Important Janitorial Cleaning Standards For This Pandemic

Jason Hunt
July 17, 2020
The cleaning industry is packed with contenders from all levels; hence, it’s up to you to prove yourself in this field if you want to excel. There are quite a few traits that separate the best from the rest but there are some things you will need to know about the pros. Due to the current pandemic, some additional janitorial cleaning standards must be maintained at all times.

Any professional office cleaner is always a step ahead of their competitors.

Follow these standards, and you too will be able to join the club. 

Cleaning standards explained: 

Good cleaning standards will make your janitorial cleaning service stand up to the mark.

The standard dictates the reputation of your cleaning company as it also elevates your brand.

Standardization has become so popular that there are certificates that show your standard; as a result, a cleaning standard certificate will prove that your cleaning service is 100% compliant.

 One famously known standardization cleaning certificate is known as the CIMS certificate, which measures the worth as well as the overall value of any commercial cleaning company. 

What does it mean for the company? 

Keeping up with the janitorial cleaning standard to suppress the growth of the CoVID-19 virus could bring you, permanent customers.

Having repeat clients is one of the signs of a healthy and successful company.
  • Firstly, it gives your cleaning company the proper recognition it deserves, also putting your name on the list for all clients to see.
  • Secondly, standardization will allow all your staff to get trained more effectively, this, in turn, will boost the quality of your commercial cleaning service.

It will also attract clients who are also seeking the same cleaning standards your service is offering during this pandemic.

Among the noted benefits, your company will be on its way to maximizing its profits because of its more efficient work procedures. 

Specifying the janitorial cleaning standards today:

Professionals must maintain their activities with precision as well as impeccability for generating a sense of reliability.

  • Any professionals regardless of their industry, often follow a set of specific practices to ensure their standards are always met.
  • Their work ethics and practices make them stand out, making it very obvious for prospects to choose them.

We have interviewed over 50 different janitors over Zoom to learn more about the janitorial cleaning standards they have been maintaining while cleaning offices in this coronavirus pandemic.  

Time Management: 

The professional maintains his standards with the use of proper time management.

Time will leave an observable impact on your work procedures if you take a long time while cleaning the entire office.

Moreover, it will dictate the flow of your work while keeping your clients satisfied by making them feel that you are equally concerned about the lethality of the CoVID-19 virus.

Whether it is arriving at the location or completing the task, you will need to maintain a smooth flow of managing your time to make the best of your day.

Time management allows you to focus on important aspects of every job without running late.
 It is also vital to know that getting the work done too fast by rushing just to save time is considered a bad practice, especially at this time when the infection rate is spiking every day! 
Trained Staff: 

A pro janitor must lead a team of trained staff because commercial cleaning is teamwork completely.

  • Training your staff is as important as getting yourself a good client because trained staff may help you get new clients while untrained staff may make you lose many!
  • Trained staff members will also know how to carry out orders and engage in efficient cleaning practices while keeping up with the schedule.
  • Training could be conducted as per the requirements of any client or from registered institutions.

Furthermore, they will provide certification upon completing their course materials and turning your team into a professional commercial cleaning service as a whole.  

Precision-based Cleaning: 

Cleaning isn’t just about throwing water on a dirty surface and scrubbing as hard as you can.

Precision cleaning could turn you into a favorite pick for clients in your area.

  • Your staff will need to know how to approach every cleaning job by following the right procedure all the time.
  • Adding the quality of precision cleaning might attract a lot of attention from the crowd if you can go Live on Facebook while at work. 

Procedures designed for that certain cleaning job require a specific approach, e.g., if it is a medical office cleaning then thorough sanitization is a must.

Extra Attention to Details:
Water taps are frequently touched spots inside any office washroom, so spend some extra time sanitizing the whole place.

The professional way is always about that extra effort, which is the added effort that will please your client.

It is vital to know that certain cleaning jobs require extra attention even if it is a simple cleaning job.

A professional will always do the best to deliver the best output, and office cleaning as a whole requires undivided attention if you wish to get hired in the future.

If you’re to be a professional janitorial service you’re going to need to give it your best shot for maintaining certain precautionary measures against the Coronavirus manifestation. 

Courtesy and Client Relationships: 

A professional must know how to handle and communicate with the clients besides cleaning.

Maintaining client relationships is as vital as getting the job done as it's up to the client to decide if you’d be hired the next time or not.

  • Being courteous and building a rapport can land you long term janitorial contracts.
  • It is fairly easier marketing since your client can spread the word for your commercial cleaning services. 
  • Nobody would want to lose their clients over misbehavior or a bad code of conduct. 
  • Just make sure that you're following all the latest janitorial cleaning standards by WHO.
Commitment to Work: 
Healthy client relationships leave the doors open for more fruitful projects.

Professionals have the sheer will of commitment when it comes to completing any janitorial jobs as it dictates your willingness to get the work done on time.

You must deliver exactly what you’ve promised your clients, no matter how easy or difficult any given situation is.

Being a committed cleaner will always ensure the highest level of client satisfaction as it will always show in your work.

Completing the work with sheer will and expertise shows commitment; moreover, your work will show your clients that this is your passion.

This is exactly what the professional cleaner makes sure to deliver.

Equipment on the Go: 

The biggest factor for janitorial cleaning standards is possessing the right array of equipment for thorough or deep cleaning.

  • Equipment is vital when it comes to cleaning big office spaces or hospitals.
  • Equipment speaks for itself as well as the professionalism of your cleaning organization.
  • Along with having the best and latest equipment, it is equally important that your team knows how to use them. 

It makes your clients view you as professionals since. It shows that you’ve invested the right amount on getting the right equipment for the job.

Ensuring Safe Work Procedures:

Professionals always make sure to maintain a safe work environment.

Standardized work procedures need to be safe for all the stakeholders involved; cleaning with certain chemicals can become hazardous for clients too.

It is best for all stakeholders to work carefully using chemicals or cleaning agents while covering their hands.

In recent times, cleaning procedures are certified with a green certificate, which certifies your procedures are environmentally friendly.

Ensuring a safe working environment for your staff is also what a leader would do.

Furthermore, it falls under the OSHA regulation which certifies a cleaning service is safe for people. 

Going the Extra Miles: 

The best and the most well-known trick a professional has in his arsenal is going the extra mile while following and implementing the janitorial cleaning standards.

  • It means that you are willing to do that extra bit of cleaning which was not included in the quote.
  • It could be anything from changing bathroom towels to replacing the toilet paper or even leaving hand sanitizers.
When you will work extra diligently for your clients, the results will become visible in the quality of work.

Working while remaining motivated with the underlying desire to help every client will manifest a stronger and more genuine relationship. 


The professional janitorial cleaning standard is the best way to get your cleaning service to newer heights. Sometimes certification is needed for standardization if you want to compete with the professionals. Although comparatively easy yet a certain set of practices must be maintained at all costs to flatten the curve.

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