The cleaning industry is packed with contenders from all levels; hence, it's up to you to prove yourself in this field if you want to excel. There are quite a few traits that separate the best from the rest but there are some things you will need to know about the pros. Due to the current pandemic, some additional janitorial cleaning standards must be maintained at all times.

Any professional office cleaner is always a step ahead of their competitors.

Follow these standards, and you too will be able to join the club. 

Cleaning standards explained: 

Good cleaning standards will make your janitorial cleaning service stand up to the mark.

The standard dictates the reputation of your cleaning company as it also elevates your brand.

Standardization has become so popular that there are certificates that show your standard; as a result, a cleaning standard certificate will prove that your cleaning service is 100% compliant.

 One famously known standardization cleaning certificate is known as the CIMS certificate, which measures the worth as well as the overall value of any commercial cleaning company. 

What does it mean for the company? 

Keeping up with the janitorial cleaning standard to suppress the growth of the CoVID-19 virus could bring you, permanent customers.

Having repeat clients is one of the signs of a healthy and successful company.

It will also attract clients who are also seeking the same cleaning standards your service is offering during this pandemic.

Among the noted benefits, your company will be on its way to maximizing its profits because of its more efficient work procedures. 

Specifying the janitorial cleaning standards today:

Professionals must maintain their activities with precision as well as impeccability for generating a sense of reliability.

We have interviewed over 50 different janitors over Zoom to learn more about the janitorial cleaning standards they have been maintaining while cleaning offices in this coronavirus pandemic.  

Time Management: 

The professional maintains his standards with the use of proper time management.

Time will leave an observable impact on your work procedures if you take a long time while cleaning the entire office.

Moreover, it will dictate the flow of your work while keeping your clients satisfied by making them feel that you are equally concerned about the lethality of the CoVID-19 virus.

Whether it is arriving at the location or completing the task, you will need to maintain a smooth flow of managing your time to make the best of your day.

Time management allows you to focus on important aspects of every job without running late.
 It is also vital to know that getting the work done too fast by rushing just to save time is considered a bad practice, especially at this time when the infection rate is spiking every day! 
Trained Staff: 

A pro janitor must lead a team of trained staff because commercial cleaning is teamwork completely.

Furthermore, they will provide certification upon completing their course materials and turning your team into a professional commercial cleaning service as a whole.  

Precision-based Cleaning: 

Cleaning isn’t just about throwing water on a dirty surface and scrubbing as hard as you can.

Precision cleaning could turn you into a favorite pick for clients in your area.

Procedures designed for that certain cleaning job require a specific approach, e.g., if it is a medical office cleaning then thorough sanitization is a must.

Extra Attention to Details:
Water taps are frequently touched spots inside any office washroom, so spend some extra time sanitizing the whole place.

The professional way is always about that extra effort, which is the added effort that will please your client.

It is vital to know that certain cleaning jobs require extra attention even if it is a simple cleaning job.

A professional will always do the best to deliver the best output, and office cleaning as a whole requires undivided attention if you wish to get hired in the future.

If you’re to be a professional janitorial service you’re going to need to give it your best shot for maintaining certain precautionary measures against the Coronavirus manifestation. 

Courtesy and Client Relationships: 

A professional must know how to handle and communicate with the clients besides cleaning.

Maintaining client relationships is as vital as getting the job done as it's up to the client to decide if you’d be hired the next time or not.

Commitment to Work: 
Healthy client relationships leave the doors open for more fruitful projects.

Professionals have the sheer will of commitment when it comes to completing any janitorial jobs as it dictates your willingness to get the work done on time.

You must deliver exactly what you’ve promised your clients, no matter how easy or difficult any given situation is.

Being a committed cleaner will always ensure the highest level of client satisfaction as it will always show in your work.

Completing the work with sheer will and expertise shows commitment; moreover, your work will show your clients that this is your passion.

This is exactly what the professional cleaner makes sure to deliver.

Equipment on the Go: 

The biggest factor for janitorial cleaning standards is possessing the right array of equipment for thorough or deep cleaning.

It makes your clients view you as professionals since. It shows that you’ve invested the right amount on getting the right equipment for the job.

Ensuring Safe Work Procedures:

Professionals always make sure to maintain a safe work environment.

Standardized work procedures need to be safe for all the stakeholders involved; cleaning with certain chemicals can become hazardous for clients too.

It is best for all stakeholders to work carefully using chemicals or cleaning agents while covering their hands.

In recent times, cleaning procedures are certified with a green certificate, which certifies your procedures are environmentally friendly.

Ensuring a safe working environment for your staff is also what a leader would do.

Furthermore, it falls under the OSHA regulation which certifies a cleaning service is safe for people. 

Going the Extra Miles: 

The best and the most well-known trick a professional has in his arsenal is going the extra mile while following and implementing the janitorial cleaning standards.

When you will work extra diligently for your clients, the results will become visible in the quality of work.

