Steps To Qualify Janitorial Cleaning Leads At Minimal Costs

Jason Hunt
June 2, 2019

You can get your leads in several ways. If you are occupying all your business roles, then you will need to stop and pay attention to read this article. You are the director, appointment setter, telemarketer, social media manager and graphics designer. In that case, it will help more if you make time to qualify your janitorial cleaning leads first and then market your services to ensure more sales.

Though finding leads by multitasking is challenging, but the following techniques can be used for qualifying janitorial cleaning leads.


Professional lead hunters help by channeling the right clients to the sales funnel.

One can not be a starter as well as in rush to get your prospective clients.

Seek professional help while searching for the right clients.

You also need to understand that not all janitorial lead qualifying teams are professional.

It would help by carrying out background research on a team before hiring.

The reason for employing the company is to save time and get started with sales.

Firstly, research for a reputable lead provider company and then hire them to provide the right clients.


When you have hired your team, list the kind of clients you want to sell to, and explain to the hired company the sort of clients you’d want to attract.

The types of clients you pick are those you understand well, in terms of their buying behavior and other traits.

You understand the customers’ pain points, including solutions appropriate for their cause.

Empathize their cleaning needs and you will be ready with a solution to their problems.


You might not need a hundred leads, but you need to work with them to qualify Janitorial cleaning leads, each of them to raise sales.

It is not unfortunate that you won’t be able to use all those Leads on your list; hence, it is advised that the greater the number of leads, the better chances of you to close them.


It might be difficult keeping up with every prospect, so for a better and easier reach, it is essential to organize the lists for easy access.

Having a list helps you to measure the next action to take.

When you do follow up, endeavor to note down the conversation and pick up from the exact point of conversation you had left.


Advertisements bring your services to the public.

Make videos or pictures of how you clean and publicize it; as a result, everyone gets to know what you are meant to do.

Regularly advertise and get the right client to your side. There are mediums you can promote with, so don’t limit yourself to just one.

  • Utilize Facebook, Twitter, and even WhatsApp status to create awareness.

Make sure you are making a move to getting your janitorial services to a broad reach.


Your regular online posts will allow people to see what you do.

If you are a busy individual to be involved online, employ an online manager who will be available to respond to live chats.

You cannot predict when a prospective client will message you.

To not lose any client to a competitor, be available to respond to chats or employ a communications expert with adequate knowledge of cleaning.

Must be able to explain how the process is going to be beneficial to the prospect.

To get qualified leads for your janitorial cleaning service, you can either follow the above techniques or pick up your phone right now and give us a call.

Every point stated above will surely bring in verified office cleaning leads to your Janitorial cleaning service.

The Three Ps are as follows-

  • PERSONA: Identifying the right client for your cleaning service reduces cost and saves time. You won’t have to beat around the bush to get the clients once you locate the right customers.
  • PROBLEMS: The second step is the problem experienced by customers. An issue must have directed your clients to you. Having met your clients, identify their problems, and be available to solve their problems as fast as possible. Do not think every Lead’s challenge is dealing with a dirty space. They might have an excellent cleaning service but are not satisfied with their customer service. Please pay attention to their problems and solve every discussed problem. Understand their concerns and be sure you can handle it before signing the contracts.
  • PRICE: The final step to take to qualify janitorial cleaning leads. Be transparent with your prices and not undersell yourself. It will help if you only name the amount equal to your services.

The above Ps are the few but challenging steps to qualify cleaning leads.


Follow the steps accordingly, get more cleaning contracts, and make more money.

Managers mostly work online and are likely to search for janitorial services.

When you do your adverts online; it is advisable that you direct most of your posts to their reach.

Working with the right personas will expose you to more industries and also help you to become an expert in your janitorial cleaning leads generation service.


The primary purpose of starting a business is to make profits. Every business aims at making big sales year after year.

The cleaning business is highly competitive as people are busy, and they need cleaners to clean up their mess after them. In a society where maids do cleaning jobs or domestic cleaners clean the offices or event halls or churches, you as a janitor need to work hard and smartly to get your clients.

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