Office Cleaning Safety in 2021: How are Nations Protecting Their Cleaners?

Jason Hunt
March 16, 2021

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has left many unemployed or working from home. Among them are the cleaners who are heavily demanded now; however, office cleaning safety is to be prioritized first if our unsung heroes are to risk their lives every day when cleaning hospitals or even essential items stores supplying essential everyday needs.

The recent development and distribution of the CoVID-19 vaccines are directed primarily at essential workers. 

Let’s have a glimpse at how the rest of the world is safeguarding its frontline commercial cleaners.   

Approaches to ensure office cleaners’ safety:

Front-line essential cleaners are important people who make sure the country as a whole keeps functioning, including your cleaning business. 

Careful measures are taken to protect the custodians across all major nations sustaining massive death rates due to the virus.

commercial cleaners employee benefits

commercial cleaner’s employee benefits

Countries such as the USA, Australia, and Germany are insuring their cleaners as they continue to perform their duties. 

Complete health insurance is provided for overall well-being even after being vaccinated.

Support for children and family:

Cleaners are constantly worried about the safety of their families because of the increasing possibility of contracting the deadly virus.

That is why the governments are also providing grants to help you start your own cleaning business, in case you need more seed capital.

Additionally, the benefits include health insurance both for every cleaner, as well as for their family members. 

Reassuring them with this support allows workers to perform their duties more carefully with a greater sense of calmness; therefore, benefitting every workplace at the same time.

Sick leaves and insurance:

Some cleaners might get sick and it’s very natural for human beings to fall sick once or twice a year. 

Due to the severity of the event, cleaners are screened and tested on a regular basis to ensure complete office cleaning safety. 

On the occasion a cleaner is found sick, they are immediately sent home to take leave and quarantine themselves for at least 14 days. 

Proper medication is also provided to workers who have fallen sick or have shown any symptoms of SARS-CoV-2.

The practices are also recommended by CDC and even in Italy, the US, and Australia.

Financial support to cover medical and living costs:

Cleaners and other essential workers are also granted financial help, particularly during the severe lockdown period. 

Developed nations like Germany continue to financially safeguard their cleaners to deliver more quality and standard cleaning at work.

Psychological help during these moments of crisis:

Safe office cleaning safety tips for custodians can sometimes become too overwhelming, and this is why psychological support for cleaners is an attempt to alleviate their psychological pressure. 


Psychological help for workers during the pandemic

Extensive counseling sessions so that they may let out anything that might bother their peace of mind. 

Mental health and stability are also important to keep cleaners safe and productive when disinfecting offices during the lockdown!

 Moreover, facility managers will be awarded tax cuts for hiring janitors who are also entitled to complete employee benefits; hence, you need to explain it to them if you wish to get hired as a dedicated commercial cleaning service.  

Other safety measures to deliver focused office cleaning safety:

Workers and cleaners are provided with various facilities to ensure safety, such as free transport and accommodation.  

All these are taken into consideration alongside vaccines so that cleaners’ health is never compromised in the line of duty, even if they get infected. 

Likely limitations in the Coronavirus vaccine:

As viable protection against any infectious disease, vaccines will provide your cleaners the immunity needed to work without worrying about being sick. 

However, a vaccine may have limitations that depend on factors, such as age and gender. 

Genetics can also have an impact on the effectiveness of vaccines as is the case in humans of different races having a completely unexpected reaction to vaccines.

Vaccines can also have reverse effects in certain cases if your cleaner may has preexisting health conditions or allergies. 

In such cases, it is advised to seek consultation from a specialist before undergoing the vaccination process.

New variants or strains found:


Mutation of the Coronavirus

Viruses tend to evolve over time, and it has already happened with the Coronavirus as it has mutated into newer strains having different characteristics than its predecessor. 

Vaccines may or may not be effective against newer strains of the same virus and it should come as a precaution for cleaners. 

Vaccination doesn’t render them completely safe, no matter how effective the vaccine might be.

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How should cleaners maintain their own safety?

However grim it may seem, vaccines may not provide the peace of mind your cleaners need due to all the aforementioned factors. 

A cleaner must follow certain steps and take precautions for office cleaning safety. 

Infections can happen at any time and to anybody, so it is best to consider precautionary measures.

  1.       A cleaner must wear protective gear during work and transitory periods.
  2.       The use of periodic sanitization is required to make sure no viruses remain.
  3.       Social distancing should be practiced but on a minimal level
  4.       Abide by all the rules and guidelines set by governing bodies such as OSHA


Vaccines may be the light at the end of the dark tunnel but they do not provide the necessary protection as they must sanitize commercial spaces or hospitals for a living. Custodians are recommended to follow office cleaning safety measures until herd immunity is achieved.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has left many unemployed or working from home. Among them are the cleaners who are heavily demanded now; however, office cleaning safety is to be prioritized first if our unsung heroes are to risk their lives every day when cleaning hospitals or even essential items stores supplying essential everyday needs.

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