Working while remaining motivated with the underlying desire to help every client will manifest a stronger and more genuine relationship. 


The professional janitorial cleaning standard is the best way to get your cleaning service to newer heights. Sometimes certification is needed for standardization if you want to compete with the professionals. Although comparatively easy yet a certain set of practices must be maintained at all costs to flatten the curve.

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This lockdown phase seems to be never-ending, but we all have to go back to our usual work processes sooner or later; hence, this guide on office cleaning methods imposed by WHO must be practiced from now. The cleaning checklist discussed here is about sanitizing an office space fully to ensure personal safety.

Dust the office:

Wipe the dust buildup on tabletops and other furniture.

Upon entering, you’re quite likely to notice dust on tables and chairs including surfaces of all the furniture inside the workspace. 

Dust buildup isn’t just eye-soothing but also potential carriers of viruses or germs capable of infection. 

 The best part is, we know offices that are soon going to reinitiate their operations. 

Following the dust clean-up, breathing inside the office will be much easier.

Apply these precautionary measures during office cleaning:

During any office cleaning work, make sure you’re completely covered with NIOSH and WHO-certified PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). 

An employer must provide the following list of items to their cleaners before initiating.

Cleaning and disinfecting process by adopting the safest standards.

Learn more about commercial cleaning lead generation for sanitizing workplaces hiring janitors near you.

Once you begin the cleanup, you need to make sure that not the slightest bit of skin portions remain exposed; therefore, must wear the following gears:

Apply Clorox before wiping tabletops or any other frequently touched spots like doorknobs or taps.

For each of these gears mentioned above, look closely at the packaging for WHO and/or NIOSH certifications. 

In addition to protecting your own self, make sure that your whole team is equally equipped with adequate PPE.

Souvenirs like hand sanitizers are impressionable. People will remember you.

Certainly, they will also feel safe working with you. 

As a matter of fact, leaving such souvenirs will generate a sense of authenticity in your client; moreover, it will definitely make them rehire your commercial cleaning services. 

You could hang a signboard on the wall stating all the general guidelines for suppressing the chances of infection.  

Compare the best gloves for protection against the CoVID-19 virus.

If you’re the one leading your office cleaning team, then as a leader it’s your job to ensure complete safety for your members too. 

And that means, supplying them with proper PPE and other necessary items. 

There are gloves made of nitrile, which are comparatively safer than latex gloves. 

Warm water for disinfecting viruses:

You know how genuinely important it is to have access to warm water for deep cleaning or sanitizing any workplace.
Apply warm water on doorknobs, table surfaces, elevator switches, and any other spots that are frequently touched.
Use disinfectant or sanitizer following every office cleaning job.

Few disinfectants for the floors:

Warm water is generally used for disinfecting surfaces off of the CoVID-19 virus.

Now, evidence reveals that SARSCoV-2 may remain effective for hours and even days depending on the material; therefore, disinfection is the safest measure.

Disinfecting refers to the usage of chemicals that are EPA-registered; meaning, chemicals must kill germs manifesting inside any office space.

Here you will find 7 best floor cleaners to include in your office cleaning arsenal.

Generally, it's advised to disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched. Specifically -

 Throughout the whole cleaning, wear a pair of goggles, cover hands with gloves, and wear a mask.  Here are more disinfectants for CoVID-19 prevention, as approved by EPA.


Following every cleanup, advise your team to clean themselves thoroughly particularly after disposing of their gloves, masks, and goggles. If you wish to sustain your team, make sure you have them adequately dressed up before every cleaning contract. 

We would love to be there by your side every step of the way, all you have to do is just book an appointment with our team.

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Go-to guide highlighting on the needs of commercial centers or facility managers ready to hire commercial cleaning services. These techniques might improve your chances to get hired.

If you’re running a janitorial business then you are already aware of how clients often scour every cleaner before finally picking the right cleaning service.

The scrutiny is unavoidable, but knowing their selection criteria might prepare you well before any janitorial interview.

Why is it important to know their needs?

Work on certain qualities to get recognized as a professional cleaning service.

Customer-centric companies are always

To be clear on the matter of why it is important to know what they want, you’ll need a closer look at what you're capable of delivering.

Besides, the additional services your cleaning business has made available on-demand, there can be additional wants from certain clients that need to be addressed.

Once you’re already tuned with their requirements, they are unlikely to consider any other office cleaner and might decide to sign a janitorial contract with you.

How prospects usually perceive commercial cleaning services?

Your clients will have a clear understanding of your team even before they look at your quotation.

Small or big office managers will only consider office cleaners that promise further reliability; hence, your representative must remain persistent and try to anticipate the likely questions from the interviewer.

 Here is a list of things companies check before hiring any custodian cleaning service. 

What are your janitorial fees and prices?

One of the biggest and primary concerns of facility managers is the price.

