As the internet is fast making inroads in our lives, digital marketing is gaining importance. If used well, it can help earn businesses and the people involved in their desired growth. A study, however, reports that 42% of small business owners have admitted that they are unaware of the significance digital marketing holds in today’s world.
Connecting customers with brands digitally while recovering feedback from each of them in real-time through digital media.

Even if they acknowledge its importance, there is usually a lack of understanding about this topic. And to relate the topic with the commercial cleaning leads market.

This guide will give you a detailed account of what digital marketing is by thoroughly discussing its relevancy, and finally, how these strategies can tap into their vast potential. due to originality as well as consistency.

Before we discuss its significance and application, it is essential to know what digital marketing stands for.

What Does Digital Marketing Mean?

Although the name doesn’t leave much to the imagination, there remains a lot of ambiguity about what it stands for.

We are all aware of, or at least partly understand, what marketing means.

Extensive keyword researching and coming up with relevant guides based on those specific keywords will help your website rank higher.

Although digital marketing for janitorial companies can be broad yet proper keyword research will bring you solid prospects with the exact search behavioral pattern(s).

Relevantly Useful Tips for Cleaning Businesses:

A cleaning business is a business after all. The rules of success that apply to it are not isolated from those that apply to other types of service-based companies.

Since it has become, perhaps the most significant source of communication, the Internet can be of great help here.

Janitorial Leads Generation & Guide to Digital Marketing:

A question that worries most new entrants in the industry is,

Proper keyword targeting will attract leads searching for services you're providing. Converting those prospects into sales is the ultimate goal.

how to get cleaning contracts?

This is a problem because it demands a lot of networking, and a way to ensure people that they can trust you with their cleaning requirements.

A presence on the internet can be an excellent source to build that confidence.

Having a well-designed, wholly-owned website immediately translates into a business that takes its work professionally.

The site will also explain your work, details about the company itself, and your services in such depth that, perhaps, even a meeting cannot match.

In addition to a website, social media presence, and a contact line through emailing would also establish your business as an easily reachable entity.

 Easy and fast communication is the key to setting more janitorial appointments 

Also, look at it this way, most companies looking for cleaning services have already realized the importance of the digital world, particularly during this CoVID-19 pandemic.

If you, as a seeker of medical office cleaning jobs, then reach out to us today for more info.

How-to Methods For Effective Digital Marketing:

Proper Google My Business will help your customers locate your exact business; furthermore, building more credibility.

Once you have understood why digital marketing is essential, the next step is to know how you can make it work for your business.

The tools are available online, and all you need to do is learn to use them to your advantage.

Listed below are some effective guides to digital marketing for janitorial businesses.

Google Listing Your Commercial Cleaning Business:

This is one of the first things to do when establishing yourself in the digital world.

Google is the biggest search engine there is. This means that a significant chunk of internet traffic travels through it.

Thus, get your company listed on Google My Business.

This will let people know how they can reach you, and where.

Such vital information appearing at the top of the world's number one search engine is not a bad deal.

Get Yourself a Website for Your Janitorial Services:

Marketing attracts prospects who are later filtered to bring out only the qualified and willing individuals ready to buy your service.

As already discussed in detail earlier, a website is one place where you can park all the information that you want to give to your potential client.

It is your most comprehensive media on the internet.

Other primary requirement includes putting up quality in terms of its informational value.

This makes Google believe that your site can be of genuine help to a person looking for a commercial cleaning service, and it will rank you high in its search results.

Put Existing Cleaning Leads to Use for Repeat Business:

This is relevant if you are already operating in the industry.

You will have an existing customer base, people that you may have served in the past.

Some would still call you for their requirements, some won't.

Reach out to these people through email. Maybe you have an offer for them or a new service they might be interested in, tell them about it.

At the very least, this will bring you back to the picture; moreover, elaborating in further detail on guide to digital marketing.

Also, find out what must be done after capturing leads and make the best use out of those data.

Use Social Media Platforms for Branding Cleaning Contractors:

Leverage the complete social media platform for continuously reminding prospects about your services.

This has again been discussed earlier too.

Social media is the new television, newspaper, telephone, letter, and everything.

It's a communication giant, and the good thing is that it is largely free.

 So, utilize it to your advantage by putting yourself up there, and maintaining it. Or give us a call at (646) 583-1385 if you want serious people to work on yours.  

Not many businesses have huge budgets to market themselves, the number is even smaller for cleaning businesses. Thankfully, though, the internet doesn't cost much.

Moreover, it is fast expanding its already colossal reach. Thus, all of this makes the world of digital marketing an ideal option for such a business to make it big in the shortest of time and resources. Those who are already established, can also take advantage of it and put their businesses on the next level.
While revenue figures, cost analysis, and various financial figures are used to describe a company’s performance, not everything can be assessed monetarily. One such indicator of a good business is the employee retention rate.  a motivated employee force is a company’s greatest resource.

