The Hidden Costs of DIY Office Cleaning

Jason Hunt
April 19, 2024

Have you ever imagined cleaning the office yourself rather than hiring a cleaning service?

Although the initial cost saving may seem tempting, there are hidden costs. However, the issue runs deeper than costs.

Before you grab the microfiber cloths and all-purpose spray to make your workplace shine, let’s analyze DIY commercial cleaning for viability.

Why Clean Offices?

a man cleaning office with broom

If we are getting down to the basics, cleaning your workplace routinely stands as a cornerstone for the overall productivity of your workplace.

Offices remain clean and presentable mainly due to these cleaning schedules, which are carried out by professionals.

Keeping your office clean will immediately reduce employee sick leaves, boost mood, morale, and productivity, lure in employees to work, lure in clients and customers, and most importantly, curb the possibility of workspace degeneration, which usually happens due to dust, debris, grime, and trash accumulation.

Now that we understand the importance of cleaning, could you do it yourself?

What is DIY Cleaning

a man cleaning office with broom

For those looking to break free from the ties of professional cleaners, and their contracts, this one’s for you.

You could easily grab a broomstick, some microfiber cloth, and a few homemade cleaning chemicals and start cleaning your workplace.

How difficult could that be? You are contributing to your workplace, learning a new skill, and using your own expertise.

If you are interested in taking on the role of janitor for your workplace, here’s what you have to do.

How DIY Commercial Cleaning Works

We’ve all heard of the cleaning powers of lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar & hydrogen peroxide doing a lot of DIY cleaning, with a little touch of all purpose spray and a bit of isopropyl alcohol for that touch of disinfection.

Now all you need to do is buy a few surface level cleaning equipment like microfiber cloth, vacuum cleaners, mops, and squeegees, and you’re ready.

But before that, watch a few tutorial cleaning videos that will teach you the basic skills of cleaning.

And now you’ve got it all, the cleaning skills, equipment, and chemicals. Put them all together, and your office should be clean right?

There are a few more facets of cleaning which professionals do not easily reveal, since the surface level cleaner is unable to grasp the inner workings of how cleaning is done.

You may continue cleaning your office yourself, but this comes at a hefty cost.

Why DIY Commercial Cleaning is Unfavorable

a man cleaning office fan

Seeing from the viewpoint of an expert with years of experience, the flaws in DIY cleaning are readily available.

Just knowing the mix of chemicals isn’t enough, and knowing how to scrub a surface can easily damage them.

Here are some of the reasons why DIY commercial cleaning is discouraged, and what you miss out on while being a beginner.

  • Inability to mitigate damage to sensitive equipment while cleaning
  • Lacking knowledge of which cleaning chemical suits which surfaces
  • Knowing the right amount of cleaning agents and the perfect mix
  • Understanding and maintaining cleaning schedules
  • Knowing how to remove tough stains and deposits
  • Picking the right brands, and sourcing the right cleaning chemicals
  • Knowing which equipment to buy, which pays itself over time
  • Keeping up with deep sanitizing of critical office areas
  • Proper restroom cleaning and maintenance

And more obviously. These points barely mention the hidden costs of DIY commercial cleaning, which we will get to in just a bit.

Let’s go over some of the biggest reasons industry leaders pick professional cleaners over in-house janitors.

Faster Cleaning

Proper Cleaning takes time. Clean fast, and you’ll miss spots. Take your time, and your focus will dwindle. That’s just how cleaning works.

For professionals, the aspect of cleaning with attention to detail comes naturally. They manage and schedule their timing to suit your needs, no collaboration required.

Best not spend your time making a schedule & roster for your inhouse cleaning squad, and leave it to the professionals for better results. Bottom line, no one can save you time on cleaning better than experts.

Trained & Certified


What DIY commercial cleaning lacks most is specialization. The cleaning sector has trained & tested individuals who know their way with cleaning equipment and chemicals.

Cleaning runs deep, requiring a thorough knowledge of everything involved. From using proper mops, to mixing the right amount of cleaning agents, experts have all the data.

Can you allocate your time and resources in training your staff for cleaning? Might as well launch a janitorial business. Best leave it to the pros.

The Legal Side of Clean

Slip-and-fall accidents due to a wet floor or injuries sustained from using improper cleaning chemicals can lead to costly lawsuits.

Professional cleaning companies carry liability insurance, protecting your business in case of an accident, while also ensuring the safety of cleaners.

If you can back that up, then perhaps DIY commercial cleaning is a viable option.

Hidden Costs in Every Corner

We aren’t talking about the initial buying of equipment and cleaning supplies. We aren’t talking about hiring dedicated cleaning staff either.

Hidden costs come from collateral damage done while cleaning, and the opportunity cost of shifting your focus to clean, or manage a cleaning team. Trust us when we say it takes a ton of time and effort.

Assembling an In-House DIY Commercial Cleaning Team

If you’re looking to make this professional under your own roof, you probably can. You can have your own cleaning team, if your workplace is large enough.

Surely, cleaning is a repetitive process, and it can save you a lot down the line, or so we may like to think.

Financing and operating a team of cleaners does take a toll on us, but we are only able to provide these services at a reasonable price because we have economies of scale on our side.

Managing a team also requires experience and careful planning, which is included in commercial cleaning packages.

Down the line, you will not only spend more money, but also put your valuable time into managing a team nowhere related to your industry of expertise.

Professional Equipment & Supplies

Want to take your DIY commercial cleaning to the next level? Get yourself professional-grade cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies.

If you were looking to save money, you will now have to incur the cost of buying all these necessities. Sure, they will pay themselves over time, but can you use them to their full potential?

There is a lot to unpack if you want to reach the efficiency of professionals, and going DIY is not even saving you costs at the end of the day.

Professional Commercial Cleaning – Actually Cost-Effective

You pay a certain price for a group of highly trained experts. They show up, armed with their own professional cleaning equipment and supplies, which is theirs, and they know the best use and maintenance.

They clean your office on a maintained schedule, and remind you of upcoming cleaning schedules ahead of time. Your effort goes directly to the core function of your business organization, and everyone is happy.

Professionalism paints the perfect picture, and down the line, saves you a lot more than you could.

Give Professionals a Shot

While DIY office cleaning might seem cost-effective, hidden expenses can quickly outweigh the initial savings. In the long term, professional cleaning actually saves you much more.

Cleaning is a repetitive process, and while you’d probably opt out at some point, professionals will stay at it. If you want the best results at the best cost, just leave it to the professionals.

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