Janitorial Business Tips- Strategies that Guarantee Solid Results

Jason Hunt
March 30, 2018

[su_note note_color=”#f8ff17″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]The cleaning business is heavily saturated so you must start implementing the right janitorial business tips to ensure sustainability. Limited resources will lead to greater scrutiny, at least regarding every investment decision you will be making. The need for a clean working environment is a must, which is why your cleaning service must maintain a website so that prospects can find you easily.[/su_note]

Invest time on your website and integrate a contact form page where office managers can sign up; as a result, it will be easier for you to reach out later.

[su_highlight background=”#ffffff”]Please note that your Facebook page must be connected to your site if you’re planning to leverage social media simultaneously.[/su_highlight]

Remember, the web address must have the same name as your business (exact match domain or EMD) with a “.com” domain name only.

In addition to having an online presence, your janitorial business must possess the following qualities to become successful.

Be extra careful while cleaning spaces:

Preserve and protect your client’s property while cleaning

Refrain from rushing during work at all times and avoid causing any damage to your client’s property.

Take time into your cleaning, which is commonly advised to every janitorial business subscribed to our appointment setting program.

One negative feedback on your social media pages can leave permanent damage to your reputation.

In case, if you do end up causing accidental damage then let them know and offer to compensate for your income.

  • Find out in detail regarding the trends in social media for running any janitorial business.

Compensate your janitors well:

People work for money, and so must be compensated accordingly.

At the end of the day, your cleaners will be cleaning a space, so you must pay them well to ensure the best output.

However, always make sure you have clearly stated the details of every janitor currently working under your wage.

Your clients must know who they’re going to let inside their premises beforehand, as building trust with customers is the first step to building a successful janitorial business.

Well-paid employees will treat your customers well, which eventually leads to a greater closing rate.

[su_highlight background=”#ffffff”]Here is a detailed guide on how to instill meaningful conversations with prospects to understand their needs better. [/su_highlight]

You could also incentivize your janitors to boost their performance.

The ongoing pandemic has created panic among workers and paying them well can motivate them to work harder.

Invest in both offline and online marketing:

In case you have ready cash for investment, invest in both offline and online advertising.

Our appointment setting program for janitors seeking jobs in their respective area(s).

Online/digital marketing can be an effective way of gaining exposure if you have a limited budget.

Offline marketing, on the other hand, will help you manifest a deeper understanding of office managers hiring janitors.

Let us know and we will gladly set more appointments for you.

Distributing flyers in your neighborhood can be one of the most effective janitorial business tips, at least while marketing this service.

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  • Print out stickers to paste them on the notice board in your neighborhood, clearly indicating your business details so that prospects can easily contact you.
    • Investing online can generate a significant amount of revenue for any small janitorial business at a lot faster rate if done smartly.


    Due to the intense competition in the cleaning market, services need to invest at least $500/month for a city of one million or more population.

    Digital marketing support for janitors only has proven to bring astonishing results for local cleaning companies.
    • Make sure your ad clearly defines the purpose of web visitors that will further encourage them to click.

    I began to spend a lot of time on LinkedIn scouting for the email addresses of various HR personnel.

    These are the perfect individuals to make your presence known at the same time.

    • These 7 digital marketing strategies can be all equally effective, so find out now and stay ahead of the game.

    This is direct marketing online and also one of the most reliable janitorial business tips to succeed.

    [su_button url=”https://www.facebook.com/janitorialleadspro/” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#fe9d1d” size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: phone” icon_color=”#fefdfd” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #fbe7ee”]Like us on Facebook[/su_button]

    Offer frequent promotional offers for attracting customers

    Design leaflets and distribute them locally for promoting your cleaning service.

    Maintain a continuous relationship with visitors to your website with the PPC Remarketing tool.

    The tool has proven itself to be remarkably efficient in maintaining clear communication with clients.

    The feature enables your website to leave cookies on a visitor’s respective IP address; therefore, your ad will appear on his/her device next time they will surf the Internet. 

    The whole activity may seem to be chasing a wild goose, but following the right marketing and promotional campaigns will lead to outstanding results, in a year or perhaps even sooner.

    Get Listed Locally With Your GMB Profile:

    Google My Business page has become extremely powerful that enables any business to rank on local listings.

    Think of your janitorial service to show up on the Google listing page right on the first page. People generally do not look past the first page.

    Upload company information along with daily updates as posts, including the pictures of your team and brand logo.