After investing heavily in hiring the best office cleaning services, the retention of highly experienced cleaners becomes equally important.

Greater job security keeps employees satisfied as they are able to take the right steps independently.

In a market as highly competitive as commercial cleaning, one business’ loss is another business’ gain.

To retain top-performing employees, many cleaning companies now are offering cash incentives, such as bonuses and health benefits, particularly where CoVID-19 is epidemic.

However, these are not enough to ensure job satisfaction.

 Learn these valuable tricks and lead your cleaning company towards prosperity!  

Job satisfaction is an amalgamation of cash as well as non-cash-based factors that can be influential in determining how long an employee continues to work with you.

The following factors can influence job satisfaction, and as a result, greater employee retention.

Create a friendly work environment

Greater employee retention is usually a combination of practices that encourage workers to strive for better every day.

A person demands respect which holds far more importance than a simple paycheck; therefore, nobody wants to suffer by being objectified as a mere working cog.

Employees should be provided with a friendly atmosphere that is mutually respectful in order for janitorial companies to hold onto their best office cleaners.

During interactions, managers should keep in mind that they are interacting with another human being; therefore, by initiating meaningful conversation is the key to .

Using personal names, verbal appraisals at work, and appreciation among peers can go a long way in establishing a culture an employee would desire to be a part of.

Interview long-term employees

Long-term employees in a cleaning company, represent a long association and can offer valuable insight.

The reasons that they provide for their long-term loyalty will aid in improving the company’s hiring process.

As they know the company better than anyone else, they are experts in pointing out the areas that require improvements.

Such areas will explain the reasons for employees quitting the company, and further rectification will boost employee retention.

Treat your employees right, and they will take good care of your customers.

Clarify your expectations before recruiting -

Businesses hiring office cleaners post jobs containing brief job descriptions of what particular designation demands from them.

There should be no room for ambiguity in a professional workplace with every role being well-defined and guided.

Defined expectations not only provide employees with a common goal to work for but also reinforces the required work ethic which needs to be sustained to work for a company.

Encourage participation in employee retention -

Encourage them to speak during team meetings so they feel a part of your company.

Some employees want to be a part of something that is not their domain.

This is the sign of a motivated employee who possesses the talent that suits their field.

Shunning such behavior would lead to a conservative workplace which is detrimental to the growth of any company.

Take time to listen to employee concerns, especially during lunch breaks when they are generally comfortable speaking.

Their input should be valued and recognized to instill a sense of accomplishment among your office cleaners.

Know your hiring prowess -

While knowing your profit figures and credit scores is essential for business dealings, knowing your perception of the job market is equally important when dealing with employees.

Office cleaning services are offered by many janitorial leads vendors, but what makes us different?

Treatment of previous employees and the public persona portrayed by a business, signal to prospective employees how they can expect to be treated.

How was the service package? - Did previous employees leave on good terms?

Are you spoken of highly by your employees?

All of these factors play a role in determining your hiring reputation.

A positive hiring reputation can open the doors for more people applying for office cleaning leads and more options for you to pick the best candidates.

Set challenges and goals

Any challenges regardless of their complexity can be solved as a team.

The sign of dedicated workers is that they never shy away from challenges.

Challenging work should be provided as a measure to gauge their experience.

It may be the case that a worker excels in professional office cleaning, but house cleaning isn't much of a forte.

Do not belittle the person rather try to appreciate their effort and advise on how to rectify mistakes in the future.

Appreciate hard work

Recognition of good work acts as a massive boost to employee morale.

Beyond monetary bonuses, the fact that senior management is so involved with the workflow of an employee creates goodwill and loyalty.

Cleaners are also in need of appreciation, and undervaluation or underappreciation of their work proves to be the biggest triggers that result in the need to shift employers.

Top talent that recognizes its potential is less likely to remain with an organization that does not recognize and appreciate its talent.

Practice fairness and equality

One of the biggest challenges in landing commercial cleaning contracts successfully is drawing a perception of fairness and equality.

Newer employees must feel welcome and older employees need to feel that they are irreplaceable.

Hire, train, motivate and give them reasons to stay with you until the end.

If the big offices cleaning contract goes to a novice cleaner, the senior cleaners will inevitably feel cheated.

This is where monetary benefits also come into play.

Salaries and perks, although are not valued as much as talent yet workplace harmony should exercise fairness and equality in wages.

Show them a promising future

Employees seek continuous growth and success to remain associated with a company.

Regular evaluation and merit-based promotions not only spur motivation but also act as an incentive to work harder.

Conclusion -

A delegation of important responsibilities also helps in showcasing the future, they think of it as owning the company rather than working for your cleaning company. Such a move not only manifests mutual trust but also induces loyalty between the parties.

