A Cleaning Business’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Jason Hunt
August 29, 2018
As the internet is fast making inroads in our lives, digital marketing is gaining importance. If used well, it can help earn businesses and the people involved in their desired growth. A study, however, reports that 42% of small business owners have admitted that they are unaware of the significance digital marketing holds in today’s world.
Connecting customers with brands digitally while recovering feedback from each of them in real-time through digital media.

Even if they acknowledge its importance, there is usually a lack of understanding about this topic. And to relate the topic with the commercial cleaning leads market.

This guide will give you a detailed account of what digital marketing is by thoroughly discussing its relevancy, and finally, how these strategies can tap into their vast potential. due to originality as well as consistency.

Before we discuss its significance and application, it is essential to know what digital marketing stands for.

What Does Digital Marketing Mean?

Although the name doesn’t leave much to the imagination, there remains a lot of ambiguity about what it stands for.

We are all aware of, or at least partly understand, what marketing means.

Extensive keyword researching and coming up with relevant guides based on those specific keywords will help your website rank higher.
  • Marketing is about letting people know about your business so that they buy your product or service, and digital marketing means doing just that but electronically; and relevant.
  • It uses all channels at the internet’s disposal, including search engines, combining social media for generating organic leads.
  • Most importantly, digital marketing allows a wider space to market content by reaching them more personally via emails or text messages.

Although digital marketing for janitorial companies can be broad yet proper keyword research will bring you solid prospects with the exact search behavioral pattern(s).

Relevantly Useful Tips for Cleaning Businesses:

A cleaning business is a business after all. The rules of success that apply to it are not isolated from those that apply to other types of service-based companies.

  • This, for such a business, happens by scoring more and more janitorial contracts.
  • Like all services, and office cleaning or cleaning business in general also requires a steady flow of cash to remain afloat.

Since it has become, perhaps the most significant source of communication, the Internet can be of great help here.

Janitorial Leads Generation & Guide to Digital Marketing:

A question that worries most new entrants in the industry is,

Proper keyword targeting will attract leads searching for services you're providing. Converting those prospects into sales is the ultimate goal.

how to get cleaning contracts?

This is a problem because it demands a lot of networking, and a way to ensure people that they can trust you with their cleaning requirements.

A presence on the internet can be an excellent source to build that confidence.

Having a well-designed, wholly-owned website immediately translates into a business that takes its work professionally.

The site will also explain your work, details about the company itself, and your services in such depth that, perhaps, even a meeting cannot match.

In addition to a website, social media presence, and a contact line through emailing would also establish your business as an easily reachable entity.

 Easy and fast communication is the key to setting more janitorial appointments 

Also, look at it this way, most companies looking for cleaning services have already realized the importance of the digital world, particularly during this CoVID-19 pandemic.

If you, as a seeker of medical office cleaning jobs, then reach out to us today for more info.

How-to Methods For Effective Digital Marketing:

Proper Google My Business will help your customers locate your exact business; furthermore, building more credibility.

Once you have understood why digital marketing is essential, the next step is to know how you can make it work for your business.

The tools are available online, and all you need to do is learn to use them to your advantage.

Listed below are some effective guides to digital marketing for janitorial businesses.

Google Listing Your Commercial Cleaning Business:

This is one of the first things to do when establishing yourself in the digital world.

Google is the biggest search engine there is. This means that a significant chunk of internet traffic travels through it.

Thus, get your company listed on Google My Business.

This will let people know how they can reach you, and where.

Such vital information appearing at the top of the world's number one search engine is not a bad deal.

Get Yourself a Website for Your Janitorial Services:

Marketing attracts prospects who are later filtered to bring out only the qualified and willing individuals ready to buy your service.

As already discussed in detail earlier, a website is one place where you can park all the information that you want to give to your potential client.

It is your most comprehensive media on the internet.

  • For that last point, make your website compliant with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements.
  • So get it right, not only regarding content, but also design, navigability, and ease of access with this complete guide to digital marketing.
  • You can do this by smartly placing the general ‘keywords' that the audience may use to search for a service like yours in the content of your website.

Other primary requirement includes putting up quality in terms of its informational value.

This makes Google believe that your site can be of genuine help to a person looking for a commercial cleaning service, and it will rank you high in its search results.

Put Existing Cleaning Leads to Use for Repeat Business:

This is relevant if you are already operating in the industry.

You will have an existing customer base, people that you may have served in the past.

Some would still call you for their requirements, some won't.

Reach out to these people through email. Maybe you have an offer for them or a new service they might be interested in, tell them about it.

At the very least, this will bring you back to the picture; moreover, elaborating in further detail on guide to digital marketing.

Also, find out what must be done after capturing leads and make the best use out of those data.

Use Social Media Platforms for Branding Cleaning Contractors:

Leverage the complete social media platform for continuously reminding prospects about your services.

This has again been discussed earlier too.

Social media is the new television, newspaper, telephone, letter, and everything.

It's a communication giant, and the good thing is that it is largely free.

 So, utilize it to your advantage by putting yourself up there, and maintaining it. Or give us a call at (646) 583-1385 if you want serious people to work on yours.  
  • When people ask you something there, respond. When people complain about something, take it seriously and improve themselves.
  • With your website linked to it, you will soon start receiving bulk visitors on your site through your social media profiles.
  • Link it to your website and put quality relevant content there to keep it active.

Not many businesses have huge budgets to market themselves, the number is even smaller for cleaning businesses. Thankfully, though, the internet doesn't cost much.

Moreover, it is fast expanding its already colossal reach. Thus, all of this makes the world of digital marketing an ideal option for such a business to make it big in the shortest of time and resources. Those who are already established, can also take advantage of it and put their businesses on the next level.

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