Commercial cleaning prices can range from being overly expensive to reasonably fair prices but avoid preposterous pricing.

Pricing your services reasonably could bag many clients, only if you're charging competitive rates compared to other commercial cleaners.

Competitive prices can bury your competition; therefore, if you are offering quality service at feasible rates then any client will be more likely to sign your office cleaning contract.

Here’s a quick guide on how to price commercial spaces for cleaning

Quality of work shows in the profile:

The quality of work of any commercial cleaning service must be clearly stated in their quotation.

It is best to provide premium service and also elaborate on your process in the quotation; therefore, making your potential clients aware of your credibility.

The notion will be more solidified with a CIMS certificate for implementing cleaning standards.

Reviews will make your profile look more authentic online.

What do your clients have to say about your work?

If you own a reputable cleaning service and want your prospects to find you, then consider listing your website on the local directories.

Once your company is registered, encourage your clients to leave their feedback on either your Google or Facebook page.

Reviews will help you gain more visibility across search results.

The greater the rating the higher your listing will appear on Google search results!

Have you attained any certificates?

CIMS certification helps you to stand out.

Certification has become the new measuring stick when it comes to hiring a cleaning service.

With the introduction and implementation of cleaning certificates all throughout the nation, clients now seek certified cleaners to get their jobs done.

Having a custodial certificate will not only make you appear more authentic to your prospects but also elevate the status of your company ensuring a line of trained individuals that will be certified too.

Moreover, having a certificate will boost your company’s credibility making you stand out easily.

How organized is your team?

A coherent and organized cleaning team certainly goes a long way.

While going through your company’s profile, a client will want to know about your team.

A workforce is the backbone of any commercial cleaning service for performing the main duties responsibly.

Having a certified and trained workforce will tip the scale in your direction as clients do not want their valuables to get damaged.

Authenticity, reviews, and price are the factors that determine your hiring possibility.

What are your operational days and hours?

In a world where time is of the essence, it is important to clarify the working hours and days of your janitorial service.

Operational hours of Janitorial Leads Pro

Even if you’re not available, make sure there’s an away message set to email, phone, and Facebook page.

Either your Facebook page or Google My Business must reveal your active hours at the same time.

Every professional commercial cleaning service will be able to attend to a client’s needs whenever they are wanted.

However, most cleaning businesses are limited by timing and that’s exactly why an away message must specify the hours of operation so they can reach out.

Most clients usually require a cleaning business to complete their work within their preferred operational hours.

However, many prefer to have it done after hours when the cleaning will not hamper the work of other employees.

 Don't forget to get listed on Google My Business page to interact with clients fast! 

How fast do you respond to the prospects?

The faster response rate makes customers feel more important.

Whenever there is a conversation going on between a client and your cleaning service it is important to respond promptly with optimum clarity, as this is something that most clients scrutinize strictly.

Responding quickly to queries is an act of concrete professionalism.

Clients judge the response time from cleaning companies with how reliable they are and it can play a huge part in securing an appointment between a prospect and your company before an estimate is handed over.

Maintain a quick response time and you’ll be on your way to winning them over.

Are you committed to delivering superior service?

Your cleaning business will set appointment dates before every cleaning job; however, fail to show up at the agreed time or date, you may never get another shot again.

Are you maintaining all the ethics required for commercial cleaning services?

With the development of the concept of the green earth, clients now expect every cleaning service to follow ethical practices throughout.

Being green or having the green factor means your cleaning business uses cleaning agents and follows procedures that are not harmful to the environment.

Green work procedures and chemicals have now been the subject of approval when it comes to hiring the right cleaning service.

Clients, on the other hand, opt for safer cleaning methods for hospitals during these troubled times.

A memorable first impression as a commercial cleaning service.

Positive impressions make people unforgettable.


Clients are picky when it comes to selecting the right cleaning company for the job, so it is best to keep in mind their requirements. Intense competition in the commercial cleaning industry, which is why constantly improving oneself is the key to growth.

To win their approval, every query must be answered with confidence; and most importantly, maintain relationships at all times.

Health care facilities focus mainly on looking after the sick and nursing them back to health, obviously. On a different note, every staff working for any hospital must be departmentalized as per their expertise for greater output. It is often so that any healthcare facility will require cleaning, therefore, having its own cleaning team is highly probable; however. this labor division in hospitals often causes below average quality work due to lack of monitoring.

Meanwhile, there are medical cleaning leads available that can guarantee hospital cleaning jobs all year round!

You need to know how a professional janitorial service for your medical office could be beneficial, particularly in this pandemic.

Why employ cleaning services for hospitals?

The majority of professional cleaning service providers are also certified custodians at hospitals.

 If given the opportunity, they will contribute significantly to your cause, like cleaning medical offices

Medical offices and health care facilities require an extra level of commitment while cleaning as there are lives at stake.

It is imperative for these critical issues to be solved with extra attention from certified technicians. Cleaners employed at health care facilities can never measure up to any ordinary cleaners.