The market for janitorial leads is highly competitive, which means tremendous buying power. To engage more clients, janitorial companies compete on prices for winning newer janitorial contracts. Quoted prices are generally discounted to attract more buyers. But a winning proposal offers more than just lower-priced services and more about quality instead.

Further reduction of the price in this cutthroat industry can worsen your sustainability. There are salaries to be paid out.

Create a unique sales proposal for your prospects by focusing on their niche.

With a wide variety of choices available, clients are always on the lookout for top-quality cleaning at the lowest feasible prices.

To generate fully qualified janitorial leads at fair rates, cleaning services must optimize every aspect of their sales channel.

Why Janitorial Services Need a Unique Sales Proposal?

Here’s the truth: Janitorial companies often lack the spark that intrigues clients.

Most sales proposals across the country follow the same template.

Promises of being the best cleaners, environment-friendly, and offering the lowest prices – only to fall short of expectations.

Clients receive numerous, yet identical janitorial cleaning bids, and that is exactly why yours must be unique.

 Clients possess minimum knowledge about the cleaning industry or how cleaners are ensuring virus or bacteria-free workspace. 
They want results, and they want them fast!

Apart from price negotiation, the only chance of ‘standing out’ in this industry is by preparing appealing designs.

How to optimize janitorial contracts or proposals?

An effective optimized sales proposal is specific, client orientated, and brief.

Expecting the clients to read an in-depth analysis of the cleaning methods would be too naïve.

Here are some tips to ensure the optimization of your proposal so you can land any janitorial cleaning contracts.

Eliminate redundancy

Lesser content will enable the audience to focus on you more, and that's exactly where they must look at if you wish to sell them.

Prepare your sales proposal with the underlying assumption that your client has already worked with various cleaning companies.

Corporate clients deal with cleaning companies all the time; as a result, they are well aware of the areas that require more intensive attention.

In fact, landing an interview is proof that they realize your potential to do the required job.

Instead of boring them and eventually losing their attention, why not skip the parts about cleaning supplies and process?

Not only does it make your proposal more concise, but it leaves time for your audience to ask the necessary questions.

Articulate your "Why", and then "What"

Clients have enough experience to understand how cleaning companies work, including the cleaning standards to maintain in this pandemic.

When articulating your "Why", you will eventually know the problems you're destined to solve.

Sales proposals should be crafted carefully, packed with impactful words.

While most proposals carry similar sentences, adding a little bit of personalization goes a long way; the impression of genuine care for your clients' needs.

So, what is YOUR why?

- A ‘why’ can be the reason why you conduct this business, why are you interested in catering to the client, and why should you be preferred over other bidders.

A why highlights your purpose

Differentiate yourselves from the competition

In such a heavily contested market, standing out is the most important factor that helps by signing more janitorial contracts.

Most businesses avoid differentiation and are often fearful of appearing boastful or as a show-off, and they couldn’t be more wrong.

The reasons you stand out from the crowd should be highlighted in your proposal very clearly.

A simple ‘we provide the best services in a paragraph would do little to impress your client.


96% of all business owners stated that the use of technology influences their decision to hire a cleaning company.

Examples like this not only indicate a business that strives for excellence but also the extra miles they are willing to go for customer satisfaction.

Social influencers and decision-makers

People have the tendency to consider the decision of their peers more than they are able to decide for themselves.

Like individuals, companies are also influenced by the actions or decisions of other large companies.

For instance, a Wall Street Journal study conducted on how to convince customers to lessen their summertime energy consumption by opting to use fans instead of air conditioners.

They were told they would save $54/month and that doing so was socially responsible.

 Also, the customers were told that it would prevent the release of more than 262 pounds of greenhouse gases per month and that 77% of their neighbors had started using fans. 

A large portion of the people who consented to switch to fans said their neighbors had done it, and so have we.

This is an excellent example of how convincing social proof can be.

To back up your yet-to-be-proven claims, you should display your previous track record through Facebook reviews. 

Click for reviews.Click here

Highlight your impact as a contract-based cleaning service

Cleaning companies are often dealing with B2B prospects, which makes it easier to forget that you are dealing with humans, even if your services as a whole are catering to businesses only.

In larger entities, your proposal should be highlighting the need for a cleaner environment, which improves team morale, attendance rates, and productivity ­– in short, the organization as a whole.

A cleaner environment is comfortable and safe; therefore, workers will work more sincerely with a sense of responsibility.

Vivid illustrations of how your company can help any client attain efficiency will help with more commercial janitorial contracts.

Your trusted and efficient appointment setter is ready to work around the clock!


