13 Ways To Land More Janitorial Jobs In Your Area

Jason Hunt
November 6, 2018
Needless to say that janitorial jobs are more profitable during this Coronavirus pandemic, which is why by investing time and resources will eventually pay out more dividends. After reading this guide, you will know how several janitorial jobs will be able to find you instead.

Also, keep in mind that it takes money to make more money, so to channel in more potential janitorial leads through the funnel make sure you’re willing to invest.

Task 1 – Have a professional website in place.

The website represents a business, which is why you need to have one so that prospects can find you easily.

Web development is no longer a daunting task as you can easily use the “drag-and-drop” of either WordPress or Wix to create compelling websites.

Also, make sure you have a proper logo to represent your brand online.

Additionally, your website should have a quotation form too, where prospects can input info about themselves as well as their demands.

So you as a janitorial service provider can later contact them. Once a site is ready you can’t just leave it unattended.

Every website needs to be optimized as well as maintained at the same time to survive Google’s updates while continuing to reserve the first page on Google.

It’s easier to grow a solid base for leads as your website begins to attract more target visitors.

 Eventually, those prospects could be reached more efficiently through marketing on Facebook or email to remind them. 


Task 2 – Emphasize on improved cleaning techniques

When you promote your services, keep in mind that people are looking for that perfect cleaning that will protect them against viral infections especially during the pandemic.

Along with extensive digital marketing, you will also need to outline the services you offer that can actually alleviate the fear of infection.

People are usually looking for ways to cut down the possibilities of spreading the infection; hence, they are constantly relying on janitorial services to do it for them.

When you outline the services they seek, they will naturally turn their attention towards you and sign up without you putting in extra effort to convince them at all.

You could outline other important and related services that target their needs (like minimal touch cleaning techniques) and you will find yourself on the top of their list at all times.

Task 3 – Focus on a specific specialty

Jack of all trades master of none.

Honestly, I found it more challenging as well as time-consuming when I dealt with both residential as well as janitorial jobs single-handedly.

Eventually, I felt it was time to let go of either one of the services if I want to remain productive at work.

Fortunately, it was not possible, mainly because of the quality work my team and I delivered; moreover, every bit of text and images was SEO friendly which resulted in my website appearing on the first page of Google.

Our social media pages with outstanding reviews from clients kept improving our rapport even after we decided to wing out a residential contract completely.

With an abundance of leads piling up every day, I decided to continue working on this platform.

Right now we have a team of forty telemarketers scheduling appointments for janitors servicing all over the USA.

Task 4 – Redirecting prospects into the sales funnel

To bring in substantial potential leads into your sales funnel, the best practice would be to channel them from an authentic source.

JanitorialLeadsPro is offering industry-relevant leads containing names, designations as well as the contact information of individuals that match your ideal client type(s).

It would help if you also remembered that the majority of these owners of commercial centers have limited time to interview and then hire a janitor; as a result, a third-party cleaning service is preferable.

However, the market will remain saturated due to the large number of sellers available.

We are offering a high-end appointment scheduling service to help you connect with the ideal clients whom you are willing to assist.

Task 5 – Picking the right tool for communication

As you continue to build a list of high potential prospects, you will need to fixate on a particular medium to communicate with customers, either by cold calling, emailing, or direct mailing.

The best suggestion would be to predetermine the appropriate channel to communicate with prospects to build a diverse client list.

Apart from that, marketers are focusing on social media, too, mainly due to the increasing usage of Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn by users worldwide.

The next challenge is to create the right message for enticing customers. Keep in mind that to gain their attention, you will need to communicate well, clear, and precisely.

Task 6 – Grow with referral marketing

The moment your customer base initiates to grow, it gets remarkably more comfortable to expand the growth further with our referral or P2P program.

Funnels must be designed for driving leads into a web form for collecting data.

Offer lucrative discounts to your existing clients to encourage them into referring your service to their friends and acquaintances falling within the network.

Besides having a website, you need to utilize several platforms such as Yelp and Glassdoor, to promote your service.

These are two renowned platforms in which you can find a wide range of possible opportunities scattered across the entire US market.

Ask people or remind them repeatedly to review your service that will further contribute to local SEO ranking, thus, bringing your page on the very first page of search engines.

