7 Tips To Land More Janitorial Cleaning Contracts Using the Power of the Web

Jason Hunt
August 14, 2018

If you’re confused about how to land ‘more janitorial cleaning contracts online,’ then you’re probably acquainted with the conventional means of getting more janitorial contracts; especially through Facebook, LinkedIn, and implementing SEO techniques.

Win more janitorial contracts by remaining more visible as well as easily accessible.
These social media trends of 2020 can be a useful source to help you land more janitorial cleaning contracts online.
The tips here are primarily ignored utilities of the internet that only a handful of cleaning service providers are aware of.

Having a correct mix of these strategies will help your business attract maximum leads to your funnel.

A kind of final answer to your ever-relevant query that is,

How to find janitorial cleaning contracts on the Internet?

Let’s find out in detail.

  • Restructure the ‘About Us’ Section on Your Website:

It may seem insignificant, but an ‘about us’ page of your company’s website plays a significant role that shows the legitimacy of your cleaning service.

A comprehensive and well-structured page of this nature will guide more prospects through the sales funnel automatically.

Consider it this way, who has a better chance of being invited to your house?

A person you have met just now and don’t know anything about, or a person that, although you have met just now but have had a chance of talking to about their background as well as mission and principles?


Although the subject of the video wouldn’t be marketing you directly in hindsight, it would help your business by directing traffic to your website; a website that offers commercial cleaning services.

Such content, thus, targets an even wider audience compared to what text-based content will achieve.

This makes the audience for the video content a separate segment in its own right, and you must not ignore it.

Search engines, on the other hand, will be suggesting your platform to anyone located in your area that might be seeking janitors.

  • Video Over Text Content:

Images speak louder than words, sure, but videos talk the loudest.

This is so because reading doesn’t come easy for many.

It takes longer for a reader to visualize an image in comparison to a person watching a video, which is that very image.

User-friendliness is reshaping many industries, and you, as a commercial cleaning business should follow suit.

This can be done by producing video content relevant to your offered services using easy-to-use software.

Some videos, for instance, or perhaps a short documentary about how you go about on a regular Sunday morning for a cleaning job when you get one.

Even better, it would be content that isn’t about you only but focusing on other relatable topics surrounding the cleaning industry.

An optimized ‘about us’ page significantly increases your chances of getting business out of visits to the website.

To optimize the page, have a clearly defined value statement in its headline and a section of text.

Besides, you can include interesting pictures of your business and its process; perhaps, pictures of you cleaning on the first day of your commercial cleaning job.

An elaborate About Us segment generates a sense of trust among prospects.

It is also advisable to break the text on the page into smaller sections and paragraphs as it adds to the readability factor.

  • Promote Limited Time Offers For Availing Interesting Benefits In Janitorial Cleaning Contracts:

‘Limited time offers’ creates a sense of urgency in clients that further motivates them for taking action.

Limited time offers influence prospects to make faster buying decisions

A person visiting your website may be planning on having a look at multiple sites and conducting further due diligence against other alternatives in the market before finalizing a purchase.

This will take time, and the more time they take, or the more options they look at, the further they are likely to move away.

A limited-time offer with a reasonable discount on your services or something of a similar nature would prompt these visitors to grab the chance and lock the deal.

  • Participate in Janitorial Forums to Network:

All things said about Quora stand true for industry forums as well, with one significant difference though.

  • Industry forums are dedicated to one particular industry and conduct only focused discussions.
  • Platforms dedicated solely to the industry of commercial cleaning business can allow you to give a boost to your brand as the expert in the industry.
  • Having a presence and active participation there will definitely get you better janitorial business opportunities.

This way, its user base mostly comprises of people genuinely interested in the subject; thus, having participation there have more chances of generating business per view on your effort.

  • Sign up as an essential business service:

As the pandemic ensues, there is an increasing demand for cleaners at offices to ensure safety for their employees before resuming their operation next year.

Check for these ten coronavirus cleaning methods if you wish to impress the facility manager or HR.

Once you become a certified essential cleaning or janitorial business, companies will be more willing to hire you.

Cleaning today requires janitors to use certain chemicals for sanitizing workplaces where employees are in close proximity to each other.

  • LinkedIn Publishing Platform:

With 460 million users, LinkedIn is a powerhouse as far as professional networking is concerned.

 So, it should come as no surprise that LinkedIn’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate even surpasses that of Twitter and Facebook. 

This is primarily because of two reasons, its professional user base, and still a largely unsaturated platform in comparison to Facebook and other social networks.

Thus, having published content with compelling industry-relevant and updated information, genuine reviews of clients, insights together will work by building your brand, which becomes an asset too.

  • Leverage Your Customer Reviews:

Encourage your clients to leave reviews either on Facebook or Google My Business page for initiating your brand-building phase.
  • The email addresses, for example, can be used to market your latest services or present offers to your existing customers.
  • Information such as age groups and employee strengths, on the other hand, can help you run targeted advertising campaigns online.
  • If you are operating in the industry for some time now, you must have built a useful customer database for routine follow-up.

This information may range from phone numbers to the number of employees working in companies, as this is a gold mine and must be put to work.

This is a big help when faced with a limited marketing budget but want fast results.

To summarize everything:

Prospects will find you more reliable if they can find you via relevant search results on the first page of Google.

Landing more janitorial cleaning contracts online takes time since the whole process involves generating a sense of authenticity, at least during the initial phase of the journey.

  • Share those links on social media for greater exposure.
  • Once an interactive website is in place, you need to continue publishing content (either video, image, or text).
  • Run quizzes or exciting polls on your FB page and request an email address or a phone number (not mandatory) as a prerequisite for participation.

Digital marketing is a combination of practices and you need to implement each of them to gain traction.

Even if you don't have a massive customer database, there are infinite ways of building databases.

  • Lead generation through the internet is a science in itself, but not any rocket science. A few simple, smart practices can go a long way.

Use these tips with a mix of more traditional requirements such as building a quality website, search engine optimization, social media presence, and others to get the best results. These strategies must evolve, along with the changes that are showing up.

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