Your business might run an extra mile ensuring quality cleaning standard, like some businesses that hide small insignificant objects in a client’s space to see if the designated cleaning team is able to pick it up. An all-inclusive proposal may take time but doing so might create the difference between a contract-winning proposal and any ordinary sales pitch.

If you’re confused about how to land ‘more janitorial cleaning contracts online,’ then you’re probably acquainted with the conventional means of getting more janitorial contracts; especially through Facebook, LinkedIn, and implementing SEO techniques.

Win more janitorial contracts by remaining more visible as well as easily accessible.
These social media trends of 2020 can be a useful source to help you land more janitorial cleaning contracts online.
The tips here are primarily ignored utilities of the internet that only a handful of cleaning service providers are aware of.

Having a correct mix of these strategies will help your business attract maximum leads to your funnel.

A kind of final answer to your ever-relevant query that is,

How to find janitorial cleaning contracts on the Internet?

Let’s find out in detail.

It may seem insignificant, but an ‘about us’ page of your company’s website plays a significant role that shows the legitimacy of your cleaning service.

A comprehensive and well-structured page of this nature will guide more prospects through the sales funnel automatically.

Consider it this way, who has a better chance of being invited to your house?

A person you have met just now and don’t know anything about, or a person that, although you have met just now but have had a chance of talking to about their background as well as mission and principles?


Although the subject of the video wouldn’t be marketing you directly in hindsight, it would help your business by directing traffic to your website; a website that offers commercial cleaning services.

Such content, thus, targets an even wider audience compared to what text-based content will achieve.

This makes the audience for the video content a separate segment in its own right, and you must not ignore it.

Search engines, on the other hand, will be suggesting your platform to anyone located in your area that might be seeking janitors.

Images speak louder than words, sure, but videos talk the loudest.

This is so because reading doesn’t come easy for many.

It takes longer for a reader to visualize an image in comparison to a person watching a video, which is that very image.

User-friendliness is reshaping many industries, and you, as a commercial cleaning business should follow suit.

This can be done by producing video content relevant to your offered services using easy-to-use software.

Some videos, for instance, or perhaps a short documentary about how you go about on a regular Sunday morning for a cleaning job when you get one.

Even better, it would be content that isn't about you only but focusing on other relatable topics surrounding the cleaning industry.

An optimized ‘about us' page significantly increases your chances of getting business out of visits to the website.

To optimize the page, have a clearly defined value statement in its headline and a section of text.

Besides, you can include interesting pictures of your business and its process; perhaps, pictures of you cleaning on the first day of your commercial cleaning job.

An elaborate About Us segment generates a sense of trust among prospects.

It is also advisable to break the text on the page into smaller sections and paragraphs as it adds to the readability factor.

‘Limited time offers' creates a sense of urgency in clients that further motivates them for taking action.

Limited time offers influence prospects to make faster buying decisions

A person visiting your website may be planning on having a look at multiple sites and conducting further due diligence against other alternatives in the market before finalizing a purchase.

This will take time, and the more time they take, or the more options they look at, the further they are likely to move away.

A limited-time offer with a reasonable discount on your services or something of a similar nature would prompt these visitors to grab the chance and lock the deal.

All things said about Quora stand true for industry forums as well, with one significant difference though.

This way, its user base mostly comprises of people genuinely interested in the subject; thus, having participation there have more chances of generating business per view on your effort.

As the pandemic ensues, there is an increasing demand for cleaners at offices to ensure safety for their employees before resuming their operation next year.

Check for these ten coronavirus cleaning methods if you wish to impress the facility manager or HR.

Once you become a certified essential cleaning or janitorial business, companies will be more willing to hire you.

Cleaning today requires janitors to use certain chemicals for sanitizing workplaces where employees are in close proximity to each other.

With 460 million users, LinkedIn is a powerhouse as far as professional networking is concerned.

 So, it should come as no surprise that LinkedIn’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate even surpasses that of Twitter and Facebook. 

This is primarily because of two reasons, its professional user base, and still a largely unsaturated platform in comparison to Facebook and other social networks.

Thus, having published content with compelling industry-relevant and updated information, genuine reviews of clients, insights together will work by building your brand, which becomes an asset too.

Encourage your clients to leave reviews either on Facebook or Google My Business page for initiating your brand-building phase.

This information may range from phone numbers to the number of employees working in companies, as this is a gold mine and must be put to work.

This is a big help when faced with a limited marketing budget but want fast results.

To summarize everything:

Prospects will find you more reliable if they can find you via relevant search results on the first page of Google.

Landing more janitorial cleaning contracts online takes time since the whole process involves generating a sense of authenticity, at least during the initial phase of the journey.

Digital marketing is a combination of practices and you need to implement each of them to gain traction.

Even if you don't have a massive customer database, there are infinite ways of building databases.

Use these tips with a mix of more traditional requirements such as building a quality website, search engine optimization, social media presence, and others to get the best results. These strategies must evolve, along with the changes that are showing up.

