11 Dependable Janitorial Insurance Companies

Jason Hunt
October 20, 2022

Risks come with every business. These risks need to be managed to protect businesses. The best way of managing risks is insurance. Like other businesses, the janitorial business has many risks. To tackle these risks, insurance programs are targeted specifically at janitorial businesses.

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Why do Janitorial Businesses Require an Insurance?

Do you know Janitorial businesses are expanding in the USA day by day?

A recent survey says, from 2016 through 2021, the number of janitorial services firms in the U.S. increased at a pace of 5.7% annually. As the business is expanding, there are more risks associated now than ever before.

Accidents can happen at any time while operating any janitorial business.

Janitorial businesses use machinery and chemicals that could jeopardize your cleaners’ health or cause an accident.

Besides, damages can occur to the company’s transport, and even cleaners can cause damage to the client’s valuable belongings or incur financial losses.

Janitorial insurance providers can easily reimburse you for all these damages, depending on your contract or the type of janitorial insurance.

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Types of Janitorial Insurance

General Liability

General Liability is required to handle every business risk except for employees’ injuries.

This is the first insurance that a janitorial business needs.

It helps to apply for leases and contracts while defending your small business from the costly expenses of lawsuits.

General Liability Insurance Covers:

  • Third-party medical expenses
  • Lawyer’s fees
  • Judgments issued by the court
  • Negotiated settlements outside of court
  • Damage to Third-Party Property

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

This insurance policy covers the safety of the business property. It protects business equipment and property from damage or theft.

Even if the client’s property sustains damage because of your cleaners, this insurance will cover it all.

BOP covers:

  • Damaged and theft business property 
  • Lost or stolen business equipment
  • Advertising injury

Commercial Auto

This insurance protects your company’s vehicles that are used for janitorial purposes. It covers car accidents, property damages, lawsuits, and other damages.

Commercial Auto Insurance Covers:

  • Car accidents or damages
  • Medical expenses
  • Legal costs

Workers’ Compensation

Suppose your cleaners have gone to clean a client’s residence or office. Suddenly, they slip on the wet floor and sustain a broken arm. Injuries are common in the janitorial business. As a company owner, what would you do?

There is Workers’ Compensation insurance to manage this accidental situation. This insurance will help you to cover all expenses related to injuries at the workplace.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Covers:

  • Worker injury expenses 
  • Worker’s Injury Lawsuit

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial umbrella insurance can defend your business against liability claims, including defamation, reputational harm, car accidents, product liability, and consumer injury.

It can also pay for claims exceeding your liability policy’s limit. Besides this, it can also boost all your insurance coverage.

Janitorial Bonds

Janitorial bonds are not traditional insurance but security bonds that save a company from financial loss. If any money or property gets stolen, janitorial bonds will repay that loss.

Janitorial Bonds Cover:

  • Stolen money
  • Stolen property

How Much Does Janitorial Business Insurance Cost?

Different Types of Janitorial insurance charge varying costs. We will cover all types of janitorial insurance charges here.

Charges of Janitorial Insurance for Business are:

  • General Liability Insurance Cost- Per month, it charges around 45$-50$ or annually 540$-600$.
  • Business Owners Property (BOP)- Per month, it charges 43$-45$ or annually 520$ to 540$. 
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Cost- Each month charges 165$-170$ or annually 1980$-2040$.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance Cost- Per month, it charges 111$-115$ or annually 1337$-1380$.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance Cost: It charges 65$-70$ per month or annually 780$-840$. 
  • Janitorial Bond Costs: It charges 9$-10$ per month or annually 109$-120$. 

We have mentioned here the cheapest rate. The charge rate differs from company to company.

Top 10 Janitorial Insurance Providers

The-hartford Logo

The Hartford Insurance

Since 1810, Hartford Insurance has provided insurance and financing in the USA. Their motto is to practice by going above and beyond the standard insurance policy requirements to ensure that people and companies are adequately covered.
Hartford Insurance now has 10,001 employees. Their specialty is to provide property and casualty insurance. They provide insurance to more than 180+ professions, including janitorial businesses all over the USA. You will enjoy the best assurance service in the USA at a cheap rate as a client.


The Hanover Insurance Group

The Hanover Insurance Group in Worcester, Massachusetts, is the second leading insurance company. It was founded in 1852. In 2005, this company changed its name from Allmerica Financial Corporation to Hanover Insurance Group. Now it has around more than 4600 employees.

The Hanover Insurance Group’s mission is to help business owners recover from unexpected risks and support them with the proper protection to grow more.

They cover every industry to protect businesses, including janitorial businesses. Besides this, they help companies to mitigate their risks.


The third largest insurance company in the USA is Progressive Insurance. For over 80 years, they have offered the best insurance policy for all businesses.

Progressive Insurance has a group of 45000 talented employees. Now they provide their services in all 50 states in the USA.

You can get the best insurance policies for your janitorial business here. Progressive insurance covers all types of cleaning insurance policies and has options for customizing policies. They provide 24/7 services to their customers and have 27 million satisfied customers.



