Enroll in These Janitorial Classes: Become a Certified Janitor

Jason Hunt
December 19, 2022

Cleaning helps to stop pest infestations; moreover, cleaning helps companies stay compliant with food safety laws and regulations. But proceeding to commercial cleaning, training, and learning proper safety matters is vital. But do you know the vital elements of Janitorial classes? The courses will train technicians on the way to becoming expert commercial cleaners. The following program is non-credit courses of practicum.

The training is based on safety measures for cleaners, the usage of tools and equipment, chemicals, supplies, and the proper application of different cleaning methods.

Training Session

Let’s discuss the different types of janitorial classes, their objectives, including the benefits of enrolling in janitorial classes.

Purpose of Janitorial Classes

Learning is not achieved by chance; it must be sought with passion and followed with persistence. So the ultimate purpose of learning is significant no matter what is learned.

The ultimate purpose of Janitorial classes is to teach every participant the skills and working measures regarding cleaning anytime, anywhere.

Different Types Of Janitorial Courses And Certifications

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Certification is not just a segment of regular paper; it reflects one’s responsibility for career growth. We will guide you to achieve your certifications. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Master Courses And Certification

It consists of over 200+ questions and 100+ written essay questions, combined with verbal examinations, which is usually between 4-5 hours; furthermore, the average course analysis time is 20 hours. The candidate must pass all the courses before they can sit for the master certification program.

Janitorial Custodian Certification

It introduces the role of janitorial expertise in today’s aptitudes and demand for knowledge of cleaning—an excellent course for beginner-level custodians and thorough training for seasoned janitorial personnel.

Janitorial Custodian Certification requires an average test time of 60 minutes, and the study time is around 10 hours.

Medical Cleaning Certification

It provides training on cleaning hospitals and clinics, including doctor’s offices, dentist’s chambers, other medical staff’s offices, and hospital buildings.

Some other medical sectors require cleaning: diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical manufacturers’ headquarters, and research labs.
The reasonable course time is around 40 hours to get medical cleaning certification, and the company provides all the necessary course materials.

Mold Assessment Certification

It provides the participant the training on identifying and taking action on potential mold infestation in commercial facilities or offices.

The following courses will teach you to deal with toxic molds and fungi.

The total course time is 40 hours, and the average test duration is 2 hours.

Carpet Cleaning Certification

This carpet cleaning certification enables you to be confident enough to handle carpet cleaning, whether challenging or not. The training focuses on carpet cleaning by following green cleaning techniques.

You will learn to remove stubborn stains and prevent further stains in the carpet while taking all the relevant measures to clean carpets and rugs. The average course time is 5-10 hours, and the test duration is 2 hours.

Chemical Hazards Certification

This category of custodian certification provides in-depth knowledge about dealing with the toxic effects of materials whenever cleaning the required site.

The average test certification time is 1 hour, and the course study time is 2-4 hours.

Benefits Of Cleaning Team Completing Janitorial Class

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Proper training is the key to ensuring a productive workforce by accomplishing the job; however, taking classes on janitorial measures for enhancing productivity while improving the skill sets to deal with commercial cleaning.

Janitorial Leads Pro is constantly working on the quality of appointments. Additionally, we have come up with the benefits of enrolling in the janitorial courses.

Regularizing Processes For Better Cleaning Outcome

The janitorial practicum allows candidates to master the industry’s best cleaning methods.

Employees who can complete these courses will be able to complete their tasks much faster and deliver impeccable cleaning than any other non-certified cleaners.

Implementing proper cleaning techniques will help by overcoming mistakes while providing better results whenever cleaning any facility.
Moreover, a clean facility will greatly enhance the company’s productivity by ensuring a healthy working environment.

Boosting Employee Productivity

Janitorial classes help every cleaner to become educated on the latest cleaning supplies and the usage of modern equipment. Learning Standards on the cleaning process and understanding enables one employee to be more precise with their work.

Training on janitorial cleaning will reduce the hassle of reworking as it emits errors and barriers. When the cleaners are more productive, the companies can cut labor costs while maintaining the quality up to the mark.

Reducing Turnover Of Employees

Emitting turnover can keep costs low without compromising quality. According to BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International), cleaning organizations face an average turnover of 200%.

In some cases, employees don’t leave just because the pay is low; the main reasons are due to lack of confidence and not getting value.
Arranging janitorial classes can increase the spirit of your cleaners and boost their productivity. When the employees are satisfied, the turnover rate automatically drops.

Improving Client Satisfaction

Maintaining clean facilities is the key to client satisfaction. It’s mandatory that your client is happy with the quality of service you are providing, and client satisfaction keeps the relationship between you and the client extended.

A trained janitor’s outcome will reflect in their work. If the janitors are professional enough, the clients will remain satisfied. And the clients’ satisfaction is always the prerequisite of business growth.

What Is Janitorial Service?

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Janitorial service refers to the execution of cleaning assistance for offices, dental chambers, schools, churches, etc. This following service ensures the business space’s cleanliness, which means it will ensure your business space is fully furnished accompanied by clean washrooms.

But before the cleaners fully involve themselves in the service, they must undergo janitorial classes and become certified.


What is the meaning of the word janitorial?

The word janitorial involves cleaning, repairing, and maintenance work. The word janitorial came from the janitor.

What janitors make the most money?

Some highly-paid commercial janitorial jobs are dishwashers, floor care technicians, and painters.

What comes under janitorial services?

Janitorial services are commercial cleaning that bears miscellaneous tasks in proficient corporate surroundings. This includes financial organizations, medical buildings, factory offices, industries, etc.

Can janitors make six figures?

The average income of a janitor is around $30,000-35,0000 per year, but they can increase it up to $2,00,000-2,75,000 by working overtime. So, yes, they can make it to six figures by overtime.

Final Thoughts

With proper training, your janitorial team can achieve perfection while satisfying any client. Practical classes on janitorial service can make your cleaning team understand the right measure for cleaning.

So are you interested in getting your cleaning crew trained? It will assist the cleaning team to understand the usage of relevant tools and chemicals. It will ensure your client is satisfied with the cleanliness of their facility. Sign up for our appointment-setting program designed exclusively for bringing in jobs for janitors so you’re never out of work again.

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