Qualities Of a Commercial Cleaning Service That Get Them Hired More Often!

Jason Hunt
April 29, 2020
Go-to guide highlighting on the needs of commercial centers or facility managers ready to hire commercial cleaning services. These techniques might improve your chances to get hired.

If you’re running a janitorial business then you are already aware of how clients often scour every cleaner before finally picking the right cleaning service.

The scrutiny is unavoidable, but knowing their selection criteria might prepare you well before any janitorial interview.

Why is it important to know their needs?

Work on certain qualities to get recognized as a professional cleaning service.

Customer-centric companies are always

To be clear on the matter of why it is important to know what they want, you’ll need a closer look at what you’re capable of delivering.

Besides, the additional services your cleaning business has made available on-demand, there can be additional wants from certain clients that need to be addressed.

Once you’re already tuned with their requirements, they are unlikely to consider any other office cleaner and might decide to sign a janitorial contract with you.

How prospects usually perceive commercial cleaning services?

Your clients will have a clear understanding of your team even before they look at your quotation.

Small or big office managers will only consider office cleaners that promise further reliability; hence, your representative must remain persistent and try to anticipate the likely questions from the interviewer.

 Here is a list of things companies check before hiring any custodian cleaning service. 

What are your janitorial fees and prices?

One of the biggest and primary concerns of facility managers is the price.

Commercial cleaning prices can range from being overly expensive to reasonably fair prices but avoid preposterous pricing.

Pricing your services reasonably could bag many clients, only if you’re charging competitive rates compared to other commercial cleaners.

Competitive prices can bury your competition; therefore, if you are offering quality service at feasible rates then any client will be more likely to sign your office cleaning contract.

Here’s a quick guide on how to price commercial spaces for cleaning

Quality of work shows in the profile:

The quality of work of any commercial cleaning service must be clearly stated in their quotation.

It is best to provide premium service and also elaborate on your process in the quotation; therefore, making your potential clients aware of your credibility.

The notion will be more solidified with a CIMS certificate for implementing cleaning standards.

Reviews will make your profile look more authentic online.

What do your clients have to say about your work?

If you own a reputable cleaning service and want your prospects to find you, then consider listing your website on the local directories.

Once your company is registered, encourage your clients to leave their feedback on either your Google or Facebook page.

Reviews will help you gain more visibility across search results.

The greater the rating the higher your listing will appear on Google search results!

Have you attained any certificates?

CIMS certification helps you to stand out.

Certification has become the new measuring stick when it comes to hiring a cleaning service.

With the introduction and implementation of cleaning certificates all throughout the nation, clients now seek certified cleaners to get their jobs done.

Having a custodial certificate will not only make you appear more authentic to your prospects but also elevate the status of your company ensuring a line of trained individuals that will be certified too.

Moreover, having a certificate will boost your company’s credibility making you stand out easily.

How organized is your team?

A coherent and organized cleaning team certainly goes a long way.

While going through your company’s profile, a client will want to know about your team.

A workforce is the backbone of any commercial cleaning service for performing the main duties responsibly.

Having a certified and trained workforce will tip the scale in your direction as clients do not want their valuables to get damaged.

Authenticity, reviews, and price are the factors that determine your hiring possibility.

What are your operational days and hours?

In a world where time is of the essence, it is important to clarify the working hours and days of your janitorial service.

Operational hours of Janitorial Leads Pro

Even if you’re not available, make sure there’s an away message set to email, phone, and Facebook page.

Either your Facebook page or Google My Business must reveal your active hours at the same time.

Every professional commercial cleaning service will be able to attend to a client’s needs whenever they are wanted.

However, most cleaning businesses are limited by timing and that’s exactly why an away message must specify the hours of operation so they can reach out.

Most clients usually require a cleaning business to complete their work within their preferred operational hours.

However, many prefer to have it done after hours when the cleaning will not hamper the work of other employees.

 Don’t forget to get listed on Google My Business page to interact with clients fast! 

How fast do you respond to the prospects?

The faster response rate makes customers feel more important.

Whenever there is a conversation going on between a client and your cleaning service it is important to respond promptly with optimum clarity, as this is something that most clients scrutinize strictly.

Responding quickly to queries is an act of concrete professionalism.

Clients judge the response time from cleaning companies with how reliable they are and it can play a huge part in securing an appointment between a prospect and your company before an estimate is handed over.

Maintain a quick response time and you’ll be on your way to winning them over.

Are you committed to delivering superior service?

Your cleaning business will set appointment dates before every cleaning job; however, fail to show up at the agreed time or date, you may never get another shot again.

  • Making excuses can set you up for negative reviews and a bad reputation.
  • Making sure your commitment is in check will bag you this potential client as well as future clients to come.
  • A client will judge cleaning businesses on their commitment to their job.

Are you maintaining all the ethics required for commercial cleaning services?

With the development of the concept of the green earth, clients now expect every cleaning service to follow ethical practices throughout.

Being green or having the green factor means your cleaning business uses cleaning agents and follows procedures that are not harmful to the environment.

Green work procedures and chemicals have now been the subject of approval when it comes to hiring the right cleaning service.

Clients, on the other hand, opt for safer cleaning methods for hospitals during these troubled times.

A memorable first impression as a commercial cleaning service.

Positive impressions make people unforgettable.
  • Potential clients will judge you strictly on your approach while interviewing you, so appearing your best will be crucial.
  • This falls under the client relationship management, maintaining a positive rapport with potential clients.
  • Leaving a positive impression on your interviewers will make them remember you throughout.
  • Your approach will outline the reputation of your janitorial service as well as the professional conduct that you portray.


Clients are picky when it comes to selecting the right cleaning company for the job, so it is best to keep in mind their requirements. Intense competition in the commercial cleaning industry, which is why constantly improving oneself is the key to growth.

To win their approval, every query must be answered with confidence; and most importantly, maintain relationships at all times.

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