The cleaning requires thorough sanitation making sure every patient stays hygienic

Find out exactly how having a dedicated team for cleaning hospitals or medical offices can be benefitting medical offices as a whole.

Here are ten reasons why having professional janitorial services for your health care facility can be rewarding.

Completely dependable during emergency cleaning:

That's why only professionals are committed to their jobs, having their minds set to deliver the best quality and verified medical cleaning Leads consistently.


Cleaning Tips for a Hygienic Medical Office

Familiarity with overall hospital cleaning jobs:

The staff employed for cleaning a hospital by professional janitorial service providers have a career built on cleaning and sanitation. Needless to say that they aren’t just individuals looking for a cleaning job.

 With experts like Janitorial Leads Pro, you will no longer have to worry about generating verified medical office cleaning leads. 

Considering that the professional janitorial service providers will further add a specialized workforce to concentrate in certain areas that they excel at so their teamwork can ensure 100% effective hospital cleaning.

Time is of the essence during the CoVID-19 crisis!

Micromanaging a health care facility is a matter of managing time and if you’ve employed your own janitors and cleaners then it will simply add more time you’d otherwise had spent supervising them.

Professional janitorial service providers can save you that extra bit of time by completely taking control into their own hands.

This means you no longer need to waste precious time ordering cleaners around to do their job who in their own minds aren’t too bright or motivated, to begin with.

Rest assured that if there is something that needs cleaning, it isn’t of any concern to you since it now rests on the hands of experts who save you your precious time which you can spend tending to the patients with focus.

Hygienic method for disposing of medical wastes:

“Pros come prepared”

When you hire someone professional, you can rest assured that they will bring their own arsenal thoroughly handpicked for the job.

You no longer need to employ an entire research team to waste their time buying just any other medical cleaning leads.

The professionals will come prepared and you would have these high-tech cleaning tools for all the hard work around any hospital.

Overall stress-free hospital environment:

With professional cleaning services for hospitals, this stress will all vanish due to hiring a custodian full-time for completing the job.

Complete medical sanitation:

In the case of hospitals and health care facilities, sanitation is of utmost importance.

Oftentimes, a hospital's cleaning staff may not put in the best efforts to ensure proper sanitation or use inferior disinfectants which can make things even worse.

Consistent cleanliness and hygiene:

Throughout the day, a hospital can be subjected to a constant flow of sick patients capable of causing bio-medical spillage, oftentimes leading to contracting infectious diseases.

It happens quite a lot that the hospital staff, who are in charge of cleaning may not deliver proper medical office cleaning at times.

Consistency will lead to better trust as time passes onward working together as a team.


Frequent cleaning schedules are enforced that are often ignored by regular janitors.

Satisfaction for the patients and their families:

Efficient appointment setting teams aim to deliver verified medical cleaning leads that are simply awaiting your phone call before conversion.

[font-awesome class="fa-lightbulb-o text-white font-35 line-height-2" container-class="bg-orange text-center rounded-3"]

Our outreaching specialists will establish direct contact between you and hospital managers following the verification of medical leads.

[highlight background="" color=""]Visit the facility, inspect the area, and provide an estimate for cleaning the hospital.[/highlight]

Verified medical cleaning leads at feasible rates:

Inferior cleaning procedures all over the workplace can cost you a lot of money, often resulting in dissatisfaction.

It all adds up to poor maintenance, inferior cleaning agents, and untrained cleaning techniques, which together can cause damages to your reputation at the same time.

It is true that hiring professional janitorial service can cost you money, but will certainly leave a pristine hospital afterward.

[font-awesome class="fa-lightbulb-o text-white font-35 line-height-2" container-class="bg-orange text-center rounded-3"]

 Professional cleaners at hospitals will consider precautionary measures while cleaning hospitals to avoid harming your patients. 

Overall safety and focus on hospitals and medical staff:


Maintaining health and safety regulations while cleaning is as vital as cleaning itself.

It makes sure that the cleaning follows every regular standard for safety within hospital premises.

CIMS certification helps you to stand out as a certified cleaning company is prioritized before any ordinary service.

 It is stated under the CIMS certification which professional janitorial service providers have ensured to put the health and safety of staff as a high priority. 

The certification evaluates the cleaning procedures as safe and harmless for all stakeholders.

It stands out as a measuring criterion for pro cleaners.

When you get yourself professional cleaning services for hospitals only, you will only thank yourself later.


There is nothing that can stand up to rival professional cleaning services for hospitals; therefore, it is a good idea for hospitals and health care facilities to hire professionals for all their cleaning requirements. There are more than just 10 reasons for hiring a separate contractor and save yourself a great deal of time.

If you are a certified cleaning service for hospitals or clinics, contact us now for jobs.

