Inefficient Practices to Avoid When Running a Janitorial Service

Jason Hunt
October 16, 2019
If you are in the cleaning business, you have probably already recognized its endless potential.  You see the market, and you have found your place in it. Getting all the indices right does not necessarily mean that you are successful in the business. In fact, you can be doing well and see that you are growing inefficient with time rather than the opposite.

Running a janitorial business is challenging, and we have put together the factors that can make you seem like you are getting sloppy.

Here are some of the reasons you are turning into an inefficient janitorial service.

5 Causes Of An Inefficient Janitorial Service Team

The Likely Reasons For Being An Inefficient:

Although you were off to a great start, yet your results are not up to the mark.

Perhaps, some of these factors might be the reason for your abrupt downfall.

  1. Multitasking During Crucial Moments:
Multitasking leads to burnout and eventually, a drop in productivity.

While you may think that multitasking is a virtue, it is usually a drawback.

You end up focusing on various projects all at the same time, and what this does is that you have days when you stay very busy but end up paying less attention to the primary tasks for the day.

You open and respond to emails, you attend to clients, and even perform all the administrative tasks but then get caught up in situations when all those tasks still remain incomplete.

 Today, you can easily rectify this situation by employing a janitorial appointment setting team for saving your time and resources. 
  • Multitasking gives you the illusion of being busy, but it stresses you in the end and can also drain you out completely.
  • Trying to do everything single-handedly will make you perform each task halfway.
  • Your ability to perform many tasks simultaneously could lead to inefficiency.

The fact is that you might achieve more once you consider variations at work.

However, every business owner knows that this is almost impossible as there are some tasks that cannot be postponed.

The smart thing to do is to get help from colleagues or hire a freelancer, which in return will save your energy by helping you concentrate on more important tasks that should be done right away.

  1. Excluding Cleaners From Your Quality Goals

The janitorial service is a quality-based business; therefore, the value that you deliver to your clients, in real-time, is what makes them come right back with big commercial cleaning contracts for you.

You cannot, however, control quality when you are unable to stay in control of on-site problems.

The quality of your work will determine the job success rate.

Your cleaners are responsible for representing your brand the instant they step inside a property; as a result, management is usually not aware of their mistakes until a client complains one day (which means the person really wants good for you).

Making cleaners accountable for their mistakes is the only way to resolve such conflicts or malpractices.

What is the value that you are trying to achieve for your clients?

Let your cleaners know precisely what those are and provide them with an avenue to help you better deliver the value that you want to offer.

  1. Wrong Marketing Strategy

Janitorial business owners make the mistake of thinking that every marketing strategy will work fine for all; however, that’s not the case all the time.

  • It is good to possess the right attitude towards marketing which will further assist your janitorial service to reach a greater number of audiences.
  • But to be successful, you must be selective with your marketing strategies at the same time.
  • Select marketing techniques that are specifically tailored for janitorial service and then invest in those channels only.

The cleaning industry already has a marketing image going. People expect business cards, door hangers, and other classic methods of reaching customers.

  • Or, one could invest in Facebook to reach their target audiences at a more granular level.

The thing is with the onslaught of the internet, many of these methods may no longer be effective.

Appointment Setting
Should we connect you to more jobs?

It is important that you direct your marketing efforts to places that your customers hang out frequently.

You need to get on social platforms because today’s clients are mostly available on those sites; to get to them, your business must be omnipresent!

  1. Inability To Define Your “Why” As A Janitorial Business:      

Perhaps the most inefficient behavior that the majority of janitorial services harbor is not being able to define a specific niche.

You ought to define the specific terms that you want to be cleaning and what kind of clients you are willing to take on board.

Having a definitive purpose makes it easier for businesses to flourish.

Getting this right makes it easier to build a portfolio and to approach the right candidates.

Once you have identified your niche, you will need to build your business around that niche only, and streamlining your goals.

 Taking on all kinds of cleaning jobs will slow you down instead of expanding your janitorial service. 

It would also mean that you are not focusing on nurturing or developing a brand and the type of infrastructure that you invest in will depend on that targeted niche.

For example, if you are an industrial carpet cleaner, you will need to buy heavy-duty equipment; on the contrary, it will be unnecessary if you are focused on small scale cleaning services.

It all points to be specific about what cleaning sector you want to operate so that you remain efficient at what you do.

5. Not Prioritizing Your Cleaners’ Demands:

Prioritizing cleaners’ demands for better output.

Your cleaners are the key to your inefficient cleaning service, therefore, keep them motivated to make way for better efficiency throughout.

Prioritize by creating a better workplace and making sure that their wages are appropriate.

When your cleaners are happy with their job and with their remuneration, they will put in their best and get you the results that you need.

Cleaners take their cleaning personally, and a good tip would be to enforce changes as a way to help them improve at what they do rather than punishing them.


The janitorial service industry is big because lots of people will choose to outsource this task. But you can still begin to get efficient at anything that you spend more of your time on. With these tips, that could get easier.

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