Sustainable Janitorial Services for a Better Environment

Jason Hunt
September 19, 2023


Cleaning may be your forte, but did you know the effects it may have on the environment? Your highly sought skill may be a double edged sword, providing excellent cleaning, while also contributing to the constant deterioration of the world we live in.

We all rely on practices that contribute to the damage, and there are ways to completely avoid this, and maybe slowly steer our cleaning techniques towards the green.

Here we will aim to cover green cleaning, and how janitorial services could be improvised using practices that are safe for the environment and everyone around!

What is Green Cleaning?

Conventional cleaning practices have held their own spot for ages, delivering excellent cleaning, so why would anyone consider changing? Green cleaning is all about using environmentally friendly alternatives instead of harmful, harsh chemicals that could pose a risk to your health, and the environment.

These alternatives aren’t just friendly to our planet, but they’re also just as effective, if not more, at getting rid of that stubborn dirt. Plus, they reduce our carbon footprint and make for a healthier, happier environment.

Eco-friendly Solutions for Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sanitization

Janitorial Cleaning products

Each aspect of cleanliness – cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization – can be tackled using green methods and products instead of using harmful industrial chemicals, without compromising the effectiveness. Here are a few greener alternatives that can help you gain the confidence of clients who seek eco-friendly cleaning solutions.


Janitorial Cleaning tools

Cleaning usually refers to the primary process carried out by janitorial experts that includes the removal of dust, and debris. This surface level cleaning is enough to bring out the shine. Here are a few eco-friendly alternatives for janitorial cleaning processes.

Vinegar: With its high acidity levels, vinegar is used in green cleaning to eliminate tough dirt and grime, and does a much better job when combined with other eco-friendly cleaning agents such as baking soda.

Baking Soda: An all natural cleaning agent that utilizes it’s abrasive nature to easily remove tough stains, dust, and grime, Best used combined with vinegar for optimum results.

Soap: Soap is the most dependable cleaning agent, derived from vegetable oils. It is not harsh on surfaces, and can clean out oils and hardened dirt with ease. It is also biodegradable, making it the perfect eco-friendly cleaning agent.


Janitor disinfecting the window

The secondary cleaning process in janitorial services includes disinfection. Useful for places such as homes, medical facilities, and restaurants, it removes bacteria and germs using tough chemicals, however, there are greener alternatives.

Hydrogen Peroxide: One of the safest eco friendly disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide is able to conduct a surface level cleaning of pathogens from surfaces. It’s ability to break down into water and oxygen makes it extremely safe.

Citrus Extracts: Citrus goes with pretty much anything when it comes to cleaning. Citrus extracts, especially from lime, grapefruit and other citrus fruits, are especially useful for disinfection. It is also extremely safe, helps deodorize effectively, and disinfect with ease.


spraying the sanitizer

Some establishments, businesses and residences often require a high level of germ, bacteria, microbe and pathogen elimination. Sanitization has become especially important since the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few high strength sanitizing agents that are eco-friendly.

Alcohol: Since the start of the modern era, alcohol, namely ethanol, has always been a staple for sanitization procedures across every field. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, it has proven it’s worth as a strong disinfectant and used exclusively for that purpose. It is an eco-friendly natural chemical that, to this day, proves its worth as effective and safe.

Thyme Oil: Essential oils have always helped in various ways, being seen as an excellent natural remedy for many ailments. One of these is thyme oil extract that is often found in hand sanitizers. It has antibacterial properties, while also being safe for humans, and the environment.

The Art of Sustainable Cleaning

It’s Not Just How, It’s Also When and Why

Black janitor with his cleaning equipment

With our green cleaning alternatives, we are surely armed with the necessary chemicals that will help us achieve eco-friendly cleaning, but that is just the beginning. Let’s delve a step further in, and find out the basics that make up the art of sustainable cleaning.

Microfiber Cloth: Still using old school mops and cleaning cloths? Perhaps they have always helped you make the best of cleaning, but there’s already a better alternative. Microfiber wipes allow you to have a better grip on cleaning effectively while also cutting out the amount of water and chemicals you need while cleaning.

HEPA Filters: If you haven’t already heard, the real hype now for vacuum cleaners is HEPA. To get a better cleaning and trapping those tiny particles which keep escaping, equipt your vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters, and increase the effectiveness of your overall cleaning.

Dilution: So far, it seems like a very watered down method of cleaning, no puns intended. Diluting your cleaning solutions to the right amount is an art most cleaners need to master. Not too little, not too much, just the right amount, gets the job done with economic effectiveness.

Daytime Cleaning: Scheduling your cleaning can have it’s own benefits. Daytime cleaning is the best way to go if you’re looking for the best time. It provides you with ample lighting, allowing you to look through every nook and cranny, and carry out cleaning that satisfies your clients to the fullest.

Training: The essence of sustainable cleaning practices comes from rigorous training. Keep your staff members’ skills in check and allow them to outperform every assignment with ease. There are quite a lot of training programmes out there that include certification, and a lot of other benefits that can help enforce your team’s ability to deliver client satisfaction.

Eco-Friendly Brands:

The Right Green-Centric Reliability.

Green environment circle

If you thought we were the only ones reinforcing green cleaning methods and products, then we’ve got news for you. Out there, you have countless others doing their best to contribute all that they can to make the environment a better place by producing eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. Let’s introduce you to a few of these miraculous brands.

Seventh Generation:

Seventh Generation Logo

An american based company founded in 1958, Seventh Generation was formed to provide the world with eco-friendly solutions that was meant to revolutionize the world for the coming seven generations, thus the name. Their reliable cleaning agents have then the world by storm, providing cleaning solutions that have reshaped the entire scene.


Method Logo

Based in San Francisco, California, Method Products was founded in 2001 to provide and all round solution for green cleaning. Their products are distinguishable through their sleek packaging and effectiveness in cleaning. Utilizing their patented Cradle to Cradle Certified manufacturing process, they ensure overall sustainability for all their products from manufacturing all the way to disposal.


Ecover Logo

A Belgian effort to reduce environmental deterioration, Ecover was established in 1979 to provide the world with plant-based products and packaging. The reliable company makes sure to have you covered on everything, using PlantPlastic, a 100% biodegradable form of plastic that reduces the buildup of plastic as a waste product. Their cleaning products are all plant based, and are in use by professionals all across the world.

Green Works:

Green Works Logo

Clorox may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of going green, however, their Green Works line of products ensures that you get the very best of green and sustainable cleaning.Being launched in 2008, this line of product offers a 95% plan based products, mixed with naturally occuring minerals, providing an overall cleaning solution for experts who have always relied on this brand.

The Final Scrub Down

Every cleaning expert knows the effects their chemicals can have on the environment, and yet it goes ignored because of obvious reasons relating to reliability and ease of access. To put things into perspective, it is more than just a fad, it is a global effort to put everything we have on the line and protect our home from environmental damage.

The bigger our army is, the better chance we have at preventing any further damage, so let’s all get on board and give back to planet earth, and all it’s inhabitants through our Green Cleaning, and sustainable Janitorial Practices, and work towards a better environment.

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