Finding Profitable Janitorial Cleaning Contracts At Low Budgets

Jason Hunt
May 11, 2019
The real challenge with setting up your cleaning business is landing janitorial cleaning contracts more frequently. You might find all the other stages pretty easy, but when it comes to finding janitorial jobs, you can become quickly faced with a daunting task. This is more so if you are working out of a low budget. Regardless of how much you have set aside for the purpose, finding janitorial cleaning contracts has never been easier. With a few proven tips, you should be on your way to getting leads for your business.

We will consider the options available for all budget types.

Are you running low on money and high on the time to deal with this?

Or are you at the other extreme with lots of money to spend on generating leads, maybe you are in this latter group but have no time to complement your funds?

Finding Janitorial Cleaning Contracts Underneath Your Fingertips: 

Find and bid on commercial cleaning contracts available online

For people who have the money to cover any kind of lead generation strategy, the simple solution is to hire people that specialize in that task.

This is a useful strategy when you have more important things to do.

Do Your Homework

Check out all the lead generation companies that you know and those that you do not know, and find out the quality of the service they are giving.

The process helps you to decide on which company you want to entrust your money with as there are numerous companies ready to generate leads through cold calling, SEO, or email.

Make sure that the company you choose is reputable along with a decent portfolio, most importantly as a team.

Also, check whether they match your criteria for the kinds of customers you are looking to get or not.

 Are you in search of cleaning leads or actual buying customers? Your lead generation company must be the one to deliver them. 

  • Determine If This Is A Worthy Investment

    While you are researching which Lead Generation Company to use, also find out precisely what kind of result they deliver.

You want to know in practical terms if this company is capable of giving you janitorial business contracts for that matter.

How often has this company garnered sales or at least customers for its clients?

When you do decide on a company, you should determine the ratio of what you spend compared to the revenue that you got from using their service.

Finding Verified Janitorial Leads at Low Budgets

If your budget is low, then this section is for you. How can you find janitorial cleaning contracts on a low budget?

Well, the secret is to do all the work yourself, so find those clients yourself, and it is not as hard as it sounds.

You only need to build a list of prospective customers.

Determine Your Ideal Clients

Before starting to build a list, you want to know what kind of clients you want on that list.

So you have to be clear enough about what kind of people you want to work with and what kind of people need your services.

Determining who you want your clients to be is the same as determining your niche. You cannot operate anywhere in your industry.


You have to specialize in a specific industry, which is the same as landing janitorial cleaning contracts.

You cannot expect that everyone to be your client; therefore, you ought not to direct your janitorial lead generation efforts at every single person.

This is why it’s important that you specify your niche and ideal clientele.

Although landing such janitorial contracts might be your ultimate goal yet it’s equally important to put your brand identity out there for enhancing sales.

Elaborative guideline –

Commercial real-estate office –

Commercial real estate office: Check if you really can form a connection with a commercial real estate office in your area. They speak with business owners daily, and having a cleaning company they can suggest is beneficial.

Local restaurants or fast food outlets –

A weekend eatery or the coffee shop you often visit could be the best sources – especially if they’re locally owned and operated.

How? Even if the owner or management does not need janitorial services, they may recommend those who are.

You don’t need to tough sell, and there is nothing terrible in informing clients what you are doing and seeking assistance in marketing your company.

Public radio stations –

If that’s your target market, sponsoring a local public radio station might be a terrific way to get your message out.

Due to the lack of ads on these channels, your company name will stand out when they mention you.

Shopping complexes or commercial spaces –

Many of these companies may already have maintenance and cleaning services throughout.

Although they may have lucrative deals, scheduling a meeting is worthwhile.

You never know what you’ll get out of half an hour of your day.

Educational institutions –

Contacts of private and public schools or colleges can be difficult to bag; however, you may put yourself in a better position for triumph by completing a lot of the labor advance.

For instance, nearly every school will have a full background check on file for everyone who works on their premises; hence, you’ll be a step closer due to planning ahead of time.

There are more areas to hunt for consumers, but how can you negotiate on janitorial contracts in a way that offers you a benefit once you have their interest?

Before you leave, make the following suggestion to them: 

Now, if you want to pitch on janitorial contracts and secure them, you have to be willing to put in the hard work.

Complete your inspection, calculate your payroll costs and supply costs, calculate your profit, and submit a proposal straight now.

Does it appear to be unattainable?

If you do have the appropriate cleaning software applications.

Here are more suggestions

Make a specific and comprehensive bid:
Write down as many details as you can throughout your tour. Make sure you understand what your customer wants, and then go further. If your customer agrees, take measurements and photos. It appears more remarkable to write down “Streak-free wash for Six windows in Room 1” than “clean windows, Rm 1.”

Learn why you’re there:
To make a bid, but why?
Are they dissatisfied with their existing cleaning company? What’s to stop you? Are they seeking a service that is more ecologically friendly? Are they out shopping at a better price value?
Sell your cleaning services by emphasizing qualities such as dependability, client pleasure, and so on. This might provide you with valuable data to work with. Someone will always be less expensive.

Publish a pricing list:
There’s always space for haggling, but having a detailed pricing list accomplishes two goals.
To begin with, it gives your buyer a sense of legitimacy. They don’t get the impression that you’re just making something up on the fly. Second, your customer may be interested in various add-ons outside of your standard cleaning services, such as light maintenance or basic gardening. You wish your clients understand how in-depth you go with your job, even if it means the same thing.

Enforce COVID-19 guidelines:
Yes, we’re all getting tired of hearing about COVID. But that would not make it vanish. Even if it goes away, there will still be things to worry about, such as regular influenza and cold symptoms. Define that you see appropriate (standard cold precautions, pandemic hygiene, or COVID-19 regulations), but just don’t dismiss it. You must be honest regarding your skills and procedures, — particularly if you want to compete on janitorial contracts for institutions or medical centers. Like your pricing list, get this information down on paper, and include it in your quotation.

Before you leave, make the following suggestion to them:
Now, if you want to pitch on janitorial contracts and secure them, you have to be willing to put in the hard work. Complete your inspection, calculate your payroll costs and supply costs, calculate your profit, and submit a proposal straight now.

Identify Your Clients’ Challenges

Find out what challenges your clients encounter with your services.

Since these people are your client type, these challenges are likely going to be identical to what your prospective clients will think of your business.

Knowing what their preferences are will also help you better communicate with them and will make them develop a feeling of closeness with your company which in turn grows your brand.

Knowing about what your customers think of your business is important
  • Create and Maintain Your Leads Lists

    This is the final step in doing it yourself. It is now time to compile a list of your leads.

You can do some research to determine which businesses or people in your immediate environment fit into your ideal client type.

When you put down the contact information of all these people, the vital next step will be to determine how you want to reach them or if you just wish to wait for your prospects to approach you.

For some people, they may be average on both sides, although with an average budget and a little bit of time to work on leads.

The way to get janitorial cleaning contracts if you are in this group is to invest in your advertising.

 Do some research to find out all the methods through which you can get the word out about your business and decide which one you want to use? 
  • Of course, the channels of advertising are very comprehensive today, and we have both online and offline channels.


The key to advertising is making sure that you are projecting your business to the surface that your prospective clients are. Get it in front of them. Get them to see it. Pay for ads and measure their performance. Monitor your ads so that you know which places you need to adjust and which are a waste. If you are the proactive type, you can combine all the methods to help you find janitorial cleaning contracts.

The thing is whatever your budget, chasing leads today is easier and can be result-oriented in as much as you put more diligence into it.

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