Insureon is an online marketplace that provides insurance to janitorial businesses. With its corporate office in Chicago, Insureon is accredited in all 50 states of the USA. Established in 2011, they now have 100-200 employees. A customer can enjoy an affordable charge for insurance.  

Insureon gives insurance quotations and live certificates to customers. It provides six types of janitorial insurance; customers can choose among them. 



Established in 2016, Next Insurance is a company that provides insurance to cleaning companies. Their focus is to enhance the insurance experience for small companies by providing them with a transparent, quick, and straightforward approach. They now have more than 300,000 clients.

As the best insurance company in the USA, Next Insurance provides live certificates, phenomenal services, a monthly payment system, and instant quotes. After all the inquiries, they provide insurance within 48 hours. Like other insurance companies, it also offers different types of insurance. Check their website to know more.


Hiscox is the oldest USA-based insurance company. Established in 1901, Hiscox provides insurance to all types of businesses, including janitorial businesses. Around 3000 employees work in this company.

Besides the USA, this company has 5,00,000 customers worldwide,

Hiscox provides every type of insurance that a janitorial business needs.

They understand every risk that a business can have. Their commitment is to protect businesses from every risk so that businesses can grow.


USA Business Insurance

USA Business Insurance company has provided insurance for more than 14 years. They have various insurance policies for different businesses.  You protect your business, employees, and yourself by choosing this company.

Janitorial businesses USA business Insurance has different insurance options such as excess liability, worker’s compensation, general liability, etc. This company is a partner with A-rated insurance companies. 99% of customers are satisfied with their service. Choose the right option for your business. 


Markel Insurance

Markel Insurance Company offers the most creative property and casualty underwriting options for ordinary and tough business risks in California, USA. By reducing the risk, they provide safety and protection to all types of businesses, including janitorial businesses.

They have a flexible insurance program that you can customize according to your needs. Now in Markel Insurance, more than 65 people work to offer you the best service.


Brunswick Companies

Brunswick Companies is the most famous company in the USA dedicated to insurance and risk management. It was founded in 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio. Around 51-200 employees work in this company.

Including janitorial business, Brunswick Companies provides insurance to 180+ businesses. The company stands out for its comprehensive approach to insurance. It provides insurance to customers with strategic advising services and claims to completely fulfill their needs.

NIP Group

NIP Group

NIP Group is one of the US’s top 100 intermediaries for specialist commercial insurance and risk management. They offer various businesses a broad range of brokerage, underwriting, and risk management services.

NIP group is well known for providing different types of insurance to cleaning and other businesses. Their goal is to protect businesses from risk and help them to grow more. Now they have more than 157 employees.



In Boston, USA, the well-known quick-thinking insurance company is Thimble. Thimble was founded in 2015, and now more than 60 employees work here. They assure 140+ professions, including janitorial business.

Thimble’s insurance for cleaning businesses assists business owners in protecting and expanding their companies. You can use your hard-earned money since it’s quick, adaptable, and inexpensive.

General liability is the most basic form of insurance provided by Thimble. You can use it to protect the financial costs of third-party physical injury, property damage, personal injury, and reputation damage.

How to Get Janitorial Business Insurance?

Applying for janitorial insurance is easy. It doesn’t need too much information. You can easily use your janitorial business information if you have all your janitorial business information. 

Here information means your janitorial business’s revenue, employee, and your need for insurance.

After preparing all this information, you can easily apply for janitorial insurance. All you have to follow are three easy steps. 

The steps for applying for insurance for janitorial business are:

  • Complete an application first. You can apply online from the insurance company’s website, or you can go to their office and complete the application physically. Some companies handle this process online. The entire process depends on the company that you choose. 
  • Compare quotes and choose a policy that fits your requirements. 
  • Pay for your insurance and get a certificate.

One can simply complete these processes.

Tips to Choose The Right Janitorial Business Insurance

Follow these tips to choose the right janitorial insurance for your business:

  • First, check how long the company has been providing janitorial insurance; you can choose that if it’s more than 5 years at least. 
  • Choose an insurance company that provides you with an insurance package that covers everything.
  • Select a company that will adjust a large portion of the cost to suit your demands and offers a few more insurance services at a cheap rate or for free.
  • Ensure you get the insurance certificate from the insurance company. 
  • Lastly, check the customer reviews.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Insurance Provider for Janitorial Business

Choosing an insurance provider for the janitorial business is quite challenging. When choosing, you must keep in mind and consider a few factors.

Things for consideration while choosing an insurance provider for janitorial business:

  • Don’t randomly choose insurance companies 
  • Fix the insurance payment at a cheap rate
  • Choose the insurance package that suits your company
  • Monthly or annually, pick the payment policy that suits you
  • Select the suitable type of insurance for your company 

Final Thought

Lastly, Janitorial business insurance is a must to protect the business. If you are looking for an insurance company, choose from these 11 janitorial insurance companies and enjoy the best service.

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