Top 10 Janitorial Management Software to Use in 2023

Jason Hunt
June 6, 2023
The cleaning sector has advanced thanks to the modernization and sophistication of janitorial services in recent years. The conventional method of employing qualified janitors, requesting quotes, conducting contract bidding, scheduling, and timekeeping has a number of drawbacks and restrictions. Businesses in the cleaning industry may adapt to evolving client expectations by embracing the latest technology. One such cutting-edge solution that helps on-demand and connected client experiences for cleaning service organizations is janitorial management software for organizing verified janitorial leads.

As we are in 2023, let’s have a look at the top 10 janitorial management software that are ruling the industry and adopted by several janitorial businesses worldwide.

1. Swept


It doesn’t have to be a continual hassle to run a cleaning business. Swept keeps you updated so that you feel in charge of your business and assured.

Swept is management software for janitorial and commercial cleaning companies. It can assist you by managing employee time, supplies, inspection, and difficulties, including client relationships.

Swept makes it simple for managers to interact with staff members and clients in more than 100 languages. Employees who are not onsite cannot check in with location-aware check-ins.

To guarantee the caliber of their workers’ work is up to par, they may create custom inspection plans with an infinite number of inspection points.

Any requests made by a customer may be communicated with cleaners and supervisors via a virtual bulletin board using location messaging, keeping everyone informed.
You may prepare a cleaning checklist to make sure all of the chores are finished. Never place a second order without consulting the supply chain

Incorporate specialty services into your business processes to use Work Orders and increase income per location.

You can see quickly and easily how your cleaning sites and cleaners are doing by using analytics. Track reported issues by location, janitor’s schedule and availability, inspecting service information, etc.

2. CleanMaint


A cleaning services management system for sanitizing and cleaning industries is called CleanMaint, which is managed by eMaint. The cloud-based system provides functionality from a single platform, including task scheduling, resource planning, inventory control, employment monitoring, helpdesk management, analytics, and more.

The interactive planning tool, which enables users to build site plans, prototypes, layouts, or other plans to represent service requests highlighting statuses, enables cleaning businesses to actively monitor resources.

By ensuring cleaning and sanitation requirements are upheld, organizations may lower the risk of infection or other sanitary hazards using CleanMaint. The service request capability enables users to examine the status of open requests, submit new service requests using custom forms, and follow the progress of each request.

To track cleaning supplies and PPE, CleanMaint also makes inventory management easier enabling team members access to thorough information on every inventory item.

The software also combines contact management, document storage, billing management, customization dashboards and reports for tracking important data, and more. 2

Access the CleanMaint web API is available for customization with the Enterprise plan.

3. WinTeam


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software called WinTeam is cloud-based and made for janitorial and security service providers to manage their staff and automate business processes. Performance monitoring, job costing, timekeeping, benefits planning, analytics, and reporting are among the features.

Contractors can track billable hours for one-time, recurring, or project-based labor using the program. Supervisors may handle work tickets, see impending projects, and monitor overtime situations with WinTeam’s scheduling function.

It contains TeamTime, an attendance monitoring feature that enables managers to confirm employees’ attendance at the location, establish travel time limits, and get emails, voicemails, or text message notifications for attendance difficulties.

The time clock module also allows crew members to clock in and out using biometric identification.

WinTeam has API-based interfaces that enable customers to link the platform with a variety of external programs like ADP, Avalara, FileBound, Intellum, and Kwantek. Managers of human resources can keep track of employee details, pay rate history, absences or leaves, and training needs.

Professionals may record transactions, control cash flows, manage fixed assets, and produce financial statements using the accounting module.

4. Aspire


For service contractor companies with over $3 million in annual sales in the janitorial, snow and ice removal, and landscaping sectors, there is Aspire, a cloud-based business management system. Estimating, scheduling, buying, time tracking on mobile devices, billing, task costing, accounting and payroll integration, and customer relationship management are some of the key features (CRM).

Put an end to the headache of managing your service business with unconnected solutions. The end-to-end feature of Aspire offers a single point of truth for all aspects of your business, exposing the data landscape and allowing janitorial service providers to make decisions that will affect their bottom line in real time.

Your technicians, teams, or crews in the field can obtain the task information they require when they need it thanks to the cloud-based, SaaS platform, which is available on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops and syncs instantly with a mobile app.

The mobile app instantly refreshes the schedule board, and mobile time tracking makes it simple for your employees to check in and out of work while also assuring correct labor rate monitoring.

