Social Media Marketing Trends for Janitorial Businesses in 2021

No one is new to social media, particularly during 2021 when some of the platforms have attained market valuation over $700bn! There are countless opportunities for janitorial businesses available on social media, by leveraging the functionalities could bring about massive viewership.

With the new advertising features, social media has become one of the most prominent places for businesses to expand their operations.

We have compiled five different ways any aspiring janitorial cleaning expert can implement to stay ahead of the game this year.

Choosing an Appropriate Social Media Platform:

Social media have taken prevalence over other means of communication and advertising for business growth.

There are more than one social media platforms to pick from, and each has its own line of specialization.

Some social networks focus on lifestyle, while others might be more inclined towards jobs and businesses.

You’ve got to make a pick as to which would suit your needs best.

Those who are not sure, read on ahead and find out which line of work these popular social media platforms excel at.

You could choose one for effective outreach or target all of them for maximum effect.

Merely appearing on any of these will promote your brand through awareness.

Social media marketing strategies for the year 2021

Facebook For Connecting With a Wider Range of Prospects:

When talking about social media, the name which comes up first is Facebook.

The platform currently houses over 2.7 billion users across all countries, with 1.62 billion users online daily.

One of the first things you should do when starting your business is to open up a Facebook page.

It is absolutely free and allows you to create brand recognition among its many users.

 Facebook also allows paid advertisements that appear on the news feeds of your “Page Followers,” including that of their friends. 

Your brand has the potential to reach astronomical levels of awareness and recognition through Facebook only if you could set an effective ad campaign. 

Instagram For Reinforcing Brand Image:

The platform that showcases lifestyles is Instagram with over a billion active users monthly, facilitating anyone for outreach.

It ranks right after Facebook in terms of the user base. Instagram has a different approach to engaging its users, which is mostly by images and videos.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be left behind on outreach.

  • The informal and limited Instagram style limits its scope for janitorial lead generation, but there is hope.
  • Instagram has become one of the leading platforms for businesses to reach out to potential clients through active advertising and messaging.
  • Usually, businesses will depict their cleanliness, and a janitorial expert will need to know how to get around this.

If implemented correctly, Instagram can aid in generating cleaning leads but to a limited effect.

YouTube For Elaborating On Your Office Cleaning Methods:

YouTube may not be a full-fledged social media platform, but it indeed is one of the best places to reach out to large audiences.

More than 2 billion users are active, frequently logging in to watch videos of their choosing.

Cleaning businesses can reach out to many users with their cleaning tutorials, creating brand awareness, and leading them right to your doorstep. 

YouTube is also an excellent platform to post ads.

These ads target specific audiences that will reach out to people and seeking the services you offer.

 When combined with keyword optimization with targeted marketing, YouTube can generate unshakable brand awareness for your commercial cleaning business. 

Also, useful for creating and growing a community online.

LinkedIn For Networking With Offices/Commercial Centers:

LinkedIn started out as a place for businesses to recruit employees and employees showing their resumes.

It is the most professional social media platform and the best place to reach out to other companies.

  • This is where a cleaning business can showcase itself to the full extent and reach out to other companies requiring janitorial service.
  • With over 760 million users worldwide, it can be the most ideal platform for exposure and finding new prospects looking to hire janitors.
  • LinkedIn hosts professionals and brings them together on a common ground to mingle.

Broadcasting Live Content:

Social media sites such as Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook allow its users to broadcast live stream videos for all their followers and subscribers to log in and participate.

The followers can watch you conduct your janitorial cleaning in real-time while asking questions on a live stream which will reinforce engagement with prospects.

You could also go live to announce new events or simply conduct a question and answer session with followers to further solidify your public image. 

Engage and Attract Instead of Push Selling:

  • Generate Engagement Through Polls and Controversial Posts:

Social media is a place where people come to relax and take a break from most of life’s issues.

During these times, a business can effectively reveal itself to solve problems rather than forcefully asserting itself.

If there are attempts to sell services to these audiences, you may just do the opposite.

  • Engaging people on social media isn’t about trading as a primary objective.
  • Of course, you will eventually get to that point, but you have to win their attention until then.
  • If you’re playing social media, you’re playing a waiting game, and this wait depends on how you engage the masses.
  • It is akin to fishing rather than hunting, where you let your content reel people in.
  • Choosing the Audience

One of the first actions that need attention is choosing the people your digital marketing campaign targets.

  • Your target audience should include commercial space owners, facility managers, and office employees who require janitorial services.
  • Posting sponsored ads targets audiences based on their gender, age, jobs, and mostly their interests.
  • On social media, it is common for users to come across the content of their liking as keywords matter a lot in the content that is posted.

It will become your primary objective to find out exactly which people your janitorial business caters to.

The content that is being posted also needs to align itself with the people it targets so that you may pick up prospects with ease.

