Improve Employee Retention in Your Cleaning Company With These Tips

Jason Hunt
August 27, 2018
While revenue figures, cost analysis, and various financial figures are used to describe a company’s performance, not everything can be assessed monetarily. One such indicator of a good business is the employee retention rate.  a motivated employee force is a company’s greatest resource.

After investing heavily in hiring the best office cleaning services, the retention of highly experienced cleaners becomes equally important.

Greater job security keeps employees satisfied as they are able to take the right steps independently.

In a market as highly competitive as commercial cleaning, one business’ loss is another business’ gain.

To retain top-performing employees, many cleaning companies now are offering cash incentives, such as bonuses and health benefits, particularly where CoVID-19 is epidemic.

However, these are not enough to ensure job satisfaction.

 Learn these valuable tricks and lead your cleaning company towards prosperity!  

Job satisfaction is an amalgamation of cash as well as non-cash-based factors that can be influential in determining how long an employee continues to work with you.

The following factors can influence job satisfaction, and as a result, greater employee retention.

Create a friendly work environment

Greater employee retention is usually a combination of practices that encourage workers to strive for better every day.

A person demands respect which holds far more importance than a simple paycheck; therefore, nobody wants to suffer by being objectified as a mere working cog.

Employees should be provided with a friendly atmosphere that is mutually respectful in order for janitorial companies to hold onto their best office cleaners.

During interactions, managers should keep in mind that they are interacting with another human being; therefore, by initiating meaningful conversation is the key to .

Using personal names, verbal appraisals at work, and appreciation among peers can go a long way in establishing a culture an employee would desire to be a part of.

Interview long-term employees

Long-term employees in a cleaning company, represent a long association and can offer valuable insight.

The reasons that they provide for their long-term loyalty will aid in improving the company’s hiring process.

As they know the company better than anyone else, they are experts in pointing out the areas that require improvements.

Such areas will explain the reasons for employees quitting the company, and further rectification will boost employee retention.

Treat your employees right, and they will take good care of your customers.

Clarify your expectations before recruiting –

Businesses hiring office cleaners post jobs containing brief job descriptions of what particular designation demands from them.

There should be no room for ambiguity in a professional workplace with every role being well-defined and guided.

Defined expectations not only provide employees with a common goal to work for but also reinforces the required work ethic which needs to be sustained to work for a company.

Encourage participation in employee retention –

Encourage them to speak during team meetings so they feel a part of your company.

Some employees want to be a part of something that is not their domain.

This is the sign of a motivated employee who possesses the talent that suits their field.

Shunning such behavior would lead to a conservative workplace which is detrimental to the growth of any company.

Take time to listen to employee concerns, especially during lunch breaks when they are generally comfortable speaking.

Their input should be valued and recognized to instill a sense of accomplishment among your office cleaners.

Know your hiring prowess –

While knowing your profit figures and credit scores is essential for business dealings, knowing your perception of the job market is equally important when dealing with employees.

Office cleaning services are offered by many janitorial leads vendors, but what makes us different?

Treatment of previous employees and the public persona portrayed by a business, signal to prospective employees how they can expect to be treated.

How was the service package? – Did previous employees leave on good terms?

Are you spoken of highly by your employees?

All of these factors play a role in determining your hiring reputation.

A positive hiring reputation can open the doors for more people applying for office cleaning leads and more options for you to pick the best candidates.

Set challenges and goals

Any challenges regardless of their complexity can be solved as a team.

The sign of dedicated workers is that they never shy away from challenges.

Challenging work should be provided as a measure to gauge their experience.

It may be the case that a worker excels in professional office cleaning, but house cleaning isn’t much of a forte.

Do not belittle the person rather try to appreciate their effort and advise on how to rectify mistakes in the future.

Appreciate hard work

Recognition of good work acts as a massive boost to employee morale.

Beyond monetary bonuses, the fact that senior management is so involved with the workflow of an employee creates goodwill and loyalty.

Cleaners are also in need of appreciation, and undervaluation or underappreciation of their work proves to be the biggest triggers that result in the need to shift employers.

Top talent that recognizes its potential is less likely to remain with an organization that does not recognize and appreciate its talent.

Practice fairness and equality

One of the biggest challenges in landing commercial cleaning contracts successfully is drawing a perception of fairness and equality.

Newer employees must feel welcome and older employees need to feel that they are irreplaceable.

Hire, train, motivate and give them reasons to stay with you until the end.

If the big offices cleaning contract goes to a novice cleaner, the senior cleaners will inevitably feel cheated.

This is where monetary benefits also come into play.

Salaries and perks, although are not valued as much as talent yet workplace harmony should exercise fairness and equality in wages.

  • Learn to practice a fair management system in any organization with these techniques.

Show them a promising future

Employees seek continuous growth and success to remain associated with a company.

Regular evaluation and merit-based promotions not only spur motivation but also act as an incentive to work harder.

Conclusion –

A delegation of important responsibilities also helps in showcasing the future, they think of it as owning the company rather than working for your cleaning company. Such a move not only manifests mutual trust but also induces loyalty between the parties.

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