What Janitorial Services Typically Include?

Jason Hunt
June 13, 2024

Maintaining a Clean Space

Maintaining the work environment clean and healthy is the main aim of janitorial services. This involves tasks like:

1. Surface cleaning

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Daily surface cleaning involves dusting shelves and different surfaces.

When dust, dirt, and contaminants are eliminated from your work space, janitorial employees will apply appropriate cleaning products to make it seem clean and comfortable.

2. Floor care

Common floor cleaning methods include vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping. Depending on the type of business flooring, janitors can also perform polishing, waxing, or carpet cleaning (often for an additional fee).

3. Restroom cleaning and sanitization

Keeping a restroom neat and clean is important for an effective work environment. Janitorial employees ensure the daily cleaning and sanitization of floors, sinks, mirrors, and restrooms.

4. Trash removal

To keep items clean and smell-free, it’s necessary that trash bins be cleaned out and replacement liners set up all over the building.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

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Even though these basic functions represent almost all janitorial services, several companies also offer additional choices that fit specific requirements. Here are few examples:

1. High dusting

It requires particular tools and techniques for reaching and cleaning high spots such as light fixtures, vents, and ceiling from dirt, dust, and webs. Janitorial services are able to handle this, ensuring the area is completely clean.

2. Window cleaning

Sparkling windows not just enhance a building’s look but also allow sunlight, which reduces energy costs. Expert and professional window cleaning guaranteed a steak-free and clear view.

3. Breakroom and kitchen cleaning

Frequently used areas need deep cleaning. Janitorial employees can clean vending machines, clean surfaces, and maintain equipment, making workplaces clean and cozy. There is one more blog where we describe more details about kitchen cleaning.

4. Disinfecting and sanitizing

In a modern health conscious environment, surfaces need to be completely cleaned and disinfected. The transmission of germs is significantly reduced using this method, especially during cold and flu season.

EPA-approved cleaning solutions are often used by janitorial companies to keep a healthy and secure place to work.

Choosing the Right Janitorial Service Provider

With plenty of services to choose from, it’s important to select a janitorial company that is flexible with your requirements as well as your budget.

Here are some important factors to consider while choosing the right janitorial service provider:

1. Frequency of service

Cleaning routine can be customized to our foot traffic and business requirements on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

2. Size and type of facility

The time and techniques required for cleaning will differ according to the size and structure of the building.

3. Special requests

Do you need floor cleaning, window cleaning, or high-dusting? Verify that the janitorial company offers the services you demand.

4. Experience and references

Look for a janitorial service provider company with an excellent track record of success and happy clients.

5. Insurance and licensing

Verify whether the company has sufficient insurance coverage and licenses needed to conduct business in your area.

Investing in a Clean and Healthy Work Environment

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Janitorial service includes more than just keeping a clean work environment. It is essential for your employees to have a safe and productive workplace.

Clean areas have better air quality and prevent germs from spreading. Furthermore, it helps improve the environment, which can improve staff engagement and productivity.


In conclusion, the advantages of a neat and well-maintained office space goes beyond the visual looks.

It encourages a more pleasant and productive workspace, reduces illness-related absences, and leaves an excellent first impression on customers and visitors.

Investing in expert janitorial services is a bet on your business’s profitability, employee’s health, and the reputation of your company’s image.

Keep in mind that an efficient work environment is essential for company growth. Don’t be worried about starting with the goal of establishing a clean, healthy, and productive work atmosphere.

Contact a janitorial service provider today, to find out more about the advantages it can provide your company.

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