  • Structuring Your Content

After you’ve set a proper base of understanding of who you will be aiming for, you will need to decide on creating the perfect content that captures the eyes and the minds of commercial building owners and facilitators.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be raw texts since it’s social media and people are scrolling through their news feed and they will need something attractive to turn their attention towards.

It could even be a picture or a video specifically constructed to promote your janitorial business.

  • You could even broadcast a live video that shows your working process where people can interact with you.
  • It doesn’t have to be picture-perfect since social media platforms have audiences who are usually laid back themselves.
  • Highly engaging posts will call out to the masses and bring excellent results if implemented correctly.
  • Incorporate Relevant Janitorial Business Hashtags in Each Post

On social media sites, there are literally tons of posts that are only growing over time.

Hashtags were introduced as a way to bind posts together using specific keywords.

By adding hashtags, every content could be grouped by their theme or service they may be offering.

This makes it easy for people to find posts that cater to their interests.

 A hashtag is represented by the pound sign (#) attached to a word or a phrase. #janitorial #cleaning and #janitorialservices are some examples of hashtags that you could expect to use. 

A hashtag contains a clickable link, which leads to a list of search results containing posts of that particular keyword.

Other posts incorporated within the same hashtag will show up in the results following every post according to the incorporated hashtag.

This makes it an essential tool to have your content mixed with hashtags that represent that specific niche.

If any of your posts contains a video of you cleaning windows, only adding the hashtag #windowcleaning will make it relevant to that category.

Anyone clicking on it will take them to a feed that contains posts incorporated with that same hashtag.

  • Hashtag Locations

Incorporating hashtags that point out your location is equally important if you’re looking to reach out to people of that locale.

Suppose you are making a post about a janitorial business that serves people in Madison, Wisconsin.

In that case, you will need to incorporate the tag #MadisonWisconsin to the post along with other hashtags such as #Janitorialservices or #janitorialcleaning.

You could add several hashtags to your posts to target several groups of audiences.

If you’ve perfected the art of adding hashtags, your posts will have the most optimum impact on social media.

  • Proactive Interaction

After your content has been posted and optimized with proper keywords and hashtags, it will start reaching all social media platforms' ends.

The post will receive engagement from the masses in the forms of likes, comments, follows, and messages.

This is where action needs to be taken in the form of interactions.

We all know without initiating responses, your posted content will not reach its peak potential. 

Your posts will generate responses in the form of comments or messages, and you can take swift action to respond to them accordingly.

You must respond to comments in ways to initiate more engagement.

  • You could post replies that express gratitude and ask interesting or controversial comments/questions that will stir further engagement among your followers.

Making them feel involved and asking for their opinions is a great way to start meaningful conversations with different prospects.

While posting replies, try to find ways to incorporate hashtags in the response.

This will lure the audience in clicking the hashtag links and creating more awareness through familiarization.

Not every user commenting will respond to your replies, and that’s a given.

Although you must try to reply in ways that spark a conversation, you should consider moving them into your messages since they might be interested.

  • From Social Media to Your Website

Social media is a tool for both promotional as well as communication purposes, enabling customers to reach out directly.

The primary role is to attract facility managers and encourage them to sign your contact form and later reach out to those prospects.

The database can be compiled for retargeting, and there are set strategies in store for the audiences visiting your website - one of the methods is the usage of lead magnets.

Lead magnets allow your prospects to enjoy free services in exchange for their contact information, this generates instant leads.

These free services could be anything ranging from tutorial videos to eBooks on let's say, DIY office cleaning techniques.

 Your lead magnet must answer issues such as “improving employee retention” or “effective office cleaning tips during the pandemic” that will compel every prospect to find out more about your janitorial business in exchange for their personal data. 

Over time this will prove useful as this will create an extensive mailing list that you can use for email campaigns.

The sales funnel will guide each of your prospects through 5 steps of conversion, which is usually handled by a marketing automation tool.

All you need to do is create your lead magnet and let it do all the work for you as it gathers the leads and feeds them into the retargeting segment.

Attract, capture, engage, score, and convert

1. Attract

Posting content on social media for further reach, and such posts can inform prospects about what they might be missing out.
Content marketing for Leads is engineered to fit their needs perfectly.

2. Capture

Use optimized content to capture their attention as you address their concerns by providing them with more informative posts over time.

3. Engage

Sending informative and scheduled emails to those who provide their contact information and engaging them with your content.

4. Score

Once you gain their trust, give them a cold sales pitch to reel them in for sale. Make sure to keep addressing their issues and mentioning what’s in it for them.

5. Convert

Convert your leads to sales by signing your prospects up for your services.

Social media takes care of the first part, where it attracts prospects to your services.

Those who provide their contact information only need proper engagement to turn them into sales.

