3-Step-Verification Process For Qualifying Office Cleaning Leads

In the janitorial business, as with every other business, most days are busy with people calling in with requests and trying to find out if you are an able commercial cleaning contractor for handling their cleaning. This suggests that your usual day will remain active as this is one aspect of the whole operation that you get to do. With the bulk work to be sorted throughout every single day at your cleaning HQ, qualifying office cleaning leads is a priority. Each day you will have to manage different tasks such as answering emails to phone calls, and of course, carrying out actual cleaning.

 To keep your cleaning services afloat, you must have a consistent supply of reliable janitorial leads with efficient customer support for answering queries. 

Following the process, a signed contract is what you must aim for if you want to close these leads and make money.

Qualifying your office cleaning leads has to do with deciding which inquiries will drive customers for your business fast!

Our 3-Step-Verification Process That Qualifies Office Cleaning Leads

Experts suggest the BANT method for qualifying office cleaning leads; therefore, indicating that you factor in your budget, authority, need, and timeline.

While this seems like a very reasonable thing to do, there is a 3-step verification process that may be even easier. It is called the “PPP Model.”

These are three “P” are Persona, Problem, and Price.

  • Step 1: Persona: Pick a niche and a specific client type

The first step in the verification process is that you should know which personas that you plan to work for.

When you know the kind of people you want to do cleaning tasks for, you reduce the problem of numerous unsigned contracts and unhealthy work relationships from the onset.

Invest the time to visualize who your ideal client is.

Your ideal clients can be more than one; however, each client that you, perhaps envisioning should have a particular persona.


The different categories of persona you may come across in your cleaning business include the office managers, small business owners or property managers at churches, schools, and offices.

These personas have different qualities; they are the kind of client that research and get as much information about your company as they can before approaching you.

This kind of persona usually attaches the cleanliness of their office to the image of the business, thus attaching huge importance to your job as a cleaning contractor.

They also feel that you know that. The different personas have different goals and different levels of attachment to their business. You must figure out which one works for you. You must decide early enough about the kinds of clients you want to hire you.

When you can identify the type of clients you want to work for, you will eventually become a lead magnet.

Aside from this, identifying your client will enable you to qualify your office cleaning leads in a way that gives you more signed contracts.

  • Step 2: Problem: Figure out your client’s problem

Even though all your clients simply want their office or other building cleaned, there usually is a problem that goes beyond that that they are trying to solve.

This is a real problem…

The next step of qualifying your office cleaning leads has to do with you figuring out this problem.

What is it that they are looking to hire you to resolve?

Find out what their challenges are and what they want to achieve by hiring you. This can also help you determine whether you can satisfy their need.

  • Deciding whether you are a good fit for your ideal client will help you finish off the cleaning process with a satisfied client.
  • Also, it will help you determine whether you will get a signed contract from the client in question.

Usually, understanding your client’s needs as mentioned in step one will go a long way to help you understand their problem(s) first.

The office manager, for instance, wants his office to sparkle because he thinks his clients measure the value that he offers against the cleanliness of his office space.

When you determine that this is his problem, you find it much easier to tackle it and to decide whether or not you could even address that.

Deciding this early enough helps you figure out the working relationship that you will eventually have with the client and whether you will sign a contract with them.

  • Step 3: Price: Give the client price estimates early

The majority of cleaning clients often compare the prices of different contractors instead of the quality of service that they offer.


To help you qualify your leads early and determine which leads will lead to signed contracts, it is helpful to give prospective clients a rough estimate of what the price ranges are.

Even though you may not know exactly how to charge until you have seen the space that they want to clean, giving them the idea of what different, cleaning properties usually costs will save you the problem of wasting your efforts on a quote if the client is not looking to go for cleaning within the price range.

This makes pricing early an essential part of qualifying your office cleaning leads.

However, you will have to decide on a case to case basis whether you want to give an estimate or you prefer to provide a quote.


The important thing and which you must understand is that the quality of the leads you get is more important than how many they are. Qualifying your leads will enable you to figure out in time which ones are quality leads. Thus, it will help you to prioritize your office cleaning leads. In the end, a signed contract is better off and more beneficial than several requests for proposal.

The better you get at qualifying your leads, the better you will get at nailing actual customers for your cleaning business.

Hygiene says a lot about who we are as individuals and that is exactly why people seek my consultancy. Successfully running a janitorial service since 2014 with network operators all over North America. For any information regarding custodial cleaning services, feel free to reach out.

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