Persistency Guarantees Profitable Office Cleaning Contracts

Jason Hunt
June 9, 2019

[su_note note_color=”#fffc16″ text_color=”#1d1d1d” radius=”5″]According to Napoleon, the only way to success is persistence. You cannot stop half-done, and you cannot smell success without longing for more thrive. Office cleaning jobs might seem like a slow business since everyone has a maid these days. They do not think of experience or professionalism, and a cleaning does not only cover homes but also offices. Every building/facility starting from church, gym to large office spaces requires a janitor these days.[/su_note][su_spacer size=”10″]

[su_highlight background=”#ffa710″ color=”#fdfbf5″]Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.[/su_highlight]

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~ Napoleon Hill



Persistence is the act of continuing action in spite of difficulties or opposition. It is a resilient act of not quitting for any reason.

It is only persistence that will enable you to land more janitorial jobs in your area.

If you want the money, you will definitely need a team of outstanding efficiency.

You must focus on the process rather than focusing on the result.

The method of running a successful cleaning business is by remaining motivated all the time!

[su_highlight background=”#ed9305″ color=”#fef8d4″]You cannot be persistent and sit in a corner expecting clients, No! You need to move out, advertise, promote and sell.[/su_highlight]

Always prefer to meet your clients in person if you wish to provide a better customer relationship; moreover, some know-how related to IT or marketing could help you go a long way at times.

When you build your cleaning service, you will be amazed at how your business will sell itself, and how your clients will sell for you through referrals.

Eventually, your customer service skill will develop that will bring in more customers.

THE SECRETS TO PROFITABLE OFFICE CLEANING JOBS:office-cleaning-jobs-janitorial-leads-pro

Successful office cleaning job contractors only share their success stories without mentioning the main deeds that led to success, which is why we have shared some secrets for you:

  • MAINTAIN YOUR STANDARD: Start your cleaning business with the vision you saw. Did you see it big or just small? Did your team clean just office toilets and nursery school toilets, or big corporations inside enormous buildings?

Bring your vision into reality and follow your instinct.

  • NEVER UNDERSELL YOUR SERVICES: That you are a starter does not reduce your money. If you know the value of the cleaning service you want to render, then you should name your price. If you are starting up as a cleaning agent, it might be a bit difficult because people don’t want to pay for a service, especially when it’s a new cleaning contractor. Check the market prices and make sure you are paid fairly.

Find out more about the right payment structure for janitors.

  • GET THE RIGHT TOOLS: The right tools and machines for cleaning will help you finish your work on time, and you can move to other jobs.
    You have to be fast, effective as well as efficient.
  • LEARN, UNLEARN AND RELEARN: The world revolves every day and so should you. You will get more clients when you are innovative and creative. Enhance your skills. Check your cleaning chemicals regularly to know those that can affect you negatively and replace them with any new but effective chemicals. Your smartphones should also enhance your technological skills.

Attend business lectures and seminars; or, check out how to generate free and vetted janitorial leads online for more jobs!

  • BE DILIGENT: Be responsible, transparent, and accountable. Show every sense of responsibility in your actions. Clean like it is your home. Whatever the kind of cleaning; home, office, or janitorial, always be diligent.

Where you don’t even know, your diligence can take you to newer places. Always focus on how to get a new client through your current work.


With the right team; great goals come naturally.
~ (Kanu Nwankwo). Always employ the right team.

  • MENTOR EVERY DEPARTMENT: Systematically create an efficient structure. This structure covers every department in your office cleaning business. Create a structure that whether you are at work or not the job will be covered.[su_spacer size=”5″]
  • HANDLE OBJECTS WITH CARE: When cleaning for a client, remember the image you are trying to build for your company. Do not touch or spoil any possessions or belongings as it can destroy your reputation in seconds.

Remember you are not collecting money for damages, and so if you spoil anything accidentally, you will have to pay for it.[su_spacer size=”5″]

  • TREAT YOUR TEAM RIGHT: When the internal customer is not treated right, it affects the entire team morale. When you are persistently and intentionally catering to them they will pay back by working diligently.[su_spacer size=”5″]
  • BE AVAILABLE ONLINE: Many people spend hours online for fun. Take the opportunity to advertise, market, promote, and sell online. Working online helps you to reach a vast number of people, so invest online the same way you invest in your job.

Post videos on your Facebook page regularly to get people engaged.[su_spacer size=”5″]

  • BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS: You are still wondering why some cleaning services have their existing clients coming back and why some are still struggling to get new office cleaning jobs. Understanding clients’ needs is the key to continuous business.

Always follow up to express that you actually care.[su_spacer size=”5″]

  • DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME: If you don’t benefit from a job, don’t take it. Remember cleaning takes a lot of time and energy.


The above tips are not magic, they have been tried and tested repeatedly. You must have tried everything before, however, the reason you are yet to close more cleaning contracts is that you are not persistent. Do not stop trying, learning, and practicing, and don’t show desperation during an office cleaning job interview.

Create and maintain your cleaning standards to build a brand of consistency as well as optimum client satisfaction.

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