  • Your attention could include emails that the candidates regularly receive that convince them about your legitimacy and what you bring to the table.
  • These emails could contain links to newly posted content that your clients will be interested to see.
  • Tools to optimize and manage sales funnels and marketing automation systems can go a long way in helping you sort out leads.
  • Over time the system monitors all the leads to which it sends informative emails and judged based on a score on their level of reciprocation and response.

If their answer is high, they will get a higher score, which will mark them as a genuine prospect.

Therefore, they can be later approached with a sales pitch to convert them into confirmed sales or a new customer.

Reinforce Buyer Confidence

People on social media are usually skeptical about services online, and they will question you quite a lot.

Collaborating with social media celebrities is another way to gain the confidence of the buyers.

  • The celebrities or influencers will then speak for you and recommend your services, which will give them needed weight and importance.
  • UGC can include written testimonials or videos showing your working practices or simply celebrating essential milestones for your janitorial services.
  • You need to be able to answer each question individually and host Live sessions to answer buyer concerns.

Another method to gain buyer confidence is by using user-generated content.

UGC shows your services but through the eyes of a customer.

Capitalize on Loyal Customers:

 Social media is the place to show off good vibes, which can be achieved with your loyal customers.

You can ask your loyal customers for feedback and suggestions on public posts to engage them and show your customer handling skills to reel in more prospects.

Loyal customers will always speak good about you, and it is best to make them do the talking by reviewing on your Facebook page. 

Rely on User-Generated Content and Save Time Creating Your Own:

User-Generated Content (UGC) is useful for your janitorial business.

Suppose a customer records your working progress and makes an excellent video presentation highlighting how acceptable your working practices are.

In that case, prospects will be more interested in listening in on this.

This will also save you valuable time and money since you don’t have to create your own.

  • Answer Concerns; Don’t Add Annoyances

Advertising on social media has become a norm today since the introduction of algorithms that monitor its users' needs and sentiments for further exposure.

It is often seen that marketers are inserting their ads pretty much anywhere they can, which could annoy the users and eventually, raise your costs.

They will indeed report your ad instead of clicking as interested prospects.

You will need to listen in on precisely what these users need and cater to those needs accordingly.

Listening to what they need can help you place your advertisements more strategically to answer questions or concerns.

Social, Ethical, and Environmental Responsibilities Create Recognition:

World events influence people all over social media.

Many things have gotten the attention of people coming together to correct issues such as racial discrimination or global warming.

This impacts businesses in the long run as people are now becoming more inclined towards organizations that try to keep themselves in check.

Janitorial businesses can adopt eco-friendly cleaning chemicals or methods or equal opportunities for everyone to work.

  • They can also flaunt equal pay for everyone regardless of gender or nationality to portray themselves positively to the audience.
  • Any janitorial business can win big if the viewers on social media can see their effort to ensure social, ethical, or environmental issues.
  • According to studies, it is evident that organizations that keep things clean and fair are those that the prospects seem to pick.

2021 will see a massive emergence of morally correct organizations after the 2020 black lives matter movement.

An organization should stay up to date with the ongoing trends and try to figure out how to stay in favor of these movements to secure more leads.

Digital Marketing Hubs and Automation Workflows:

With so much going on around social media for lead generation and the steady inflow of leads, you will need to manage them in a structured way to alleviate workload from marketing and sales teams, respectively.

With digital marketing hubs and marketing automation, your lead funneling process becomes much more comfortable.

It is handled by properly structured software designed to process and optimize every step of this funnel.

Save vital time and optimize lead generation methods by implementing digital marketing hubs and feeling the efficiency kick in.

Using Conversational Marketing to Build Connections Before Sales:

On social media, nobody is actually ready to hear sales pitches or hire janitorial services on the go, it all comes down to conversational marketing.

This is only talking to your prospect over the message and building a connection before you try for cold sales pitches.

With connections, you can harvest solid leads and even grab long term contracts.

So the next time you get a message or an email, strike up a conversation and stay on it to build a connection before offering your janitorial services,

Expand Over Multiple Social Networks:

To maximize the outreach, you may need to expand your business over multiple social media channels.

This will increase your chances of bringing in more prospects.

Adding more social media engagement channels will increase the effectiveness of your outreach by a large margin.

You could have content styled differently for every platform that engages your prospects in various ways.

This strategy will ensure a much higher return on investment.

Summing Everything Up:

Social media platforms and channels are coming up in a big way to provide the best strategies of digital marketing to allow janitorial businesses to gain exposure online. With the latest trends of 2021, you can keep up and capitalize on these opportunities and take your cleaning service to newer heights. Social media is not always about selling but creating awareness and establishing faster communication between offices and a janitorial business.

There are ample ways for cleaners to generate leads through social media, all you need to know is the right strategy.

For marketing and branding your janitorial business, reach out to us today for more information.

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