Although lead generation through janitorial telemarketing may seem easy using free technology these days, the chances of successfully closing them remains a challenge. Promoting a product or a service over the phone can take sometime before one gets the hang of it. The process could be tricky; therefore, outsourcing this activity to the right team could be the most feasible option.

Leads have to be nurtured so you can update your database; otherwise, conversions will be unlikely

Why, and how does that happen?

That's due to specialization, making each of us slightly better at the job we do for a living.

Investing 10,000 hours in any activity will turn you more efficient eventually.

Sometimes businesses have to spend a few thousand to make additional millions!


I used to do everything by myself during the early years of my janitorial cleaning service by implementing newer janitorial business tips for landing more jobs.

Starting from outreaching and compiling information from surveys on foot to building and maintaining relationships with prospects while making sure they are also qualified cleaning leads capable of affording your service.

A small brief before initiating every commercial cleaning contract is mandatory so your cleaners know exactly what to do and how to represent themselves on the first day.

The first impression is crucial.

Briefing cleaners before initiating a new project is important; however, due to lack of time, we often ignore the process.

I realized that while sorting out every business process single-handedly, I was also losing out potential clients.

 Every janitor needs to be trained so they can represent your brand. 

If you want to prepare yourself for the upcoming janitorial job interview, check these 20 commonly asked questions inquired by hiring managers.

I wondered,

I invested in a team dedicated to promoting my services online, as well as generating janitorial leads; additionally, janitorial appointment setting will serve as an added service.

Through telemarketing, we began to save more of our time by doing what cleaners are always meant to do.

It wasn't like I was making a fortune by cleaning other people's messes, but I felt it was time to let some burden off my shoulders.

 I began my search for a team of three individuals capable of communicating with prospects and turn them into sales. 

The same individuals will be responsible for promoting my cleaning services online.

Janitorial telemarketing support:

Alas! No one was willing to work at the rate I offered; also, I had zero scopes of paying anything higher than $5/hr initially.

My search for a reliable janitorial telemarketing team ensued until one morning an interesting response to my janitorial lead generation job post appeared.

 My hopes went up after finding out that the person was willing to work with us at just $ 5 an hour! 

I still decided to interview the candidate, which to my surprise turned out to be great.

To be honest, I was quite impressed by the candidate's proficiency in English.

Given that my service was based in the US only, I needed to hire someone capable of speaking in professional English.

The majority don't speak English but Spanish. Multilingual call center agents can bridge the communication gap.

Our remarkable growth:

Growth is slow but consistency will supplant your growth rate.

In less than a year, I managed to expand my Janitorial Service and covered the entire US.

As my team took care of the entire operation, I had more time to network with other janitorial businesses in Florida, California, DMV regions, and even LA!

From an Irving-based Cleaning service that barely survived the competition, my Janitorial service continues to hire; and today we have more than 180 cleaners right now working with us even today.

Feel free to reach out here if you are looking for work anywhere in North America.

Learn some insightful ways of leading a janitorial business toward success.

Honestly saying that as my pocket grew heavier I did not mind paying those agents more.

The success factors in Janitorial telemarketing:

By the end of the 16th month since the start of my Cleaning Service, we attained a success rate of 5 out of every 8 janitorial appointments the team kept populating our calendar.

 The team continues to impress me even today with their consistency as well as being attentive to details! 

Amazingly proactive and the team became equally skillful by digitally branding our janitorial leads generation service.

Synergistic relationships and proper management

Synergistic relationships foster growth as well as improve efficiency in workflow.

The team monitors our campaigns, so as Janitors we were able to focus more on the cleaning responsibility.

As dedicated call center support, they also look after our spreadsheets and tell our technicians if any changes arrived in the schedule.

Most importantly, a dedicated appointment setting helped by lowering our marketing costs since the team was further assisted by cold-calling prospects.

Time is money, and we couldn't afford to lose any.

Greeting prospects over the phone

Selling anything over the phone can be challenging unless you are John Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street.

Surely it saves you from traveling around to connect with potential customers, but it requires a better understanding of human psychology.

We tried and tested our cold-calling script over and over again until we discovered the right ones that always clicked with office cleaning leads.

Every prospect is verified first over a five-minute discovery call before that lead is sold to the most capable janitor.

Blog enrichment for organic search growth:

The specialized telemarketers were doing a great job, and it seemed that their productivity kept soaring every day, simply because I paid out commissions for every office cleaning contract I was able to land with their help.

How much would it cost? -

I didn’t worry about that since my janitorial telemarketing/appointment scheduling team was already raking in quite a lot, and I took that chance.

Impactful online presence with engagement:

A few blog posts a week and I saw my ranking go up, and eventually, more and more offices/hospitals reached out directly over the phone.

