9 Ways to Get School Cleaning Contracts

Jack Dickson
October 5, 2022
Do you know when janitorial businesses fail to get cleaning contracts with schools? When they lack a proper business plan, marketing plan, and lack of trained employees. Approach wisely for school contracts, as this type of contract is difficult to find. An intelligent choice would be to follow these techniques for finding commercial cleaning leads

This blog will discuss nine ways you can follow to get schools’ cleaning contracts.

How to Get Cleaning Contracts with Schools?

A recent study says that due to having a proper plan, approach, and poor quality services, the average cleaning business loses up to 55% of its clients and contracts annually. Now you know.

So, how to win school cleaning or any janitorial contracts consistently?

It’s not that hard at all. Just follow these steps.

9 Ways to Find School Cleaning Contracts –

Making connections in the community

1. Networking in Your Community

Make yourself and your business well-known in the area and among the school in the neighborhood. Start promoting your company and provide services through local advertisement. Networking is essential for every business.

Attend and organize Janitorial campaigns and fairs, reaching out to people and building a network in your community. Use this network to win school cleaning contracts.

The next way is to create an industry website and page on social platforms.

2. Create an Industry Website With Social Media Accounts

Do you know online presence can bring success to your business?

Let’s make it clear. People use the internet today for either purchasing any product or service or for looking information.

For example, you have a website and pages on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for your business. When interested people search for the best school janitorial services, your company’s name, website, and page will pop up, and they will know about you.

Put some exciting offers and unique services on your website. It will attract potential customers, and they will contact you.

Both websites, as well as social media pages, will generate leads for the business; therefore, opening you to a vast number of commercial cleaning contracts.

Following this step, recruit employees upon conducting a thorough background check.

Employee background check

3. Perform Background Check on Employees

A business organization cannot run without employees. You must recruit employees and be careful, as safety and security lie with this. While recruiting employees, you must remember that the employee doesn’t bring any threat to your business.

Do you know safety is a crucial concern for school workers? A large portion of students is children in schools.

To keep them safe, many facts depend on employees’ background checking. Based on this, schools will choose to work with your cleaning company.

Make sure to conduct extensive background checks on potential employees. Do not pick somebody with a criminal or a drug history that would raise questions about your business.

Most people don’t want people with criminal histories working for them, and parents don’t want them around their kids.

 For example, you hire a man as a cleaner. But, he has been a thief in his past life and has been to jail. You haven’t checked his background. 

But when he starts to clean schools under your payroll and starts stealing things, the school authority might sue your janitorial business and rescind the cleaning contract. So be careful.

Hiring staff to conduct these background checks might be more expensive, but it will save you money when you can negotiate better contracts with schools. After your cleaning team is prepared, start with small schools.

4. Start with Small Schools in Your Neighborhood

A famous proverb by Saul Bellow is,

“Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps.”

You can’t get all the profitable contracts in one day. Good things take time, so start your janitorial business small, taking in one or two schools.

Huge schools with multiple premises may seem like big projects; however, you can not get their contract right after starting the business.

For example, start your business by providing the best service to local small schools, which will be your first step. Your best service will help gaining fame. After gaining popularity as a school cleaning company, now it’s time to approach private and big schools.

Once you’re recognized as the best cleaning service in your area, you can get multiple school cleaning contracts.

Cleaners cleaning a room

5.  Reduce Employee Turnover

Your organization’s goal should be to reduce employee turnover. You’ll need to demonstrate consistency among your team if you want contracts with schools.

This presents them with another security concern because it raises doubt when they notice new employees cleaning their school weekly.

Depending on your lower turnover, your company seems more stable.

Additionally, a low staff retention rate indicates they are well-trained. It also shows that they can clean the school more successfully and efficiently.

For example, you can offer your employees a good salary and other benefits. They will become more committed to their work; therefore, they will complete projects on time. By doing this, you can keep employee turnover low.

Besides, reducing employee turnover enables you to maintain fewer expenses, which might result in cost savings for your clients.

A lower turnover rate can help as schools will look for consistency in the quality of the work whenever solidifying any commercial cleaning contract, particularly with schools.

6. Offer Green Cleaning

Chemicals are needed for cleaning, but they are harmful. When it comes to schools, children are a huge portion of students. These cleaning chemicals can affect their body negatively. 

What to do, then?

Offer and use green cleaning instead of cleaning with chemicals. Environment-friendly products for cleaning make your company unique and keep children safe. 

Most schools prefer green cleaning. They will like your cleaning process if you use green cleaning methods. 

Let’s take an example for better understanding.

A school has a contract with another janitorial business that uses excessive chemicals for cleaning. Due to that, children start to have respiratory problems or allergic reactions.

What does the school authority do, then?

They will look for a company that uses green cleaning like baking soda, vinegar, castile soap, etc. If your company offers green cleaning, they will choose your business as their cleaners.

So, by offering green cleaning, you can get school cleaning contracts. Then move to the next step, getting the necessary cleaning equipment.

7. Be Specific and Honest in Your Proposal

Honesty is the best policy. Success is on your way if you are honest in your cleaning business.

How to do that?

Mention all your conditions and charges in your proposal. Do not hide anything or include hidden charges.

Whatever your expectations from your clients, mention them in the proposal. Specifically means bringing up all information regarding your company and prospects in the proposal.

For example, your client will be curious about your company and offers.

Mention your employee’s name, work time, compensation, equipment that your employees will use, cleaning chemicals, and overall charges.

Customer Reviews

8.  Get Customer Reviews and Video Testimonials

Videos and client testimonials are beneficial in convincing people to believe in your company.

When dealing with schools, they need to know that your company has high respectability and reliability. Writing about this and posting on your website can only get you so far.

Even if the ratings aren’t from schools, you might still be able to secure cleaning contracts with them in the future.

You can use these reviews and videos to your advantage.

Collect clients’ testimonials in the form of videos to get the cleaning contracts and promote your business.

9. SEO and Run Paid Ads 

Keep your website well-optimized for search engines. Try on-page and off-page SEO by focusing on relevant keywords so that your website comes first when an interested person searches online about cleaning businesses.

For your cleaning company’s website, use meta tags, header tags, page titles, robot.txt files, and sitemap generation so that it can attract its target audience.

For example, someone is searching on Google with the keyword ‘best school cleaning company in California,’ and you have used this keyword on your website, which is search engine optimized.

When your website ranks on the first search results page, the user will automatically choose your site over any other ads. Organic search results will always choose you over ads.

Run paid ads on social platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and many more to reach people.

People will learn about your cleaning business. Try to keep the ads attractive and fix the target audience of your ads wisely.

For example, a school’s principal uses Facebook and needs Janitors to clean schools. Suddenly they come across your ad on Facebook.

They will be interested in your business and will contact you soon.

Paid ads and SEO let your brand show up across all the necessary places, bringing in the customers you desire.

According to experts, if one uses these strategies, their chances of success increase to 97%.

So, use these ways immediately to get a school cleaning contract.

Things to Consider for Getting Cleaning Contracts with Schools

  • Focus on the quality, not quantity 
  • Never compromise with quality service 
  • Keep the pricing lower than the competitors
  • Mention all the unique facilities in the contract 
  • Do not make fake promises
  • Show dedication toward work 

Final Note

Now you know how to get cleaning contracts with schools. Apply these tactics and stick to them for long-run results. Remember, some ways we’ve discussed above can take a long time to produce results. Stay consistent, and keep at it.

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