planning to approach prospects yourself first, so why not appoint a dedicated team for outreaching every prospect instead?

Lastly, make sure you're following up on prospects at least thrice every month.

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