Concerns and Common Questions

1What is the true definition of qualified leads, according to Janitorial Leads Pro?

Fully-vested leads, verified and qualified before forwarding them to professional janitors guaranteed to secure more janitorial jobs or contracts.

• We maintain specific parameters for our leads to be authentic and reliable.
• The expertise of our telemarketers to foster better bonding with customers.
• The quality assurance system is applied for securing 100% authentic janitorial leads only.

2What approaches does Janitorial Leads Pro use for obtaining fully vested leads?

We use innovative strategies that read a multifaceted set of indicators; including potential customer interest, need and urgency. Leads are categorized by our scoring matrix, and the categories are as follows;

• Hot lead – Customer is ready for a newer janitorial service provider, which may be urgent.
• Warm lead– Customers have high possibilities changing their respective service provider.
• Solid lead– A customer is truly interested in meeting your company for hiring your service.

3What other services is your company providing apart from generating leads?

Janitorial Leads Pro is currently providing additional services, such as digital branding, SEO, setting janitorial appointments and following-up, which eventually saves a lot of time for professional janitors. Other additional specialties are as follows:

We secure more proposals at $300 or below:

Our internal systems follow-up on every proposal your company generates by investing $300 or below, as our patented technology has proven to close 40% more accounts. Our automated system enables our sales staff to focus on proposals regardless of its size.

For the customers opting for our service can be either Platinum or Gold subscribers, which is 25% of the closing amount for prospects. For customers that have chosen our Silver plan are entitled to pay 40% of the closing amount on every appointment.

We routinely follow-up on every prospect:

Our internal system will be utilized to follow up on proposals of all sizes.We will assign a sales specialist to personally handle each proposal who is further instructed to formulate a rapport for your customers.

We develop strong relationships with our customers; as a result, they always choose to return to Janitorial Leads Pro whenever looking for janitors. Platinum or Gold plan customer’s cost is only 20% of the closing proposal amount. Silver plan cover 30% on every closing proposal.

Our past prospects never become obsolete:

Working on pipelines is often something that is not utilized by most of the janitorial service providers. Oftentimes, after the first proposal is unsuccessful, which does not necessarily mean that our leads get neglected or become obsolete afterward.

On average, customers look for new janitorial companies every after 12 to 18 months; as a result, our internal system and continuous search engine optimization will always bring your profile right on the first page of Google so you get hired repeatedly throughout a year.

4What strategies do you consider in telemarketing?

Our strategy is simple yet extremely effective. Our team undergoes extensive training to ensure that customers receive quality service every time.

Our telemarketing professionals are friendly but persistent in their pursuit, always extra motivated due to the commission they are entitled to on every successful sale.

5How quality assurance is maintained for vested leads? What happens when appointments aren’t set successfully?

Janitorial Leads Pro treats is always guaranteeing leads of the best quality. Our in-house quality manager is always checking the leads to ensure those can be trusted.

Credits will be immediately repaid in case of bad leads, and recordings will be available so they can be reviewed by our customers.

6I am thinking about giving your service a try. Can you elaborate on the payment structure and also mention the minimum number of leads I have to buy?

Here is our payment structure listed below:

Our Trial order is 5 Appointments with an upfront payment to check the quality before you go for monthly packages.

Appointments per month

Starter Package => 10 appointments/month => See Pricing Section

Silver Package => 20 appointments/month => See Pricing Section
Gold package => 30 appointments/month => See Pricing Section
Platinum package => 50 appointments/month =>See Pricing Section

7How is the payment processed, and what forms of payment do you accept?

Janitorial Leads Pro accepts all forms of payment except for cash and/or cheque.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and PayPal

Our representative will contact you for scheduled appointments