Social Media Trends for Janitorial Services in 2021

Jason Hunt
July 3, 2018
Social media is rapidly transforming into a machine that will soon be able to read every user’s mind. Apart from that, updates are coming out every day, which is why you need to know these trends in social media for outgrowing your competition.
If you think social media is incapable of boosting your sales, then think again. 
Generating leads through social media can be easy, but qualifying them should be the end goal.

Starting from Facebook Live to Instagram Stories, there are exciting new tools available for promoting your janitorial services online.

However, a question remains unanswered,

What good is social media for Janitorial Cleaning providers? 

If your company/service isn’t active on social media, then you’re losing out lots of potential leads as prospects continue to search for reviews in various communities on social media.

Most importantly, it enables your business to get the right amount of exposure for momentum during the initial phase of your janitorial service.

  • Social media is a platform for connecting with like-minded individuals regardless of their location.
  • Next time request a client to leave a review on your Facebook page.
  • Prospects are naturally skeptical; therefore, solid reviews from customers might ensure faster results.

Businesses today are utilizing the latest features of social media to create new content every day, either by going live while at work or by posting moments on Twitter and Facebook.

The omnichannel approach has been quite an effective social media trend for janitorial services ever since Facebook’s latest updates rolled out.


Find out how to generate janitorial leads online or call us today if you wish to experience faster results.

Instagram Stories for Your Followers –

Stories are more than just pictures, so if you want to tell the story of your janitorial cleaning service, then both “Instagram Stories” or “Facebook Messenger” can serve as effective media for channeling your message.

On top of the news feed, you’ll see a row of “friends” that you frequently chat with.

If you’re a janitorial service having to visit multiple sites every day, use the latest “Instagram Stories” so your followers and friends can find out.

Growing a Follower-Base, Recent Social Media Trend for Janitorial Services –

Social media can be used for tracking individuals that have a huge follower base.

  • Find out more about these individuals through Facebook so you could communicate with them while offering a promotional package.
  • Having a large follower base can be an effective way to reach a large audience and with the right level of encouragement, more prospects are likely to refer your service to others.
  • Prospects get easily influenced by renowned individuals. People within the same network might even decide to give you a call due to peer pressure.

In that way, you can further encourage them to refer your janitorial cleaning service to more people in their network.

During the process, as you are cleaning more spaces the best practice as a janitorial custodian would be to get well acquainted with various categories of floors and the most effective ways of cleaning them.

Content Variation Through Engagement -

 There are readers and viewers, but not all viewers are readers. 

Some individuals prefer watching videos while only a handful of audiences prefer to read. If you want to attract both, then focus on video content at the same time.

Short videos on “Ways to Grow a Cleaning Business”, and “Effective Tips for Office Cleaning During the Pandemic” are the best topics to start with..

Keep in mind that social media trends for janitorial services will continue to evolve; hence, one must be adaptable always.

Informative and well-articulated as well as free information are the key to happy customers; moreover, it's an effective viral marketing tactic.

If you lack resources to create videos, then the next best alternative would be infographics and compelling imageries to attract visitors.

  • For designing astounding infographics real fast, Canva is a great place to start with.

Sharing only picture-based content isn't going to be an effective decision, rather consider combining the two to give your content an extra boost.

Very few people have the time and patience to read through every line of text, which is why coming up with visual content for summarizing your message can be equally effective.

Drop a Message -

Sending a message to the right prospects has the potential to convert them into customers, so go ahead, start messaging people on social media, but remember to add them to your friend list first.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to reach out to the decision-makers of various companies directly. Have you tried LinkedIn Sales Navigator yet?
The first month is free, but the subscription rate afterward will be $80/month.
  • Ask them if they're looking for any reliable janitorial service or not.
  • Despite the wide array of tools available on social media, you must know that it will take time to build trust.
  • User engagement as well as trust require time; hence, patience accompanied by consistency is the key.

Even if they're not, it's important to close a conversation politely, by reminding them what you have to offer with utmost professionalism without being too pushy.

Email Marketing Never Gets Old -

Sending personal emails directly to your desired clientele will generate a feeling of trust and authenticity. Establish a discovery call and try closing every lead that responds.

Invest in leads based on the geographic location in your area so you could reach more prospects personally.

Usually, 1 out of 1000 emails are likely to convert; however, if you wish to improve the number, learn to craft a short and effective email for the prospects on your lead lists.

Come up with an interesting subject line so people are actually motivated to click and read your email.

Address individuals with their respective first names while focusing on one particular motive.

  • Learn more about the best email marketing practices as a commercial cleaning service.

Greet your prospects clearly so they know who they are talking to. And avoid attachments as no prospect is going to download them due to the really short attention span they have.

Conclusion -

Before pressing the "Send" button, take the time to read through the email once again to make sure it's grammatically correct with proper spelling and address.

On a different note, if you're searching for double verified as well as reliable Janitorial leads instead of indulging in the latest social media trends for janitorial services then contact us today.

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