Grow Your Brand Image Online Through Search Marketing

We have never had to make blind phone calls to facility managers since then. 

We had people reaching out to us by filling up our online form, and so we simply called them back.

It wasn’t soon until we finally designed a channel that automated our entire process.


Janitorial telemarketing is a powerful method of securing more commercial cleaning contracts, so keep working on your USP first.

And if you're looking for a professional script then contact us today so we can help you prepare one.

Social media is rapidly transforming into a machine that will soon be able to read every user's mind. Apart from that, updates are coming out every day, which is why you need to know these trends in social media for outgrowing your competition.
If you think social media is incapable of boosting your sales, then think again. 
Generating leads through social media can be easy, but qualifying them should be the end goal.

Starting from Facebook Live to Instagram Stories, there are exciting new tools available for promoting your janitorial services online.

However, a question remains unanswered,

What good is social media for Janitorial Cleaning providers? 

If your company/service isn't active on social media, then you're losing out lots of potential leads as prospects continue to search for reviews in various communities on social media.

Most importantly, it enables your business to get the right amount of exposure for momentum during the initial phase of your janitorial service.

Businesses today are utilizing the latest features of social media to create new content every day, either by going live while at work or by posting moments on Twitter and Facebook.

The omnichannel approach has been quite an effective social media trend for janitorial services ever since Facebook's latest updates rolled out.


Find out how to generate janitorial leads online or call us today if you wish to experience faster results.

Instagram Stories for Your Followers -

Stories are more than just pictures, so if you want to tell the story of your janitorial cleaning service, then both "Instagram Stories" or "Facebook Messenger" can serve as effective media for channeling your message.

On top of the news feed, you'll see a row of "friends" that you frequently chat with.

If you're a janitorial service having to visit multiple sites every day, use the latest "Instagram Stories" so your followers and friends can find out.

Growing a Follower-Base, Recent Social Media Trend for Janitorial Services -

Social media can be used for tracking individuals that have a huge follower base.

In that way, you can further encourage them to refer your janitorial cleaning service to more people in their network.

During the process, as you are cleaning more spaces the best practice as a janitorial custodian would be to get well acquainted with various categories of floors and the most effective ways of cleaning them.

Like our Facebook page for appointmentsClick here

Content Variation Through Engagement -

 There are readers and viewers, but not all viewers are readers. 

Some individuals prefer watching videos while only a handful of audiences prefer to read. If you want to attract both, then focus on video content at the same time.

Short videos on "Ways to Grow a Cleaning Business", and "Effective Tips for Office Cleaning During the Pandemic" are the best topics to start with..

Keep in mind that social media trends for janitorial services will continue to evolve; hence, one must be adaptable always.

Informative and well-articulated as well as free information are the key to happy customers; moreover, it's an effective viral marketing tactic.

If you lack resources to create videos, then the next best alternative would be infographics and compelling imageries to attract visitors.

Sharing only picture-based content isn't going to be an effective decision, rather consider combining the two to give your content an extra boost.

Very few people have the time and patience to read through every line of text, which is why coming up with visual content for summarizing your message can be equally effective.

Drop a Message -

Sending a message to the right prospects has the potential to convert them into customers, so go ahead, start messaging people on social media, but remember to add them to your friend list first.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to reach out to the decision-makers of various companies directly. Have you tried LinkedIn Sales Navigator yet?
The first month is free, but the subscription rate afterward will be $80/month.

Even if they're not, it's important to close a conversation politely, by reminding them what you have to offer with utmost professionalism without being too pushy.

Email Marketing Never Gets Old -

Sending personal emails directly to your desired clientele will generate a feeling of trust and authenticity. Establish a discovery call and try closing every lead that responds.

Invest in leads based on the geographic location in your area so you could reach more prospects personally.

Usually, 1 out of 1000 emails are likely to convert; however, if you wish to improve the number, learn to craft a short and effective email for the prospects on your lead lists.

Come up with an interesting subject line so people are actually motivated to click and read your email.

Address individuals with their respective first names while focusing on one particular motive.

Greet your prospects clearly so they know who they are talking to. And avoid attachments as no prospect is going to download them due to the really short attention span they have.

Conclusion -

Before pressing the "Send" button, take the time to read through the email once again to make sure it's grammatically correct with proper spelling and address.

On a different note, if you're searching for double verified as well as reliable Janitorial leads instead of indulging in the latest social media trends for janitorial services then contact us today.

If you're a contractor that specializes in commercial cleaning, then you need to know the importance of janitorial leads. Authentic and verified leads can lower your marketing fees, therefore, raising your profit scale drastically! On top of that, consider having a separate team that will work tirelessly around the clock to help you connect with commercial and/or facility managers in your area. So you get enough space for handling all the cleaning, whereas, we bring you more janitorial appointments even during this pandemic.

