How to Get Reliable Janitorial Leads Online?

Jason Hunt
May 10, 2018
Hygiene is a crucial part of our lifestyle differentiating us from chaos and disorder. Having a clean office is the key to productive and happy workers; hence, cleanliness is mandatory.

Getting your hands on profitable janitorial cleaning jobs requires playing the cards right and of course extensive networking.

Solid leads for commercial cleaning jobs could expand your customer base; however, qualified janitorial leads are rare.

That’s where Janitorial Leads Pro comes along to bring you cleaning jobs all throughout every year even during this pandemic!

Making the Most Out of SEO:

Proper SEO for targeting potential office managers by typing “janitors near me” on Google

Search marketing is widely popular today, which is why janitorial businesses should invest to enjoy a significant amount of ROI.

  • Uniquely useful and relevant information implanted with relevant keywords having a large search volume.
  • High-quality and relevant results are often ranked on the very first page of search engines, so take time before uploading anything new.
  • Keep in mind that proper SEO requires a time frame of at least six months for your desired results to start trickling in.
  • There are plenty of ways to generate a massive number of janitorial appointments from any website with the help of an SEO specialist.

With 4.2bn searches a day, our main objective is to help your cleaning business show up on the first page of Google.

 Here’s why opt for Janitorial Leads Pro

Join Communities Online:

Forums and Facebook communities are great sources for clients

Not everyone will be equally exposed to this modern-day search marketing, which is when online communities on social media can be reliable sources for janitorial leads.

  • Therefore, make sure your business cards are printed and ready for distribution so you could start networking.
  • Take a day off for distributing flyers in a shopping mall where you’re more likely to come across reliable prospects.
  • Network with small communities for quick jobs as hygiene is mandatory for everyone.

Leveraging Facebook and Social Media:

Following the pandemic more and more facility managers are now actively hiring janitors to clean their offices.

Luckily, their search is quite frequent on social media so you don’t have to get out of the house for any commercial cleaning leads.

Facebook ads have gained popularity because these ads target prospects based on their intent, search behavior, and pattern.

Most importantly, every ad instigated by a brand will target not only its followers but also others in the same network.

As a result, if you can ensure interaction from followers on your posts, that post will become visible on more feeds.

 Check out this detailed guide on how to launch effective Facebook ads for cleaning businesses. 

Setting Appointment between Contractors and Facility Managers:

Janitorial Leads Pro schedules appointments on your behalf with building or office managers.

Collecting qualified leads is a lot more than simply putting up a website and later coalescing visitors into sharing private info.

  • The work involves more than just collecting leads as the data needs to be verified twice before we finalize the day and time of your visit to any office or store.
    In-house, telemarketing can be extremely useful for setting up janitorial appointments.
  • For janitors, it could be overwhelming at times to track and nurture leads.
  • To concentrate better on my specialty, I decided to join forces with HVAC Leads Pro.
    Eventually, my life became much simpler after handing the lead nurturing responsibility.

Keeping Track of Google Updates:

Keeping track of the updates from Google is the key to remaining on the very first page.
  • Make sure your ad is convincing enough and accurately defined for better conversions.
  • The search engine titan, Google is frequently updating its algorithm, which is why it’s vital that websites abide by the GDPR policies for preserving user privacy.
  • This is the sole reason behind having a blog or an app through which businesses can build closer relationships based on trust.
  • A website can be genuinely useful for selling services online.

The next task is to maintain routine communication with subscribers individually to your blog by reminding them how you can make their life easier.

Janitorial Leads & Conversion Tactics:

Our information verification process follows a series of steps for information accuracy.

The final stage of the lead generation process is converting your prospects into customers.

Our telemarketers are well-trained individuals capable of proper sales pitching; as a result, making prospects perceive the genuine value of our janitorial telemarketing and appointment setting program for better branding.

Our team specializes in reaching out to prospects directly over the phone and scheduling appointments.

Your operations team is likely to know every problem experienced by clients frequently; therefore, listen closely to them.

We always maintain a series of steps for qualifying every prospect while saving more of your time!


Consistency and hard work are the resultant of success.

There are plenty of janitorial leads online to choose from but keep in mind those could be hoaxes too.

Being a well-wisher, I’d recommend you check online forums for proper business leads with high conversion.

Buying leads could be a risky investment decision, so research and seek advice from trusted individuals before putting your money at stake.

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