Utilize Aspire’s site inspection tool to raise customer satisfaction and quality assurance. Through the ability to add images and visit notes to service tickets, this application aids technicians and crew members in documenting any difficulties that arise on the job site.

Companies might handle these problems proactively to offer the greatest possible client experience by accurately recording them.

The site inspection tool may also assist teams in setting and achieving high-performance standards, which can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Janitorial Manager


A performance monitoring and business management software for small to medium-sized commercial cleaning companies is called Janitorial Manager. The software assists managers in managing work orders, personnel, quality, and inventory as well as tracking the performance of janitor teams.

For smaller businesses with a single owner or bigger organizations with several sites, users, and servers, Janitorial Manager offers a flexible solution.

Users of Janitorial Manager may communicate with their personnel by using a messaging app. Users have the option of simultaneously sending messages to both single consumers or staff as well as groups.

According to their location, staff may make supply requirements using Janitorial Manager and have rapid, central access to instructions and cleaning standards.

ISSA 612 Cleaning Times and Janitorial Manager have an integration that enables users to establish complete client facility records with information on locations, buildings, floors, rooms, types of fixtures, and usage.

Additionally, the website allows users to create bespoke cleaning bids for prospective clients and analyze labor expenses. Client inspections may be carried out with Janitorial Manager, and the outcomes can be instantly entered into the database. As Janitorial Manager is a cloud-based product, customers may access data from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere!

6. Cleantelligent


The cutting-edge digital suite from CleanTelligent Software encourages open communication between staff, clients, and facility visitors while monitoring performance. Their clients brand themselves as the neighborhood cleaning crew that really and consistently protects the well-being of the neighborhood.

The first success enables their clients to reinvest in their own outcome-driven success using the software to attract and keep consumers growing their businesses while improving efficiency.

With CleanTelligent’s user-friendly work order system, this program may improve communication throughout your company.

CleanTelligent’s specialized inspections guarantee that your customer is receiving the highest caliber of service.

With the help of CleanTelligent’s business intelligence tools, you can wow your clients and potential customers with charts, graphs, and real-time statistics on your team’s performance at work.

7. Clean Clculator


A cloud-based estimate and bidding system for commercial and residential cleaning companies is called Clean Calculator. The program provides customer relationship management capabilities, pre-loaded pricing suggestions, QuickBooks connectivity, company dashboards, quotations, invoice, and work schedule emails, among other features.

Users of Clean Calculator’s estimating tool may add custom fields for various services supplied and get precise estimates for all cleaning tasks. A variety of services have pre-loaded costs, and users can alter the pricing choices to fit their own company needs.

Estimates can be produced based on the work type, square footage, frequency, room types, and extra services for one-time or recurring jobs. A window cleaning estimate is also included in the calculator, allowing users to input the quantity of sliding, regular, and French panes that need to be cleaned. Quotes may be emailed, printed, and allocated to a prospect or client.

Clean Calculator allows you to plan tasks and assign them to certain personnel. Each employee may receive a custom calendar, and thanks to the Google Calendar connection, jobs can also be shown in personal calendars.

On the Clean Calculator main page, users may also keep track of and manage scheduled appointments. Track overdue debt as well as save client data and preferences for individualized service.

8. CleanGuru


A janitorial software called CleanGuru helps businesses that provide commercial and residential cleaning services to bid for employment, make expert proposals, produce invoices, check cleaning, make work schedules, manage time, and set up GPS-monitored geofence boundaries by a construction site. It also includes branding, getting alerts, and improving client relationships.

This janitorial management software supports both Android and iOS.

9. Taskaim


Taskaim is a cleaning program with a subscription model made for small to large cleaning businesses that clean houses, holiday rentals, hotels, offices, and other commercial properties.

It streamlines project scheduling and dispatching and makes checklists and special instructions devices.

The latest software records task progress, offers one-click invoicing, and generates detailed reports.

10. Clean Smarts


Cleaning companies may arrange their resources with the use of Clean Smarts, janitorial software. Administrators may use the platform to monitor inventory levels and automatically route stock requests to the appropriate staff members. Cleaners are able to update information on faults that have been found, reported, and fixed.

To distribute shifts among team members and evaluate cleaner performance on a consolidated dashboard, businesses might conduct health surveys.

To End With…

The software mentioned above can make managing your staff easier and improve the efficiency of your cleaning staff. Now you can concentrate on customer satisfaction and business expansion.

Just be sure you pick the appropriate janitorial management software. Sign up for various trial offers, experiment with the options, and pick the one that offers the best value. Keep in mind that the software should be simple to use and flexible.

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