Generating Solid Office Cleaning Leads Through Janitorial Telemarketing

Jason Hunt
August 1, 2018
Although lead generation through janitorial telemarketing may seem easy using free technology these days, the chances of successfully closing them remains a challenge. Promoting a product or a service over the phone can take sometime before one gets the hang of it. The process could be tricky; therefore, outsourcing this activity to the right team could be the most feasible option.

Leads have to be nurtured so you can update your database; otherwise, conversions will be unlikely

Why, and how does that happen?

That’s due to specialization, making each of us slightly better at the job we do for a living.

Investing 10,000 hours in any activity will turn you more efficient eventually.

Sometimes businesses have to spend a few thousand to make additional millions!


I used to do everything by myself during the early years of my janitorial cleaning service by implementing newer janitorial business tips for landing more jobs.

Starting from outreaching and compiling information from surveys on foot to building and maintaining relationships with prospects while making sure they are also qualified cleaning leads capable of affording your service.

A small brief before initiating every commercial cleaning contract is mandatory so your cleaners know exactly what to do and how to represent themselves on the first day.

The first impression is crucial.

Briefing cleaners before initiating a new project is important; however, due to lack of time, we often ignore the process.

I realized that while sorting out every business process single-handedly, I was also losing out potential clients.

 Every janitor needs to be trained so they can represent your brand. 

If you want to prepare yourself for the upcoming janitorial job interview, check these 20 commonly asked questions inquired by hiring managers.

I wondered,

I invested in a team dedicated to promoting my services online, as well as generating janitorial leads; additionally, janitorial appointment setting will serve as an added service.

Through telemarketing, we began to save more of our time by doing what cleaners are always meant to do.

It wasn’t like I was making a fortune by cleaning other people’s messes, but I felt it was time to let some burden off my shoulders.

 I began my search for a team of three individuals capable of communicating with prospects and turn them into sales. 

The same individuals will be responsible for promoting my cleaning services online.

Janitorial telemarketing support:

Alas! No one was willing to work at the rate I offered; also, I had zero scopes of paying anything higher than $5/hr initially.

My search for a reliable janitorial telemarketing team ensued until one morning an interesting response to my janitorial lead generation job post appeared.

 My hopes went up after finding out that the person was willing to work with us at just $ 5 an hour! 

I still decided to interview the candidate, which to my surprise turned out to be great.

To be honest, I was quite impressed by the candidate’s proficiency in English.

Given that my service was based in the US only, I needed to hire someone capable of speaking in professional English.

The majority don’t speak English but Spanish. Multilingual call center agents can bridge the communication gap.
  • Although I had no idea about how the candidate managed to speak impeccable English, I think Hollywood deserves huge credit.
  • I hired the team immediately and with a few days of training, I saw a rapid growth in sales as the days followed.
  • By investing $800-a-month, I started pocketing an additional $5,000 gross profit!

Our remarkable growth:

Growth is slow but consistency will supplant your growth rate.

In less than a year, I managed to expand my Janitorial Service and covered the entire US.

As my team took care of the entire operation, I had more time to network with other janitorial businesses in Florida, California, DMV regions, and even LA!

From an Irving-based Cleaning service that barely survived the competition, my Janitorial service continues to hire; and today we have more than 180 cleaners right now working with us even today.

Feel free to reach out here if you are looking for work anywhere in North America.

Learn some insightful ways of leading a janitorial business toward success.

Honestly saying that as my pocket grew heavier I did not mind paying those agents more.

The success factors in Janitorial telemarketing:

By the end of the 16th month since the start of my Cleaning Service, we attained a success rate of 5 out of every 8 janitorial appointments the team kept populating our calendar.

  • Such an abrupt yet remarkable growth rate acted as a massive booster to our motivation level.
  • Having a dedicated call center by your side will result in outstanding results real fast!
  • Every lead must pass a qualification assessment before their name and other data can be listed under our qualified prospects.
 The team continues to impress me even today with their consistency as well as being attentive to details! 

Amazingly proactive and the team became equally skillful by digitally branding our janitorial leads generation service.

Synergistic relationships and proper management

Synergistic relationships foster growth as well as improve efficiency in workflow.

The team monitors our campaigns, so as Janitors we were able to focus more on the cleaning responsibility.

As dedicated call center support, they also look after our spreadsheets and tell our technicians if any changes arrived in the schedule.

Most importantly, a dedicated appointment setting helped by lowering our marketing costs since the team was further assisted by cold-calling prospects.

Time is money, and we couldn't afford to lose any.

Greeting prospects over the phone

Selling anything over the phone can be challenging unless you are John Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street.

Surely it saves you from traveling around to connect with potential customers, but it requires a better understanding of human psychology.

We tried and tested our cold-calling script over and over again until we discovered the right ones that always clicked with office cleaning leads.

Every prospect is verified first over a five-minute discovery call before that lead is sold to the most capable janitor.
  • Sit straight or even better if you could stand up while conversing with a prospect over the phone.
  • In that way, you will sound clearer and more pleasant while greeting people; as a result, the pleasantness in your voice is likely to cheer up any receiver on the other side.
  • Keep in mind that your prospects do not have time to hang onto your words for long; so your message needs to be concise.
  • Even if they already have cleaning support, let them know about your latest Coronavirus cleaning methods for offices.

Blog enrichment for organic search growth:

The specialized telemarketers were doing a great job, and it seemed that their productivity kept soaring every day, simply because I paid out commissions for every office cleaning contract I was able to land with their help.

  • I needed to make my online presence felt, which is why I felt the need to rank #1 on Google with keywords, such as - "janitorial leads" to begin with.
  • With the help of an SEO specialist and two writers, we planned out various blog topics for janitors covering a wide range of topics. 

How much would it cost? -

I didn’t worry about that since my janitorial telemarketing/appointment scheduling team was already raking in quite a lot, and I took that chance.

Impactful online presence with engagement:

A few blog posts a week and I saw my ranking go up, and eventually, more and more offices/hospitals reached out directly over the phone.

Grow Your Brand Image Online Through Search Marketing

We have never had to make blind phone calls to facility managers since then. 

We had people reaching out to us by filling up our online form, and so we simply called them back.

  • Our janitorial appointment team ensured a steady workflow by sending us verified commercial cleaning leads every week. 
  • We were no longer randomly reaching out to people as they agreed and consented (online form submission) to reach out to them.

It wasn’t soon until we finally designed a channel that automated our entire process.


Janitorial telemarketing is a powerful method of securing more commercial cleaning contracts, so keep working on your USP first.

And if you're looking for a professional script then contact us today so we can help you prepare one.

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