Complete Office Cleaning Checklist: Walk-Through

Jason Hunt
March 9, 2022

Most janitorial professionals are inclined to follow a specific checklist that helps them go over all vital aspects of a well-orchestrated commercial cleaning process. To help janitorial businesses and staff with this plan, we’ve put together the perfect cleaning walkthrough checklist that ticks out the most critical areas needing attention.

Significance of Maintaining a Cleaning Checklist –

For a janitorial business, having a checklist is paramount.

When you show up to your client with a checklist, you will instantly project professionalism.

Doing so will help you by establishing a good impression; therefore, can prepare multiple things on the basis of your checklist ahead of time.

Let’s see how having a prepared janitorial cleaning checklist benefits you:

  • You can instantly estimate and finalize a price quote for your work according to the checklist
  • You can determine which tools you need to carry for the job
  • As a professional janitorial business, you must have a strategy for your cleaning services. The checklist helps you cross-check with clients’ requirements
  • Good communication and a perfect checklist help build a better rapport with clients
  • You can ensure quality service
  • It’s helpful for future training and strategies
  • A checklist can help you get positive reviews from clients
  • It helps you stay ahead of the competition
  • You will be able to know what different types of clients may expect from your business
  • It ensures that you don’t forget anything and that no room or area is left unclean

Checklist for office bathroom and restroom cleaning:

Bathrooms and restrooms are among the most important areas to clean.

This area is prone to the continuous accumulation of germs and bacteria. The toilet deserves the most attention on the cleaning checklist.

Here are the necessary steps you need to ensure when cleaning bathrooms and restrooms –

  • Disinfecting bathrooms and restrooms
  • General floor and wall cleaning
  • Emptying trash bins
  • Disinfecting dispensers, sinks, handles, and other objects that come in contact
  • Sanitizing and washing the doors, handles, and switches for lights and other electric accessories
  • Refilling soap dispensers, tissue paper, and towels
  • Mopping the floors
  • Cleaning high touch surfaces

Checklist for office kitchen and canteen:

The kitchen is where the food is prepared.

Ensuring a clean environment in your kitchen is mandatory and cannot be overlooked.

Therefore, consider going through this checklist before initiating the process –

Checklist for entrance and exit areas in office premises -

Entrances are the most frequented areas in offices and homes.

People walking in with their shoes often leave a mess that needs immediate attention.

Follow the checklist for entry points:

  • Disinfect door handles and other high-touch surfaces
  • Cleaning doormats.
  • Vacuuming carpets in the vicinity.
  • Identifying and cleaning light fixtures.
  • Sweeping, mopping, and drying the floors.

Reception area checklist:

  • Vacuum carpets.
  • Wiping door handles.
  • Reorganize coffee table and other accessories.
  • Disinfect and clean vase, tables, chairs, hair, and lamps. Re-organize them if necessary.
  • Wipe and clean area under the table, the reception desk, and the telephone.
  • Fog and then sanitize furniture.
  • Cleaning all shelves, cabinets and walls
  • Dusting computers, walls, notebooks, or other electronics.

Office Desk and Cubicles Cleaning Checklist -

Where office employees sit and work, particularly an office desk or conference room tables, such spots must be organized thoroughly with focus.

  • Spray on computer screens and dust the keyboards
  • Check the recycle bins and trash can making sure those are empty every following day
  • Carpets
  • on the floor and beneath desks require vacuuming
  • squeaky clean windows looking outside office rooms often people use as a mirror
  • Sanitize critical and frequently touched spots, primarily - photocopiers, fax machines, lamps etc.

Ensure Orchestrated Cleaning With a Checklist

Let’s start with the basic idea of a cleaning checklist and how it can define a proper cleaning procedure.

Checklist acts as a guidance for janitorial support teams

For starters, you should communicate with clients and find out what they're concerned about.

You can then refer to the cleaning checklist and initiate process by referring to the correct data in hand.

Showing up with a proper checklist will make you appear reliable, and your clients will have a better impression of your cleaning business. When your clients notice your efficient work practices guided by a cleaning checklist, you will stand a chance at winning long-term janitorial cleaning contracts.

Without a checklist, you may miss out on areas that need inspection and cleaning.

A cleaning task checklist, however, reveals the spots that require the most attention, making the end result satisfactory.

Start and End With Inspection...

Things to Consider During an Inspection

Systematic approach for achieving target or cleaning objective

Janitorial cleaning must follow a systematic process, often requiring you to go through every step in a manner that delivers thorough cleaning, and preventing the filth of an unclean room from spreading to other regions in an office.

The first focus on a janitorial cleaning checklist is inspection. A proper inspection will pave the way for effective cleaning.

At your starting inspection, notice every corner of the rooms.

 Note it down if any place requires special care. Talk to the owner about your cleaning process and hear what and how they want the work done. 

Take a note if they need any changes to your existing checklist.

Understanding clients' requirements is an advantageous way to stand out as a cleaning company.

Furthermore, an inspection at the end of every cleaning will ascertain how well you’ve done the job, or anything you may have missed out.

An inspection -

  • Provides you an outline for organizing your cleaning checklist
  • Facilitates with accurate price estimates
  • Improves the effectiveness of janitorial cleaning checklists.
  • Strengthens communications with the client.

Through this, you will have a clear idea of the entire cleaning process, along with any special requests your client may have. Make sure you don’t miss any dust-collecting details.

With this checklist, you could initiate and eventually finish any cleaning contract -


As the competition gets fierce among janitorial businesses, you have the chance to stand out with standardized cleaning processes. Cleaning checklists are there to enforce thorough planning and proper speculation about clients' requirements Inherently, a janitorial business needs to provide complete client satisfaction to make way for growth and with a checklist, this becomes easy. Usually, it becomes difficult to remember all the places to clean, and, sometimes cleaners may miss out on spots.

So, to make sure no places remain untouched and to ensure great client satisfaction, you must follow the janitorial cleaning checklist that standardizes your work process.

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