    Take pictures after every successful cleanup, and encourage your clients to leave reviews on the page.

    Just like GMB, there are other listing platforms like Yell to make the best use of for optimum reach.

    [su_highlight background=”#ffb126″ color=”#ffffff” class=”text-center”]Here’s how any business page must be set up for exposure as a local business on Google Maps.[/su_highlight]

    Cover incurred expenses following every project:

    This is a common reason why the majority of cleaning businesses fail.

    Make sure every bit of expense is covered following each project; otherwise, you’re likely to end up with “Net Loss” month after month.

    The reason you’ll take these recommendations by heart is due to my prolonged years of experience in the cleaning industry.

    I have been a consultant for many cleaning services currently operating nationwide with steady cash flow every month.

    [su_note radius=”5″]Leave a souvenir with every client after cleaning their home; in that way, they will remember you every time their eyes fall on that token[/su_note]

    Long story short, every janitorial business must possess these attributes:

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    • Clean spaces responsibly
    • Compensate field workers well
    • Invest more in online marketing
    • Cover costs incurred in projects
    • Evaluate


    Get certified for recognition:

    CIMS certification helps you to stand out.

    An excellent cleaner is defined by his reputation, and certainly, a commercial cleaning certificate could boost your authenticity and ultimately, your income scale. 

    Missing out on certifications may limit your scope of success. 

    Cleaning certificates are issued by ISSA and OSHA, and both involve training as well as evaluation to become certified. 

    Your staff will receive training on set fields and will later receive a cleaning certificate after being evaluated by the governing body. 

    The certification will add new skills to your services through training. 

    [su_note note_color=”#f8ff17″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]Adding to the many benefits of certification, you will also be put on a local listing of certified cleaners, increasing your chances of landing big office cleaning jobs while improving your reputation and presence.[/su_note]

    In an industry where certification adds value, you’re going to have to get one eventually. 

    Get licensed as an essential business:

    As of March 20th, 2020, janitorial businesses have been listed as essential businesses by the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD). 

    Even more so during the raging pandemic as cleaning and sanitation tasks have reached the status of being critically necessary for the continuation of operations for many businesses out there. 

    Starting a new business during the pandemic is a challenge, except for janitors and cleaners. [su_spacer size=”5″]

    [su_highlight background=”#ffb126″ color=”#ffffff”]There is a rising demand for cleaning and sanitation services and the government has made it easier for janitors to start up their businesses. [/su_highlight]

    [su_spacer size=”5″]

    Get listed as an essential business to continue receiving referrals for a steady workflow.

    Follow up and maintain CRM:

    Following up with clients leaves a long-term opportunity for growth.

    Customer relationship management is something I always try and enforce among my staff. 

    Maintaining good CRM can help you go a long way by earning you long-term contracts and loyal clients. 

    When a cleaner calls up a potential customer or a customer he has served, it builds rapport and psychologically calibrates the customer to always call you back for more work.

    Following up with customers also creates brand loyalty and recognition for your janitorial business.

    Keep up the practice and watch your business flourish.

    Assign appointment setters to your janitorial business:

    Planning and cleaning done are not easy when done simultaneously as an owner. The process is a long strenuous job for janitors and the management. 

    This leaves little room for communication and outreach; therefore, a janitorial business should seek clients through extensive janitorial telemarketing campaigns that yield Leads. 

    This can often be time-consuming and will need you to redirect a lot of money and manpower to set the task in motion. 

    [su_list icon=”icon: angle-double-right” icon_color=”#f35909″ indent=”-6″][su_list icon=”” icon_color=”#333333″ indent=”-2″ class=””]

    • The hired professionals will call up prospective clients and set appointments as their primary objective. 
    • You can also rely on third-party lead generators and get prospective customers with appointments already set. 
    • Instead, it is advisable to hire teams to focus only on this (appointment scheduling) department. 


    With this section taken well care of, you can focus on cleaning jobs and maximize your efforts in pleasing customers.

    In order to drive your janitorial business towards success, have prior experience of the real world, since I worked with a local service provider for two years –

    Eventually, I learned about clients and the qualities they look for before letting someone unknown into their private residence.


    I have had my glory days as a cleaner and these tips have helped me greatly in taking my janitorial business to the next level; hopefully, these will further assist the new cleaners just starting out.

    I can assure you this will work wonders for you and hail you as a professional among customers and clients.  

    For any information/consultation on growing your cleaning business, feel free to reach out to us at (646) 583-1385.

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