10 Best Janitorial Franchises in 2022

Jason Hunt
January 27, 2022

[su_note note_color=”#f8ff17″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]The janitorial industry is particularly competitive when it comes to startups. While the difficulties of starting a new janitorial business could pose threats, but acquiring a janitorial franchise can be an excellent way to initiate. You get yourself a head start at minimal risks and could be equally profitable. Once you’ve made up your mind, which janitorial franchise do you pick? [/su_note]

Read along to uncover the best janitorial franchise opportunities in 2022, compiled with accurate market research.

The Top Commercial Cleaning (Janitorial) Franchises of 2022

1. 360clean (JaniMed)

360clean created the JaniMed cleaning system to ensure spaces are genuinely clean, not simply clean-looking. It employs healthcare sanitizers, HEPA vacuums, microfiber swabs on frequently-touched areas. It also uses Green Seal-approved items, implying its anti-bacterial approach over environmental concerns. Then again, microorganisms are invisible.


This same network, founded in 2005 and franchising since 2008 with both master and unit franchises, has grown from 24 sites in 2010 to 86 locations today; all are franchised locations inside the United States.

2. CleanNet USA

CleanNet USA provides janitorial services along with building and grounds maintenance. In addition to regular cleaning, the business offers a Cleaning Environmental Service that is eco-friendly and employs Green Seal materials for LEED certification. The firm was founded in 1988 and had been franchising since then.


The number of sites has declined in recent years from the peak of 5,274 in 2011 to a current total of 1,746 locations, none of which are company-owned and 48 of which are situated outside the United States.


JAN-PRO offers a variety of commercial cleaning and janitorial services, including its EnviroShield commercial disinfection solution, which is comparable to what clinics use. Its backpack vacuum cleaners meet or surpass HEPA filtration requirements. The franchise caters to small industrial firms with less than 50,000 square feet of space. Incline Investment Associates just bought it from Webster Investment, the former owner. Professionals use the color scheme microfiber wipes for contagion. JAN-PRO, established in 1991 in the USA and franchised since 1992, provides both master and single-unit franchising options.


The number of sites has progressively increased from 7,084 in 2011 to the present total of 10,388. None of those is operated by the firm, and 1,860 of these are situated outside the United States.

4. ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean has spent a lot of time and work creating its cleaning standards based on CDC, HEPA, and other federal agencies’ guidelines for health services. Franchisees can apply for in-house financing through ServiceMaster Clean Acceptance Company, a component of the franchisee. Franchisees can apply for in-house financing through ServiceMaster Clean Acceptance Company, a component of the franchisee. Just unit franchises, not parent franchises, are available for purchase.


Established in 1929 in the USA, the number of sites has been stable for several years and now counts at 4,937, with nine business locations and 1,815 outside the United States.

5. Coverall

Coverall is a hygiene and health-based janitorial and cleaning franchise that gained a lot of medical institution contracts and all types of other corporate customers because of its focus on establishing germ-free, hygienic workplaces. Formed in 1985 and franchising ever since the number of sites in recent years is 8,278, none are the organization’s owned, and 1,480 of them are situated outside of the United States.


Unlike the majority of the firms, it solely provides unit franchises. It promises to adopt environmentally safe methods.

6. Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems Vanguard Cleaning Systems sets itself apart from the competitors in the market:

  • For every client, a separate account consultant
  • Notified and driven to surpass standards
  • Excellent cleaning technology
  • Broad and specialized capabilities
  • Rigorous regulation units and master franchises are available from the firm

Established in 1984 and expanding since then, the number of sites has progressively increased from 1,519 in 2009 to 3,118 in recent years. None of them are company-owned now, and 296 are outside the United States.

7. Anago Cleaning Systems

Anago Cleaning Systems offers a comprehensive training program, cutting-edge technology, and environmentally friendly products to a range of commercial enterprises and benefits. The company reinforces its Complete Warrantee with two hour visit day following any cleanup service to settle any unresolved concerns. The main office was relocated to Florida. Including its HEPA filter compressors and recyclable micro fibre towels, the company’s Green Cleaning Initiative is continually on the hunt for innovative and healthier cleaning agents.


The firm, established in 1989 and has been franchising since 1991, provides both master and single-unit franchises. In recent times, there are 1,711 sites, none are company-owned, and 72 are located outside of the United States.

8. Buildingstars International

Buildingstars International differs from other firms as it only focuses on cleaning all commercial establishments. Instead, it concentrates only on business premises to decrease the variance that cleaners and janitors must deal with. Established in 1998, the number of sites has progressively increased to 906; only seven are company-owned, and the rest of them are situated in the United States. In addition, the corporation provides a mechanism for franchisees to set into the market. The Technicians Franchisee allows a partner to start cleaning service with flexible time while keeping their current job.


Once they’re eligible, they can become a full-time Centralized Manager with their cleaning staff.

After gaining sufficient expertise, students can progress to the Business program, which focuses on more extensive facilities and clients.

9. Stratus Building Solutions

Stratus Building Solutions’ trademark Stratus Green Clean, a sustainable and environment-friendly service using their products of bio-based, non-toxic, and Green Seal Certified LEED Stratus Green Clean chemicals free of Toxicants, naturally occurring substances, and colognes, is available to all forms of commercial companies. The firm, founded in 2004, has been franchising since 2006 and provides dual master and unit franchises.


The overall number of sites has increased in recent years, about 2,030 locations none are company-owned and 109 of which are situated outside of the United States.

10. Mint Condition

Green Seal-certified cleaning chemicals are used in its business cleaning services, marketed as staying clean for a healthy life. Mint Condition provides both unit and master franchise opportunities. The firm was founded in 1996 in the USA. It provides both unit and master franchises. The number of sites has progressively increased in recent years, and now 409 locations are available. None of them are company-owned.


Technicians undergo comprehensive training courses, teaching processes, practical learning experiences, and onsite experience.

So the above mentioned were the top 10 Janitorial franchise options to look for in 2022; however, it will be wrong if we miss these following cleaners operating equally well. Perhaps, in the following years, we can see them topping the chart –

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services provides janitorial and floor care facilities that surpass their cleaning standards.

Green Seal-approved cleaning solutions, elevated appliances, and recyclable micro-fiber wipes and cleaning products are among the company’s environmentally friendly commitments. Because it does not seem to be a franchise business option, this is a unit franchise chance.


Hoodz has a stronger emphasis on technical aspects than many other competitors.

  • Cleaning, regulations, and fire protection solutions for restaurants, organizations, and other foodservice businesses, are among its specialties.

System4 Facility Services Management

Began as a traditional commercial cleaning company; it rebranded as a full-service facility management firm.

City Wide Maintenance

Health-conscious corporate janitorial or commercial cleaning company providing numerous facility maintenance services inside and outside structures. Because master franchises are not stated, this looks to be a unit franchise opportunity.

Image One Facility Solutions

Image One Facility Solutions provides commercial clients with ~ [su_list icon=”icon: angle-double-right” icon_color=”#f35909″ indent=”-6″][su_list icon=”” icon_color=”#333333″ indent=”-2″ class=””]

  • Industrial cleaning
  • Carpet steam
  • Janitorial
  • Asphalt or concrete floor
  • Post-construction
  • Ecological cleaning
  • windows wiping
  • Move-out/move-in

Its patented IntelliClean technology pays close attention to details by basing on how many shares the company franchisee wants to manage. These companies are currently offering segmented unit franchises for buyers.

Critical Thoughts on Janitorial Franchises

The franchises on this list were ranked according to the number of increasing units in the franchise system in recent years. They are ranked after thorough research on client reviews and their current market value and popularity.

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