Janitorial Leads Pro and traditional advertising:

Traditional advertising is more expensive compared to recent online marketing trends/practices.

Being a completely separate entity, you will enjoy the freedom to either market your services by yourself or opt for a third party so you have more time.

But the challenge is in performing two different activities (marketing and cleaning) at the same time.

If you'd like to stick to traditional marketing only, be aware of these common mistakes such as,

The majority have adopted one or a few marketing techniques, which is why you must make them realize how your leads can be a better investment option.

Hygiene is a crucial aspect for everyone:

Thorough cleaning is crucial in this pandemic. Impress more clients with your precautionary measures.

Janitorial cleaning services aren't going anywhere soon as hygiene is a mandatory part of our life.

Both residential, as well as commercial spaces, need to hire cleaners on a recurrent basis; therefore, remind them about the importance of cleanliness at all times.

Other than that, we have freshly baked office cleaning leads exclusively for your cause.

Feel free to connect with us, in case you're looking for experienced telemarketers for setting appointments.

We charge cleaners only after setting appointments.

Leads can reduce marketing expenses:

Watch your expense dip as dedicated marketers reach out on your behalf to ensure further sales.

Once you've found out who's looking for cleaners in your area there's little need to invest in marketing as you will connect with decision-makers directly.

Each of our leads categories can be a complete solution for growth.

Since you'll know the right prospects beforehand, all you have to do is call them for scheduling an appointment.

Janitorial appointment setting program:

Certainly, it gets more challenging to keep track of every prospect as the client list continues to grow; that's when you know it's time for expansion.

Janitorial Leads Pro isn't just about handing over a couple of lead lists and then disappearing completely.

A dedicated appointment setting team reaches out on your behalf so you can visit and provide them with an estimate.

Upon your confirmation and request, we will start connecting with every prospect within your desired area ZIP codes.

Once an appointment is confirmed, we will then forward the contact information where you will need to visit before you can provide them an estimate; as a result, you're exempted from calling prospects entirely.

Janitorial appointment setting is all about enabling you to save more time so more focus can be redirected into actual deliverance. 

Hospital cleaning projects offering big bucks!

That's right, even in this pandemic when millions have lost jobs all over the US, Janitorial Leads Pro still manages to bring you more office cleaning jobs than ever.

Although recent times are challenging yet janitors are demanded heavily; the actual superheroes without a cape.

As the number of infections continues to surge more hospitals are frequently hiring janitors at the same time for sanitizing the place.

 Here are 10 ways to convert medical cleaning leads into confirmed clients. 
More money is attached to the hospital or office cleaning jobs.
 Follow and maintain these latest cleaning standards and you will certainly impress your clients. 

Learn more about how to keep offices sanitized following the end of the lockdown period while ensuring workers' safety.

Are the janitorial leads ready to convert?

Leads are contacted first to make sure they are also qualified prospects with the capacity to afford your cleaning services.

It's natural for being a skeptic about leads, and whether or not they will convert.

We value your hard work, which is why you can have faith in our leads. Call us today or sign up now so that we can hook you up with clients right away.

Hygiene is a crucial part of our lifestyle differentiating us from chaos and disorder. Having a clean office is the key to productive and happy workers; hence, cleanliness is mandatory.

Getting your hands on profitable janitorial cleaning jobs requires playing the cards right and of course extensive networking.

Solid leads for commercial cleaning jobs could expand your customer base; however, qualified janitorial leads are rare.

That's where Janitorial Leads Pro comes along to bring you cleaning jobs all throughout every year even during this pandemic!

Making the Most Out of SEO:

Proper SEO for targeting potential office managers by typing "janitors near me" on Google

Search marketing is widely popular today, which is why janitorial businesses should invest to enjoy a significant amount of ROI.

With 4.2bn searches a day, our main objective is to help your cleaning business show up on the first page of Google.

 Here's why opt for Janitorial Leads Pro

Join Communities Online:

Forums and Facebook communities are great sources for clients

Not everyone will be equally exposed to this modern-day search marketing, which is when online communities on social media can be reliable sources for janitorial leads.

Leveraging Facebook and Social Media:

Following the pandemic more and more facility managers are now actively hiring janitors to clean their offices.

Luckily, their search is quite frequent on social media so you don't have to get out of the house for any commercial cleaning leads.

Facebook ads have gained popularity because these ads target prospects based on their intent, search behavior, and pattern.

Most importantly, every ad instigated by a brand will target not only its followers but also others in the same network.

As a result, if you can ensure interaction from followers on your posts, that post will become visible on more feeds.

 Check out this detailed guide on how to launch effective Facebook ads for cleaning businesses. 

Setting Appointment between Contractors and Facility Managers:

Janitorial Leads Pro schedules appointments on your behalf with building or office managers.

