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Jason Hunt
May 15, 2018

[su_note note_color=”#f8ff17″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]If you’re a contractor that specializes in commercial cleaning, then you need to know the importance of janitorial leads. Authentic and verified leads can lower your marketing fees, therefore, raising your profit scale drastically! On top of that, consider having a separate team that will work tirelessly around the clock to help you connect with commercial and/or facility managers in your area. So you get enough space for handling all the cleaning, whereas, we bring you more janitorial appointments even during this pandemic. [/su_note]

Janitorial Leads Pro and traditional advertising:

Traditional advertising is more expensive compared to recent online marketing trends/practices.

Being a completely separate entity, you will enjoy the freedom to either market your services by yourself or opt for a third party so you have more time.

But the challenge is in performing two different activities (marketing and cleaning) at the same time.

If you’d like to stick to traditional marketing only, be aware of these common mistakes such as,

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  • Choosing the wrong media
  • Your message is unclear to your TG
  • Wrong time to broadcast an advert
  • Inefficient team and lack of expertise


The majority have adopted one or a few marketing techniques, which is why you must make them realize how your leads can be a better investment option.

  • Moreover, a few of these insightful first-hand tips can ensure solid results for your janitorial service.

Hygiene is a crucial aspect for everyone:

Thorough cleaning is crucial in this pandemic. Impress more clients with your precautionary measures.

Janitorial cleaning services aren’t going anywhere soon as hygiene is a mandatory part of our life.

Both residential, as well as commercial spaces, need to hire cleaners on a recurrent basis; therefore, remind them about the importance of cleanliness at all times.

Other than that, we have freshly baked office cleaning leads exclusively for your cause.

Feel free to connect with us, in case you’re looking for experienced telemarketers for setting appointments.

We charge cleaners only after setting appointments.

Leads can reduce marketing expenses:

Watch your expense dip as dedicated marketers reach out on your behalf to ensure further sales.

Once you’ve found out who’s looking for cleaners in your area there’s little need to invest in marketing as you will connect with decision-makers directly.

Each of our leads categories can be a complete solution for growth.

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  • The leads are double verified, meaning the numbers and email addresses you will receive belong to real people actively hiring cleaners.
  • Henceforth, once you decide to invest in solid leads for janitorial cleaning, you’ll no longer need to invest in additional marketing services online or offline.[/su_list]

    Since you’ll know the right prospects beforehand, all you have to do is call them for scheduling an appointment.

    Janitorial appointment setting program:

    Certainly, it gets more challenging to keep track of every prospect as the client list continues to grow; that’s when you know it’s time for expansion.

    Janitorial Leads Pro isn’t just about handing over a couple of lead lists and then disappearing completely.

    A dedicated appointment setting team reaches out on your behalf so you can visit and provide them with an estimate.

    Upon your confirmation and request, we will start connecting with every prospect within your desired area ZIP codes.

    Once an appointment is confirmed, we will then forward the contact information where you will need to visit before you can provide them an estimate; as a result, you’re exempted from calling prospects entirely.

    Janitorial appointment setting is all about enabling you to save more time so more focus can be redirected into actual deliverance. 

    Hospital cleaning projects offering big bucks!

    That’s right, even in this pandemic when millions have lost jobs all over the US, Janitorial Leads Pro still manages to bring you more office cleaning jobs than ever.

    Although recent times are challenging yet janitors are demanded heavily; the actual superheroes without a cape.

    As the number of infections continues to surge more hospitals are frequently hiring janitors at the same time for sanitizing the place.[su_spacer size=”5″]

    [su_highlight background=”#ffb126″ color=”#ffffff”]Here are 10 ways to convert medical cleaning leads into confirmed clients.[/su_highlight]

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    More money is attached to the hospital or office cleaning jobs.

    [su_highlight background=”#ffb126″ color=”#ffffff”]Follow and maintain these latest cleaning standards and you will certainly impress your clients.[/su_highlight]

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    Learn more about how to keep offices sanitized following the end of the lockdown period while ensuring workers’ safety.

    Are the janitorial leads ready to convert?

    Leads are contacted first to make sure they are also qualified prospects with the capacity to afford your cleaning services.

    It’s natural for being a skeptic about leads, and whether or not they will convert.

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    • Therefore, we will charge money only after an appointment is set. 
    • But it will be entirely in your hands to convert them successfully.

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      • Our task is to make sure you have the right leads, and landing janitorial contracts successfully depends on how you represent your service.
      • Read these 40 janitorial interview questionsasked by facility managers. [/su_list]

      We value your hard work, which is why you can have faith in our leads. Call us today or sign up now so that we can hook you up with clients right away.

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