The janitorial industry gets very serious when it comes to medical office cleaning. Cleaning any hospital or clinic is a very demanding job calling for 100% efficiency. It often becomes difficult to tackle every issue and delivering complete cleanliness. It is vital to keep up with the requirements of a medical office as there are viruses and bacteria infesting all over the place. The poor quality of cleaning and sanitation will facilitate the spread of diseases. It is imperative that you maintain a separate cleaning checklist just in case you don’t end up forgetting anything important.

Let’s go through these medical office cleaning practices that clients generally prefer.

Crucial Medical Office Cleaning Practices:

Being on your job you already know the areas that require your attention; however, only paying attention to these spots won't be enough.

There are a few basic practices for places where you will need to pay a closer look.

We have explained the best practices in detail for the best possible sanitation, and these practices will keep viruses off; furthermore, your reputation will also supersede the rest of the medical offices in your area.

 It is vital to pay close attention to detail and remember the following tips whenever approaching any medical office cleaning job. 

Cleaning the reception and lounge:

Needles, syringes, and other medical wastes must be thoroughly sanitized before disposal.

When patients step in, the first place they will be moving to is the reception area and the waiting room. This is where they will be spending most of their time waiting.

The reception desk and walls also require attention and then proceed to clean out the desks, chairs, and tables in the waiting room.

It is advisable to use a strong disinfectant in this case while paying attention to the armrests and the grooves along with the chairs and desks.

The best practice also dictates that you clean this area from time to time as the place is always occupied.

 Make sure to empty out the bins and clean the reading materials.
Spray gentle air freshener for a finishing touch before moving to the next office room. 

Floor – dust and debris, clean air:

The floor is by far the most important area of focus.

It is always trodden on and keeps accumulating dust and debris flowing in, particularly for hospitals located right adjacent to main roads.

Wear a mask or cover face with a cloth while vacuuming floors.
 It is important since they are the cause of biohazardous risks to other people in the area, as well as for keeping up the standards for optimum hospital cleaning practices. 

Ensuring a clean and sanitized check-up room is one of the best practices you can always deliver as a commercial cleaner.

Use Purell, Clorox, or Lysol disinfectant and wipe the surfaces that are frequently touched.

It is the area that often gets contaminated due to frequent visits by patients.

The tables, chairs, and even the doctor’s desk require cleaning.

It is often that patients may expel contaminants into the room; as a result, the best practice for cleaning this area dictates cleaning the floors and all the furnishings.

It is this room that needs the highest level of concentration from dedicated office cleaners looking for commercial cleaning work.

It houses many patients that often pollute the area; therefore, the best practice, in this case, would be to ensure proper cleaning of the floors on a frequent basis.

Furthermore, the sheets and pillow covers need changing too, in case there is accidental spillage of bodily wastes.

It is in these cabins where they spend most of their time along with their guardians and visitors.

It may be often visited by the family of the patients who in turn contaminate these rooms.

Cleaning their personal attached toilets will ensure efficient sanitation, and every grout on the floor needs cleaning with precision.

Wipe the floors using Lysol or Clorox after every operation or surgery.

Moreover, the room also needs immediate attention in case of spills.

Toilets and restroom sanitation:

Toilet and restroom sanitation must be given high priority on your medical office cleaning leads.

Whether those are personal cabin toilets or for the commoners, they all need cleaning by a dedicated member of the staff at all times.

Meanwhile taking into consideration all the toilet fixtures, which are usually left in horrible conditions, mostly by sick patients.

Air ducts and ventilation sanitation:

Use Sporicidin deodorizer for cleaning the air ducts from the possible buildup of viruses, bacteria, and molds.

The air we breathe is vital and can be the gateway for a lot of germs and allergens.

Air ducts and ventilation points need cleaning with utmost scrutiny.

Treating this area poorly may cause discomfort and oftentimes, be the cause for lung infection among patients.

 Allergens and germs can roam freely capable of causing an outbreak. 

Your janitorial team must know how to approach the air duct cleaning process, especially for medical offices.

This will not only add value to your work but also make ways for more income for your cleaning service.

OR, HDU and ICU disinfecting: 

The operating room, high dependency unit, and intensive care units are important places.

In a medical facility, this is where sanitation is of major concern.

The best practices dictate a thorough clean-up before a patient strolls in. Follow-up cleaning and sanitation is necessary.

Call us today for appointments.

To wrap it up:

Medical facilities and offices offer lucrative opportunities for medical office cleaners. They are primarily dedicated when it comes to actually deliver service. It is equally important mentioning that lives are at stake; henceforth, it is advised that these practices are taken into consideration to avoid any possible lawsuits. Follow these best practices to ensure the safety of the patients as well as your contract.

You will never have to face any issues if you are following this checklist for complete sanitation to your advantage.

A business is established primarily for making profits. The success of commercial cleaning leads generation strategy depends on its ability to provide an increasing number of quality prospects who are actually interested in hiring a cleaning service. Sustainability becomes far-fetched without sales, obviously.

