Convincing Prospects and Landing More Janitorial Contracts

Jason Hunt
August 20, 2018
The market for janitorial leads is highly competitive, which means tremendous buying power. To engage more clients, janitorial companies compete on prices for winning newer janitorial contracts. Quoted prices are generally discounted to attract more buyers. But a winning proposal offers more than just lower-priced services and more about quality instead.

Further reduction of the price in this cutthroat industry can worsen your sustainability. There are salaries to be paid out.

Create a unique sales proposal for your prospects by focusing on their niche.

With a wide variety of choices available, clients are always on the lookout for top-quality cleaning at the lowest feasible prices.

To generate fully qualified janitorial leads at fair rates, cleaning services must optimize every aspect of their sales channel.

Why Janitorial Services Need a Unique Sales Proposal?

Here’s the truth: Janitorial companies often lack the spark that intrigues clients.

Most sales proposals across the country follow the same template.

Promises of being the best cleaners, environment-friendly, and offering the lowest prices – only to fall short of expectations.

Clients receive numerous, yet identical janitorial cleaning bids, and that is exactly why yours must be unique.

 Clients possess minimum knowledge about the cleaning industry or how cleaners are ensuring virus or bacteria-free workspace. 
They want results, and they want them fast!

Apart from price negotiation, the only chance of ‘standing out’ in this industry is by preparing appealing designs.

  • This article discusses possible ways to entice clients into awarding the janitorial contracts only to YOU, without lowering the quotation.

How to optimize janitorial contracts or proposals?

An effective optimized sales proposal is specific, client orientated, and brief.

Expecting the clients to read an in-depth analysis of the cleaning methods would be too naïve.

Here are some tips to ensure the optimization of your proposal so you can land any janitorial cleaning contracts.

Eliminate redundancy

Lesser content will enable the audience to focus on you more, and that’s exactly where they must look at if you wish to sell them.

Prepare your sales proposal with the underlying assumption that your client has already worked with various cleaning companies.

Corporate clients deal with cleaning companies all the time; as a result, they are well aware of the areas that require more intensive attention.

In fact, landing an interview is proof that they realize your potential to do the required job.

Instead of boring them and eventually losing their attention, why not skip the parts about cleaning supplies and process?

Not only does it make your proposal more concise, but it leaves time for your audience to ask the necessary questions.

  • This sets your company different as you interact with the listeners.

Articulate your “Why”, and then “What”

Clients have enough experience to understand how cleaning companies work, including the cleaning standards to maintain in this pandemic.

When articulating your “Why”, you will eventually know the problems you’re destined to solve.

Sales proposals should be crafted carefully, packed with impactful words.

While most proposals carry similar sentences, adding a little bit of personalization goes a long way; the impression of genuine care for your clients’ needs.

So, what is YOUR why?

– A ‘why’ can be the reason why you conduct this business, why are you interested in catering to the client, and why should you be preferred over other bidders.

A why highlights your purpose

Differentiate yourselves from the competition

In such a heavily contested market, standing out is the most important factor that helps by signing more janitorial contracts.

Most businesses avoid differentiation and are often fearful of appearing boastful or as a show-off, and they couldn’t be more wrong.

The reasons you stand out from the crowd should be highlighted in your proposal very clearly.

A simple ‘we provide the best services in a paragraph would do little to impress your client.

  • As far as proposals go, everybody is providing ‘the best’ services; however, rarely focusing on their uniqueness accompanied by their client testimonials.


  • You may have a tendency to integrate the latest technological advancements into the workspace.

96% of all business owners stated that the use of technology influences their decision to hire a cleaning company.

Examples like this not only indicate a business that strives for excellence but also the extra miles they are willing to go for customer satisfaction.

Social influencers and decision-makers

People have the tendency to consider the decision of their peers more than they are able to decide for themselves.

Like individuals, companies are also influenced by the actions or decisions of other large companies.

For instance, a Wall Street Journal study conducted on how to convince customers to lessen their summertime energy consumption by opting to use fans instead of air conditioners.

They were told they would save $54/month and that doing so was socially responsible.

 Also, the customers were told that it would prevent the release of more than 262 pounds of greenhouse gases per month and that 77% of their neighbors had started using fans. 

A large portion of the people who consented to switch to fans said their neighbors had done it, and so have we.

This is an excellent example of how convincing social proof can be.

To back up your yet-to-be-proven claims, you should display your previous track record through Facebook reviews. 

Highlight your impact as a contract-based cleaning service

Cleaning companies are often dealing with B2B prospects, which makes it easier to forget that you are dealing with humans, even if your services as a whole are catering to businesses only.

In larger entities, your proposal should be highlighting the need for a cleaner environment, which improves team morale, attendance rates, and productivity ­– in short, the organization as a whole.

A cleaner environment is comfortable and safe; therefore, workers will work more sincerely with a sense of responsibility.

Vivid illustrations of how your company can help any client attain efficiency will help with more commercial janitorial contracts.

Your trusted and efficient appointment setter is ready to work around the clock!


Your business might run an extra mile ensuring quality cleaning standard, like some businesses that hide small insignificant objects in a client’s space to see if the designated cleaning team is able to pick it up. An all-inclusive proposal may take time but doing so might create the difference between a contract-winning proposal and any ordinary sales pitch.

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