Collecting qualified leads is a lot more than simply putting up a website and later coalescing visitors into sharing private info.

Keeping Track of Google Updates:

Keeping track of the updates from Google is the key to remaining on the very first page.

The next task is to maintain routine communication with subscribers individually to your blog by reminding them how you can make their life easier.

Janitorial Leads & Conversion Tactics:

Our information verification process follows a series of steps for information accuracy.

The final stage of the lead generation process is converting your prospects into customers.

Our telemarketers are well-trained individuals capable of proper sales pitching; as a result, making prospects perceive the genuine value of our janitorial telemarketing and appointment setting program for better branding.

Our team specializes in reaching out to prospects directly over the phone and scheduling appointments.

Your operations team is likely to know every problem experienced by clients frequently; therefore, listen closely to them.

We always maintain a series of steps for qualifying every prospect while saving more of your time!


Consistency and hard work are the resultant of success.

There are plenty of janitorial leads online to choose from but keep in mind those could be hoaxes too.

Being a well-wisher, I'd recommend you check online forums for proper business leads with high conversion.

Buying leads could be a risky investment decision, so research and seek advice from trusted individuals before putting your money at stake.

Regardless of the size of a cleaning company, if you desire to make it successful then you must be ready to invest in verified janitorial leads actively recruiting reliable janitorial service.

So, how does one get their hands on updated leads that will convert?

Not just leads but fully verified and confirmed appts. from your area.

Read along to find out...

I will also advise you to start implementing the following tactics from now onward and feel the difference.

The early days of my cleaning service

The early phase of a business requires more concentrated effort and obviously, a larger investment.

As a matter of fact, I advertised my own cleaning service by distributing flyers in my neighborhood.

It didn't even take 48 hours when I received my first phone call from a private company with 10 employees.

Concentrate on cold calling to generate solid janitorial business leads:

Specialization is the key.

I realized that I was wasting a lot of time answering phone calls and keeping track of changes in appointments became overwhelming as my client base expanded and more people started buying more janitorial business leads.

As we gained more traction and more money poured in, the team and I sat down together and began our search for a reliable team for cold calling and hunting for commercial cleaning leads.

Ever since that day, our lives have turned much simpler and more organized. 

I employed the right people who eventually took my business to a whole new level in terms of efficiency and sales!

Referral and network marketing.

The team and I realized that it's all about leaving an impression after every cleanup, and our dedication and sincerity impressed more prospects at the same time.

Our clients have always appreciated our effort and we have always tried to maintain a long-term relationship.

Moreover, I am sure you'd love to find your home in perfect order after a long day at work.

So once your clients are happy with your service, they are more likely to refer you to others, which in return will broaden your goodwill.

The technique acts as a motivational tool for encouraging existing customers to promote a business.

We began to recognize our clients that referred our services to others. Motivation acts as the key to growing your network.

Email hunting sessions.

Sadly, I even had to work late nights to search for the email addresses of various individuals working in other companies in New York back in 2008.

LinkedIn is a brilliant place to look for such an email address needed for sending proposals.

Make sure you're using an SSL-certified domain for your business; otherwise, your proposals are likely to end up in the spam folder instead of reaching the inbox of your recipients.

Cold emailing is an effective method of attracting the attention of your prospects. Many find cold calls annoying, but rarely emails.

In case you're planning to outsource some of these tasks to a third party, check out the list of fully customized services for branding your commercial cleaning service.

One year down the line...

Once the money began to flow in, we realized that it was time to invest in content marketing following Google AdWords campaigning.

We hired a team for designing our business page following content and email marketing to further promote our services.

In a year or less, our websites began to do all the hard work for us.

As more and more cleaners found our website, we no longer needed to spend money on telemarketers, simply because we began to rank on popular keywords.

Invest in Google Adwords by selecting the right keywords first. It’s equally important to list down the negative keywords first for avoiding unrelated ad triggers.

Which leads can I trust?

Time is important for every janitorial service, which is why Janitorial Leads Pro double-verifies every lead down to the last second before handling janitorial business leads to a potential contractor.

 Hence, with dedicated appointment setters, you could easily find out if the leads are still accurate or not. 

Want to prepare yourself for the upcoming interview? Find out what employers frequently asked during janitorial interviews.

Every reliable business online today must maintain a community on Facebook where they invite members to join and share their experiences with others.

Leads are verified appointments with whom you simply have to visit, inspect, and give an estimate. Time-saving while allowing you to close more business.

We'll call you soon to find out your needs as closely as possible.

The lead generation process could be strenuous, especially when quality is the main priority. Learn these techniques by heart, and you'll soon be experiencing massive success.


Our customer support is available 24/7 to answer all your queries. So feel free to reach out.
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