Sign More Janitorial Contracts Through These Social Platforms

Jason Hunt
August 9, 2019
When it comes to finding janitorial contracts, the internet can be a dependable source. But getting clients through social platforms is often a complex mix; as a result, those are mostly ignored while searching for janitorial contracts.

You have probably even asked yourself how to get profitable cleaning contracts online, right?

The subject is tricky but could help you land more projects without paying for any janitorial leads online.

The tips mentioned below will greatly assist you in this cleaning job industry, so continue reading.

We bring cleaning contracts for janitors all throughout the year!

Get Janitorial Contracts Online:

The internet has its own rules. Social media has garnered its own identity.

It has grown into something of an advertising platform for many businesses, and this is a trend that commercial cleaning companies should also get into.

Here are a few innovative ways that you can use social media to get cleaning leads and subsequent contracts on the internet.

Many of these contracts might end up as repeat customers which is what cleaning businesses look forward to most.

This is precisely why you should try them.

Create Videos For Engagement:

Social media is moving away from images to videos.

The conversion rate of videos is fastest and more effective than both your words and your images.

Whether you are starting out with social media marketing or you are in the business of bringing your commercial cleaning platform in front of an online audience; videos are a way to triple your efforts because people are getting increasingly lazy at reading.

  • The average person finds it easier to look at an image or to watch a video than to read.
  • Videos also have a way of connecting with your prospects that makes them stay longer in their memories.
  • Viewers can visualize what they have watched; most importantly, people rarely have enough time to read through educational guides.
  • This makes it more likely that somebody watching a video would follow through with your call to action.
 If you are looking to get janitorial contracts on the internet, inserting videos in your strategy will help your conversion rate. 

Pay Closer Attention To The About Us Page:

When a prospect visits your website, one of the first pages that they are likely to click is your “About Us” Page.

This page confirms to your prospect how legitimate you are.

If your “About Us” page is not well structured, then you should do something about it right now.

Provide as much information as will enable your prospect to make their decision on signing their janitorial contracts with you.

In other words, go for the whole page, which will comprise your histories, and your business’s mission and vision.


Integrate Limited Time Offers In Your Ads:

When you are advertising through social media, igniting a sense of urgency in your readers or your viewers by telling them that certain sales offers will last for only a short while.

When your Ad rings true with them, offers a solution that they need, and has a timeframe, they are likely to contact you within the stipulated time.

A prospect who intends to visit multiple sites before deciding where to pitch his tent is more likely to choose your company if you promise to deliver value to your audience.

Social Media Trends for Janitorial Contracts:

The first step to utilizing any of the tips that we have discussed is to sign up on the platforms themselves.

Some of the social media platforms that are trendy for increasing your janitorial contracts include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

But, how exactly do you position your cleaning service to get leads and eventually get people to sign contracts?

Leveraging Facebook For Janitorial Leads Or Contracts:

Facebook, like all the other social networks, offers brilliant tools to help you land your next contracts and they operate in an endless funneling manner.

To utilize Facebook for driving your janitorial contracts, you ought to try all the tools in place such as Facebook Live.

Begin by setting up a page for your business.

Constantly post relevant content on your page that allows interested people to connect with you, learn about cleanliness, and learn precisely how you can solve their problems or help them meet their cleaning goals.

To keep your page active and your audience engaged, you have to post videos and perform live sessions regularly.

Facebook Live has a way of giving life to your content and causing your audience to engage deeply with your content.

It also provides a face to your Facebook brand and a unique touch that drives the contracts to your business.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Account:

LinkedIn has gotten not only the crowd but also the design that makes it fit for professional networking.

  • Like all other businesses, janitorial businesses can optimize their LinkedIn accounts to get contracts.
  • However, while you post your content, you should interact with other people’s content on the platform too.
  • Publishing content on LinkedIn converts faster than any other platform, and such content is streamlined immediately to a professional audience.

Leverage Instagram Stories:

Instagram is a cheap way to market your business and get huge leads.

What you should do with your Instagram page includes commenting on posts that you find relevant, constantly updating your posts, posting videos and pictures, replying to comments on your posts, and perhaps the biggest of all, Insta stories.

  • Insta stories are a juicy method to market your service because comments on every Insta story is delivered directly into your inbox.
  • When you comment on people’s Insta stories also, they receive the comments in their inbox, and this builds a rapport in which you can go on to sell your business to them.
  • Along with Insta stories, the ways that you use this platform can make a huge difference.
Instagram is already programmed in a way that it aids business marketing; hence, advertising your commercial cleaning business on Instagram is a surefire way to get more janitorial contracts.

This video will teach you the basics of creating and sharing videos using Instagram Stories.

Provide them with relevant content regularly. Make your bio catchy but explanatory, and you are on your way to online leads via Instagram.


The truth is that if you are not utilizing social media yet, you are missing out on lots of potential customers.

Prospects are already searching for various services online and signing up on any of these platforms strategically positions your business to be noticed.

You immediately gain a wider reach, and you also make it easier for your business to pop up in the search and feeds. This will translate into conversions and ultimately to the janitorial contracts that you seek. More than you know, the internet can give you a huge number of such contracts at a time.

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