Improve The Closing Rate Of Your Janitorial Business Contracts

Jason Hunt
July 25, 2019
Every entrepreneur in the commercial cleaning industry knows that getting newer janitorial business contracts and closing them is a tough call at times. Even though the prospects may have cleaning projects available that they want you to take, but they will still harbor numerous objections to testing your business before deciding to spend on your cleaning service.

We have compiled some essential tips to help you better close your janitorial business contracts.

Performing any or most of the strategies mentioned below will certainly assist in landing big projects; however, you’re still required to be proactive.

Certify your Cleaning Business

Get certified! That’s what most professionals usually say. Getting certified by ISSA and OSHA could improve your chances of closing more commercial cleaning contracts.

  •  ISSA Certification boosts cleaning practices, bringing them up to international standards while putting your name on the top list of reliable janitorial businesses. 
  •  OSHA certification shows the safe working practices your cleaning business abides by, providing your prospects with the peace of mind they need to continue with you. Certification is relatively easy to attain. We’ve covered certification processes in detail to guide janitorial business owners.  

  • Create a brand

Creating a brand makes your business irresistible as you work your way to capture customers’ minds before you even get to meet them.

  • When your business has nurtured reliable brand loyalty, more people will b able to relate to the problem you're trying to solve.
  • More people will want to get you to clean their offices because of the value-added services, clients will arrive on your platform.
  • Creating a brand is not something that you do in a day but something that takes consistency from your part.
Branding may act as a permanent asset for any company over time.

When your business has attained the reputation it deserves, you must put in the work to live up to the expectations as well.

  • Stand out from the crowd

You must discover the uniqueness of your business/service and keep working on those strengths with consistency to keep your clients satisfied.

Is there something about your business that is different?

Maybe it’s the way that you do your cleaning or the warmth your mere presence causes your clients to feel.

  • If you do not have any differentiating quality, then you have to get one for your business to survive the competition.
  • This is a tip that can make customers come looking for you eager to close their janitorial business contracts.
  • If you already have that unique quality, then that’s a plus.

Whatever it is, find it and leverage that trait whenever on duty as often as possible.

  • Prioritize your customers
Listening is the key to understanding your clients better.

This is a quality that turns ordinary customers into loyal ones, which is only attainable simply by treating your customers with a genuine friendliness that could generate faith in return.

They want the best possible attention from you; therefore, prioritizing your customers also has to do with being able to understand their needs and delivering that.

When your customers are often satisfied, it will rub on the company and bring more work through referral.

  • Networking

Networking builds you and your brand up and makes both existing customers and prospective customers more trusting.

When you go to meet industry leaders and other players in the janitorial business, you earn more trust and validation, which could further cause your sales to soar.

 Your closing rate is mostly influenced by what your prospect thinks about you and networking for connecting with janitorial leads successfully.  

Being a name that is mentioned frequently across forums as well as reviews on Google definitely suggests authority that most people will want to close deals with.

Common Objections Against Closing Janitorial Business Contracts

Getting past the initial screening process determines whether you can close a contract successfully or not.

Once you have gone through the list above, you will realize that the common reasons why prospective clients refuse to close a contract with you would be quite the opposite of what you're thinking perhaps.

It simply says “I already have a cleaning company.”

To talk about improving your closing rate without touching this topic would make the entire discussion incomplete.

How does one overcome the objection that says, “there’s already someone doing my cleaning,” and get the client?

It is important that you get this out of the way because it will be a frequent occurrence in your search for janitorial business contracts.

Winning over a client that already has a cleaning company has to do with convincing them that their current company is doing something wrong.

Ask Questions

When you meet your prospects up front to discuss details of your work, you will be bombarded with some of the most commonly asked interview questions. However, you will need to ask questions to help you understand their requirements.

  • Ask questions that help you understand the type of cleaning they are looking for.
  • Follow up on their answers with more precision for their approval.
  • Top it off with suggestions that can help them make up their mind in choosing your services.
The truth is most people hire cleaning contractors based on how their pricing compares with their budget. They care less about the quality of service offered and in many cases, do not even know that the services could be better. Getting past this objection to improve your closing rate and get your next janitorial business contract will involve you pointing it out to the client in a way that it is clear to them that the service that they are getting is way below what they should in terms of quality.
  1. Be professional
Professionalism breeds trust, and eventually more business.

This is a cliché, but it is where you begin when it comes to closing more janitorial business contracts with clients who already have a cleaning company.

The client is evaluating how you measure up to your competitor and whether or not they ought to hire you.

You have to arrive at the site on time, pay attention to details, and show that you are knowledgeable about getting their place cleaned in the manner that they want.

The prospective client will notice all this and will factor them into deciding whether or not to hire you.

  1. Spot your competitor’s shortcomings
  • To be able to beat your competitor to it, you must find his weakness.
  • You cannot close this kind of contract based on your professionalism alone.
  • The client needs more, so figure out your competitor’s weakness and start capitalizing on it fast!
  1. Discover their challenges
Forecasting challenges help by overcoming crises beforehand.

Chances are your prospect has needs that have not been met by the work that your competitor offers them.

Is there any specific challenge that they are facing or able to reach their goals?

Finding this put will take you several steps closer to getting this client.

Show them precisely how you can achieve this need.

Establish Client Relationships

Prospects will only choose you if you demonstrate reasons for them to manifest trust. It goes without saying that having a mildly friendly attitude will help in getting to that point.

Take our advice, professionals, who build a positive relationship with their prospects have their chances of closing contracts rise by 250%.

Target Problem Areas

Prospects often choose you for an interview session for a reason. It’s not a waste of time, and there is a possibility of closing the contract with them. You’re in the interview seat for a reason, and you’ve got to dig deep to find out. 

There are common problems that prospects generally come across, which they need you to solve.

During the interview, you must inquire further to find the reason they’ve picked you for an interview by asking the right questions. and finding a way to close cleaning contracts.

Include Incentives

Among the many techniques to leverage your prospect’s decision-making, incentives stand out as one of the most effective strategies. It sways their decision in your favor and helps you build stronger relationships with every prospect.

  • Offer discounts on your services with stipulations 
  • Run referral schemes that help your clients spread your word

With attractive offers attached to your services, prospects will reel themselves in to avail the benefits. Providing you with a competitive edge, thus, enabling you to close more cleaning contracts.

Approach with Confidence

You’ve probably heard about the many virtues of simply having confidence, and its impact on the people you interact with. It remains the same for interviews with your prospects. Display a solid confidence that wins approvals, and you’ll be on your way to securing contracts by being firm with your words and following up with actions. 

Specialized Staff For Prospects

When you organize teams to handle different tasks, you automatically add expertise to your processes. Hiring professionals exclusively for prospect interactions will weigh heavily in your favor. However, things have evolved dramatically, with so many options from outsourced assistance. 

Appointment setting and client acquisition become a breeze when you partner with reliable organizations.

Wrap it up:

This final step might be what will eventually get you these kinds of janitorial business contracts.

Clients with this objection want to know precisely why they should choose you because you not only figured out what their problem but also up to the task of resolving it.

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