Task 7 – Leave an impression as you clean

As I have mentioned earlier about how badly saturated the entire cleaning industry has turned with time; therefore, you will need to add a slight amount of creativity in the process.

 Start practising as well as following these cleaning standards to ensure safety during the pandemic. 

To stand out from the competition, undoubtedly you’ll have to provide an extraordinary level of service, which includes cleaning the air in the office.

Build engagement on social networking sites that further leaves a great impression

A cleaning service can initiate the process by connecting with real estate owners as they often provide mutual support for their customers after acquiring an estate.

 If you are looking for their contact information, then click the button below. 

Task 8 – Hire telemarketing support

Trust me; once you have a steady flow of clients calling you every day, you will certainly have to outsource the appointment setting to ensure greater efficiency; as a result, you will be able to concentrate better at cleaning.

Once you have dedicated support working around the clock, you will observe a drastic rise in the number of sales you’re making every month.

Why? – I have discussed janitorial telemarketing service in detail in one of my blogs, feel free to check it out. 

Telemarketing is an effective tool to communicate with prospects and score confirmed cleaning contracts, only if you have timed your call perfectly.

The pandemic is already causing everyone to remain at home, which is why calling the facility managers on their work phone may not bring you satisfactory results (leave this to your telemarketers for pursuing decision-makers of various facilities).

People need to be aware of the dangers of coronavirus and the need for sanitizing and cleaning offices today, then chances of you landing more commercial cleaning jobs in your area will get easier.

Task 9 – Incite word-of-mouth marketing

Word of mouth incites further recognition among clients as well as prospects alike. People believe in others more than they believe in themselves.

Having a referral program at work will further encourage your existing clients to refer your service to theirs; however, the quality of service has to be consistent throughout if you want your P2P (peer-2-peer) program to be effective.

Janitorial jobs work primarily on references provided by other facility managers; therefore, maintaining a positive image is mandatory.

Make sure you are offering discount packages for whoever refers your service to someone new that can motivate the people more.

Task 10 – Send direct mails

Competition is fierce, and there are plenty of agencies covering a wide variety of marketing strategies by cold calling, email marketing, and even social media.

I must tell you that the process will be time-consuming as you will need to respond to every letter in due time. 

Now if you’re wondering how to locate those facilities looking for janitors, then feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.

Task 11- Offer promotional discounts

In line with our previous tactic, prospects and older clients will always make the best of the situation and try to avail services when they are awarded discounts.

Promotional discounts put the cherry on top of your services and can help you reel in more janitorial jobs.

Just as the aforementioned referral program, offers, and discounts are bound to be your go-to scheme to land more office cleaning projects.

You will not incur any losses in the long run with discount schemes and it will only expand your operations beyond your location.

Task 12 – Nurture your leads periodically

Now, this part of the job doesn’t necessarily have to be repetitive; however, it is a crucial part of the process, so you remain updated about your customers’ needs.

Send out emails to your prospects every week elaborating on special events that will make them feel special.

To get more janitorial jobs, It’s equally crucial to how frequently every building manager is switching their technician.

Even if you haven’t landed any contract today, at one point the facility manager might decide to reach out to you later.

Task 13 – Become a certified cleaning service to get more janitorial jobs

Certification for cleaning industries is nothing new, it has been going on for quite a while now, and if you haven’t had your cleaning business certified, this might be the right time.

Cleaning certificates like those offered by ISSA can boost the popularity of your janitorial business as it offers standardization cleaning nationwide.

To attain this certificate, a janitorial business needs to pass strict evaluation and assessment.

Before an assessment, every applicant will receive sufficient training for all its staff members, and that is something that can’t be missed.

Furthermore, upon receiving the certificate your commercial cleaning service will be listed as a certified cleaning company, which will automatically bring in new janitorial jobs or cleaning contracts in your pipeline.

 Through an appointment setting support, the lead nurturing process can be turned simpler and more professional. 


Realize that the process of entrepreneurship could be overwhelming at times and take a long time before showing results. All you have to do is remain patient and remain diligent with your efforts.

Stay with us to catch up with more effective lead hunting as well as nurturing tactics for commercial cleaning.

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