Get More Cleaning Sales Through Janitorial Appointment Setting

Do you think your services are not paying enough? Alternatively, you may wonder, am I not hitting the target sales? Cleaning contracts are not steady income sources; as a result, one must have a steady flow of contracts to make ends meet at the end of every month. And that’s why partnering with a janitorial appointment setting service will connect you with more facility managers ready to hire a service.

We believe in work specialization, making each of us slightly better in what we do for a living.

Commercial cleaners are meant for delivering squeaky clean service, whereas, we are going to help you with marketing as well as organizing your calendar.

The best way to maintain as well as attract commercial cleaning leads by remaining available at all times, even while you’re working.

Every time spent with a janitorial lead or an existing client is another opportunity to prove your worth.

Our appointment schedule is backed by confirmation support
One such technique to close every Commercial Cleaning Contract by hiring our janitorial appointment setting or telemarketing support.

Why? – Because this is what we do best since 2013!


Manage your calendar so you are never late again to meet the facility manager.

Appointment Setting is the process of speaking with your leads to set a face-to-face business appointment with the owner of a janitorial business, usually either over Skype, Hangouts, or Zoom.

The term known as “Telemarketing” involves calling a referral that has revealed an interest in your service/product.

As a result, you’ll be calling every prospect for scheduling an appointment between them and the seller.


Many business providers perceive telemarketing as a nightmare; however, the truth is, it goes with only specific businesses.

A suitable method is through telemarketing because you have the chance to speak and get a swift response.

Appointment setting will help you in the following ways:


Customers buy from trusted sellers only; therefore, being a janitorial business provider you must remember that there are other players in the market too.

Setting a face-to-face appointment with business owners will make it easier for you to introduce your business while maintaining transparency.


A professional appointment setter knows exactly what to ask as well as find out who will be capable of affording your services.

It saves time and energy from interacting with an unqualified prospect when there could be more crucial matters to deal with.

The moment you realize that the prospect is not qualified or unable to afford your janitorial service, end the call politely.


Cleaning contractors prefer dealing with well-ordered companies having multiple franchises.

 The moment they realize your company is not ordered, they back out; hence, a professional appointment setter will elaborate on the next steps more explicitly and with professionalism. 


Rejection makes you stronger; leaves more room for further buildup.

However, it might seem impossible to set an appointment with a person of interest whom you do not know.

It is advisable to have more than a hundred and fifty leads as the majority of prospects are likely to decline your offer.

With the rate of CoVID-19 infection surging every day, most businesses almost immediately agree on hiring a cleaning service.

If you’re following as well as maintaining each of these cleaning standards, property managers are likely to hire you again.

Approach them with a help-centric attitude; meaning, how you’re going to be solving their problems. The moment a prospect agrees upon meeting on a certain day at a specific time, you have closed that appointment successfully.


  • Focus on getting your clients first before talking sales: When you call your Lead, you do understand the long term goal is to make sales. Why not make friends with the client in a short time before pitching them. It’s all about making a genuine conversation over the phone.
  • Call the clients at the right time: You achieve when you speak with them calmly by asking if it is the right time to chat. It is a proper etiquette of respect, also revealing how much you respect their time.
  • Have a rehearsed pitch: You are not supposed to read from any script directly; the conversation must revolve around the prospect all the time so they feel important.
Resourceful persons are loved and cherished; a sales pitch indicates a waste of money to most buyers.

An appointment setting is essential to help you discuss your services with your prospect first.

An appointment setter contacts the Leads through emails, and then over the telephone once the person shares their contact info.

As a janitorial service provider, you need to be confident while leading your service.

Prospects are likely to get annoyed with cold calls or direct mails; hence, they might even go to the extent of spamming your contact.

 But consistency with persistence will turn them into clients and secure more commercial cleaning contracts 


A good janitorial service provider is flexible with their appointments.

If your prospective client whom you’ve set a cleaning appointment but cancels due to anything unavoidable, you should reconsider on a later day and time.

You can switch your off-duty hours for the client to make the client feel important by working on your off-duty hours.

This act of good faith might eventually bring new cleaning contracts for you.

  • Do not be a salesperson, but an appointment setter. There is a time for everything.
  • The time to generate leads, the time to call Leads, and the time to turn leads into sales.
  • Ask probing janitorial or cleaning questions.
  • Do not forget to refer to the email you would be sent before the phone call.

As much as you are willing to be flexible, you still need to trigger a sense of urgency during any conversation.

We help you to stay flexible with your operational routine so your clients may enjoy working with you.

Most clients are never ready and like to follow,

‘The Fire Brigade’ approach; as a result, such clients should be treated firmly and with urgency.

Though you need sales, remember you are also rendering excellent service. Be firm and maintain your standard.

 To increase your janitorial cleaning contracts, you should be firm as well as persistent; therefore, remain available well ahead of time on the date of your interview. 

Be firm but flexible and also make sure your client is given the opportunity to fix their time alongside your schedule.


Timing is an essential tool in business and it is also a fact that every second gone is a lost opportunity. Janitorial cleaning contracting is a challenging job; you prove yourself only with a task carried out fully. An appointment setting helps you to diversify your client base while converting those prospects into sales in the long run; as a result, janitorial cleaning contractors should do better at employing a professional Appointment Setting team over robocalls.

Hygiene says a lot about who we are as individuals and that is exactly why people seek my consultancy. Successfully running a janitorial service since 2014 with network operators all over North America. For any information regarding custodial cleaning services, feel free to reach out.

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