Customers become interested in specific companies due to personal reasons at times; as a result, you must sort clients to ensure the growth of your company.

The primary targets are mostly managers, property owners, and bricklayer contractors.


An ultimate cleaning lead generation service is responsible for channeling traffic to the company's sales funnel.

Property owners hire cleaners and are often the main decision-making body.

An expert is a professional capable of attracting leads and closing sales, who is also the central pillar of their company.

For qualified and verified office cleaning leads, following things to consider:

A cleaning company should be able to search for qualified prospects, particularly facility managers and business owners.

Janitorial Leads Pro is a B2B platform through which any cleaning service provider can easily connect with property managers hiring cleaners.

Tailor your content according to your clients' demands for triggering interest.

After you have searched and identified property owners or managers, endeavor to get their contact information as well.

That way, you can reach them to discuss your cleaning business solutions with them.

Most of them are busy answering cold calls, which is why direct mail is not a bad idea.

Content creation is a marketing process, and it is also the basic technique adopted by many lead generation experts for manifesting trust and build long-term credibility.

Content marketing can attract clients to your cleaning website or funnel, which need to be in various forms - particularly images, videos, or GIFS.

Moreover, ensure you direct your content to qualified clients at most times.

Attract your clients' attention by delivering the information they are likely to search online.

Be intentional and creative. Your content can be on podcasts, infographics, and images for social media.

You can also generate leads by displaying ads on other sites; it can be through Google PPC or pay-per-click program, paid placement, or content discovery networks.

The cold calling method has been working for years, and it has been tested and trusted over and over.

The best part about calling, emailing, or connecting via social media is that it costs you no money to start; however...

However, good news is that you only need a handful of customers to start investing in the other cleaning leads vendors.

Invest in ads, both paid & non-paid

Businesses adopt organic and paid ads for positioning their business/service.

Advertising is an old method, just like cold calling, you don’t need to have vast experience to start an advertisement.

 Here's our guide on what social platforms to spend your money into for attracting more clients. 
These publications already did an excellent job of getting a good number of audiences for you to market to, but you also need to avoid the challenges of cleaning business vendors with advertisers; that challenge is mostly weak communication.

Talk about the likely pain points your clients are experiencing while consuming your ads instead of your company's history.

Your ideal clients might feel they need to micromanage everything their cleaning company does, message, and explain how they will not need to do that with you.

The process could be time-consuming, however, it's capable of generating commercial cleaning leads organically. 

To wrap it up:

To further grow and develop your business, it is important to find means to get your prospective clients.

The more the number of potential clients, the more sales you are likely to make. The cleaning business is not goods, but services; as a result, your clients cannot touch or see it so you have to move to them. You have to meet them to convince them of the kind of cleaning you are going to offer.

If you are in the cleaning business, you have probably already recognized its endless potential.  You see the market, and you have found your place in it. Getting all the indices right does not necessarily mean that you are successful in the business. In fact, you can be doing well and see that you are growing inefficient with time rather than the opposite.

Running a janitorial business is challenging, and we have put together the factors that can make you seem like you are getting sloppy.

Here are some of the reasons you are turning into an inefficient janitorial service.

5 Causes Of An Inefficient Janitorial Service Team

The Likely Reasons For Being An Inefficient:

Although you were off to a great start, yet your results are not up to the mark.

Perhaps, some of these factors might be the reason for your abrupt downfall.

  1. Multitasking During Crucial Moments:
Multitasking leads to burnout and eventually, a drop in productivity.

While you may think that multitasking is a virtue, it is usually a drawback.

You end up focusing on various projects all at the same time, and what this does is that you have days when you stay very busy but end up paying less attention to the primary tasks for the day.

You open and respond to emails, you attend to clients, and even perform all the administrative tasks but then get caught up in situations when all those tasks still remain incomplete.

 Today, you can easily rectify this situation by employing a janitorial appointment setting team for saving your time and resources. 

The fact is that you might achieve more once you consider variations at work.

However, every business owner knows that this is almost impossible as there are some tasks that cannot be postponed.

The smart thing to do is to get help from colleagues or hire a freelancer, which in return will save your energy by helping you concentrate on more important tasks that should be done right away.

  1. Excluding Cleaners From Your Quality Goals

The janitorial service is a quality-based business; therefore, the value that you deliver to your clients, in real-time, is what makes them come right back with big commercial cleaning contracts for you.

You cannot, however, control quality when you are unable to stay in control of on-site problems.

The quality of your work will determine the job success rate.

Your cleaners are responsible for representing your brand the instant they step inside a property; as a result, management is usually not aware of their mistakes until a client complains one day (which means the person really wants good for you).

Making cleaners accountable for their mistakes is the only way to resolve such conflicts or malpractices.

What is the value that you are trying to achieve for your clients?

Let your cleaners know precisely what those are and provide them with an avenue to help you better deliver the value that you want to offer.

  1. Wrong Marketing Strategy

Janitorial business owners make the mistake of thinking that every marketing strategy will work fine for all; however, that's not the case all the time.

The cleaning industry already has a marketing image going. People expect business cards, door hangers, and other classic methods of reaching customers.

The thing is with the onslaught of the internet, many of these methods may no longer be effective.

Appointment Setting
Should we connect you to more jobs?

It is important that you direct your marketing efforts to places that your customers hang out frequently.

You need to get on social platforms because today’s clients are mostly available on those sites; to get to them, your business must be omnipresent!

  1. Inability To Define Your "Why" As A Janitorial Business:      

Perhaps the most inefficient behavior that the majority of janitorial services harbor is not being able to define a specific niche.

You ought to define the specific terms that you want to be cleaning and what kind of clients you are willing to take on board.

Having a definitive purpose makes it easier for businesses to flourish.

Getting this right makes it easier to build a portfolio and to approach the right candidates.

Once you have identified your niche, you will need to build your business around that niche only, and streamlining your goals.

 Taking on all kinds of cleaning jobs will slow you down instead of expanding your janitorial service. 

It would also mean that you are not focusing on nurturing or developing a brand and the type of infrastructure that you invest in will depend on that targeted niche.

For example, if you are an industrial carpet cleaner, you will need to buy heavy-duty equipment; on the contrary, it will be unnecessary if you are focused on small scale cleaning services.

It all points to be specific about what cleaning sector you want to operate so that you remain efficient at what you do.

5. Not Prioritizing Your Cleaners' Demands:

Prioritizing cleaners' demands for better output.

Your cleaners are the key to your inefficient cleaning service, therefore, keep them motivated to make way for better efficiency throughout.

Prioritize by creating a better workplace and making sure that their wages are appropriate.

When your cleaners are happy with their job and with their remuneration, they will put in their best and get you the results that you need.

Cleaners take their cleaning personally, and a good tip would be to enforce changes as a way to help them improve at what they do rather than punishing them.


The janitorial service industry is big because lots of people will choose to outsource this task. But you can still begin to get efficient at anything that you spend more of your time on. With these tips, that could get easier.

 It might be an easy task to build a big company for business. Most cleaners spend their time outside looking for big cleaning projects and frequently end up meeting the majority of qualified clients while cleaning a different company. However, the challenge is to allocate a budget appropriately, so we get to finish every project without depleting resources. 

Money ensures prosperity, which is why, before initiating any project, we must allocate the resources efficiently.

You don't want to run out of cash in the midway of completing big office cleaning projects, do you?

One needs different equipment before initiating a cleaning business, industrial as well as ordinary for commercial and/or residential.

Having funds is crucial, and if you carefully look into the records of any cleaning business, you will realize that they keep a surplus just in case they don't run out. To minimize expenses, I will explain how you can pay little and yet attain excellent results in the end!

These Points are Necessary to Help You Spend Effectively


Cost to Register a Business

The first expense that you will incur while starting any business is the cost of registering the company.

It is essential to register your business as soon as you are starting it, this way you will make your business legit.

The cost of registration varies according to the type of company you're planning to launch.

So try to find out the related costs, which are called the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) that will vary from one country to another.

If you are willing to start up your cleaning business fast, register your business right now!

Cost to Rent an Office Apartment

The cost of renting an office or facility will vary from one area to another, even in the counties as well as states.

Since the price varies, you can ask around in the area regarding rent and other expenses involved from the locals.

After that, you are supposed to get an estimate of the amount you will need to secure an office facility or space. You can also contact an estate agent in the area for office space.

Ask them questions, since they will be in the position to give you details on the cost of renting an office apartment in the location of your choice.

Here's a detailed analysis of the Janitorial Budget Analysis Breakdown.

Cost of Budget Janitorial Office Equipment

Having the right set of equipment is essential when initiating a cleaning service.

The cost of office equipment is high as it speaks more about your company to your clients.

You will need an office table, chairs (3 or more), a computer, a printer, a fax machine, AC, window blinds, a file cabinet, a telephone, and an internet (connection).

Find the prices for each item online, so you are aware of the market prices and prevent sellers from ripping you off.

 Note that you are not compelled to purchase brand new office equipment to get started. You can start with used but functional items. 

Cost of Cleaning Chemicals 

These are essential items, particularly now during the CoVID-19 pandemic.

Cleaning equipment and chemicals will take away a significant portion of the budget; as a result, buy such chemicals in bulk at discounts while following the office cleaning standards following the lockdown phase.

You will require mops, vacuum cleaners, wet vacuum cleaning machines, floor cleaning machines, and brushes.

As advised, you can also opt for used cleaning utensils or rent them before initiating new projects; therefore, granting you enough time to afford brand-new equipment.

Endeavor to purchase original chemicals, so you don't leave a negative impression of your brand.

Cost of Advertising or Marketing Your Business

You want your business to grow and become recognized locally; additionally, advertising is another cost to be considered if you're going to create brand awareness among the target customers.

Funding cleaning projects successfully is the key to accurate delivery or completion of jobs.

Please market your cleaning business, and you will design and print out your business cards, print hand fliers, and also promote them on print and social media pages.

There is no specific way how to expand new business, but you can allocate a limited amount of capital to ensure optimum expansion.

You can decide to spend more or a little on your advert, but you should make your choice accordingly.


You have to spend money to attract more clients and eventually make more money. The above tips are for everyone that wishes to be successful in their cleaning services and not for starters alone.

Get your notepad and outline the necessities before making any investment.

When it comes to finding janitorial contracts, the internet can be a dependable source. But getting clients through social platforms is often a complex mix; as a result, those are mostly ignored while searching for janitorial contracts.

You have probably even asked yourself how to get profitable cleaning contracts online, right?

The subject is tricky but could help you land more projects without paying for any janitorial leads online.

The tips mentioned below will greatly assist you in this cleaning job industry, so continue reading.

We bring cleaning contracts for janitors all throughout the year!

Get Janitorial Contracts Online:

The internet has its own rules. Social media has garnered its own identity.

It has grown into something of an advertising platform for many businesses, and this is a trend that commercial cleaning companies should also get into.

Here are a few innovative ways that you can use social media to get cleaning leads and subsequent contracts on the internet.

Many of these contracts might end up as repeat customers which is what cleaning businesses look forward to most.

This is precisely why you should try them.

Create Videos For Engagement:

Social media is moving away from images to videos.

The conversion rate of videos is fastest and more effective than both your words and your images.

Whether you are starting out with social media marketing or you are in the business of bringing your commercial cleaning platform in front of an online audience; videos are a way to triple your efforts because people are getting increasingly lazy at reading.

 If you are looking to get janitorial contracts on the internet, inserting videos in your strategy will help your conversion rate. 

Pay Closer Attention To The About Us Page:

When a prospect visits your website, one of the first pages that they are likely to click is your "About Us" Page.

This page confirms to your prospect how legitimate you are.

If your "About Us" page is not well structured, then you should do something about it right now.

Provide as much information as will enable your prospect to make their decision on signing their janitorial contracts with you.

In other words, go for the whole page, which will comprise your histories, and your business's mission and vision.


Integrate Limited Time Offers In Your Ads:

When you are advertising through social media, igniting a sense of urgency in your readers or your viewers by telling them that certain sales offers will last for only a short while.

When your Ad rings true with them, offers a solution that they need, and has a timeframe, they are likely to contact you within the stipulated time.

A prospect who intends to visit multiple sites before deciding where to pitch his tent is more likely to choose your company if you promise to deliver value to your audience.

Social Media Trends for Janitorial Contracts:

The first step to utilizing any of the tips that we have discussed is to sign up on the platforms themselves.

Some of the social media platforms that are trendy for increasing your janitorial contracts include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

But, how exactly do you position your cleaning service to get leads and eventually get people to sign contracts?

Leveraging Facebook For Janitorial Leads Or Contracts:

Facebook, like all the other social networks, offers brilliant tools to help you land your next contracts and they operate in an endless funneling manner.

To utilize Facebook for driving your janitorial contracts, you ought to try all the tools in place such as Facebook Live.

Begin by setting up a page for your business.

Constantly post relevant content on your page that allows interested people to connect with you, learn about cleanliness, and learn precisely how you can solve their problems or help them meet their cleaning goals.

To keep your page active and your audience engaged, you have to post videos and perform live sessions regularly.

Facebook Live has a way of giving life to your content and causing your audience to engage deeply with your content.

It also provides a face to your Facebook brand and a unique touch that drives the contracts to your business.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Account:

LinkedIn has gotten not only the crowd but also the design that makes it fit for professional networking.

Leverage Instagram Stories:

Instagram is a cheap way to market your business and get huge leads.

What you should do with your Instagram page includes commenting on posts that you find relevant, constantly updating your posts, posting videos and pictures, replying to comments on your posts, and perhaps the biggest of all, Insta stories.

Instagram is already programmed in a way that it aids business marketing; hence, advertising your commercial cleaning business on Instagram is a surefire way to get more janitorial contracts.

This video will teach you the basics of creating and sharing videos using Instagram Stories.

Provide them with relevant content regularly. Make your bio catchy but explanatory, and you are on your way to online leads via Instagram.


The truth is that if you are not utilizing social media yet, you are missing out on lots of potential customers.

Prospects are already searching for various services online and signing up on any of these platforms strategically positions your business to be noticed.

You immediately gain a wider reach, and you also make it easier for your business to pop up in the search and feeds. This will translate into conversions and ultimately to the janitorial contracts that you seek. More than you know, the internet can give you a huge number of such contracts at a time.


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