Promoting Cleaning Businesses on Facebook For Greater Reach!

Jason Hunt
June 30, 2019
Getting janitorial leads and eventually closing each of them is challenging, however, what is even tougher would be promoting your commercial cleaning business without any leads. When it comes to marketing, it is that bitter pill that no one ever wants to take, but that is essential for growth.

This brings us to the big question ~

 Should you advertise on Facebook, or should you introduce your cleaning business to the world through effective Facebook ads campaigns? 

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to the questions, but suggestions.

While this seems like such a great idea, it may be wise to think twice before investing your marketing energy and cash into Facebook, here’s why.

Why Act-On Facebook Marketing With Caution?

The key to reaching diverse demography is Facebook. Messages must be clearly defined first to check for controversiality and/or other accidental derogatory messages.

The simple reason why it is advisable that you do not take Facebook marketing at face value is that this marketing channel requires you to know precisely whom you wish to target.

Hence, if you have a clear knowledge of what you want to get out of Facebook ads campaigns, then it might be a great avenue for you to get your commercial cleaning business out there to the public.

This is why you should consider a few things before deciding on going for Facebook marketing.

These things are discussed in detail below.


The primary goal that the ads will achieve for any commercial cleaning business

Ordinarily, you are going for Facebook Ads because you want them to bring you new and hot janitorial leads, right?

However, this is unlikely to attain during the initial phase, and only transparency can instill a strong sense of trust among the prospects, which requires time to build.

The Facebook Ads are supposed to process the first step which then converts into further progression following the initial interaction.

This first step will be redirecting a client to your website, getting them to request a quote or book an appointment.

For your Facebook Ads to be successful, you must be clear about the primary goal(s) that you would like to achieve.

  1. Figure out a way to measure the success of your ads

Before you decide to go to Facebook for marketing your commercial cleaning business, you must find out precisely how you will measure the success of your Ads.

How will you know that the Ads have achieved the goal that you set for them, such as requests for quotes or visits to your website?

You must be clear about this before you eventually choose Facebook as your primary advertising channel.

This entails putting in place checks that will enable you to measure the success of your Facebook Ads.

Such checks might include installing and setting up Facebook Pixel on your website to help you track your Ads’ progress.

  1. Determine your audience

Facebook Ads are targeted at particular people giving them a rather narrow reach.

Determining who you are trying to reach will help you get your Ad targeted at the right people.

It is easy for you to know who you want your Facebook Ads to reach if you are clear on your targeted client type or the kinds of people you are interested in working for.

This, therefore, means that you must be clear about this before setting out to integrate Facebook marketing into your overall strategy.

But first, you must install Facebook Pixel on your website for receiving insights regarding your audiences.

Facebook Pixel, the latest script with Facebook Ads Manager will enable you to view,

  • sources of traffic,
  • demography,
  • behavior/psyche,
  • and their interest.
  1. Figure out what you ought to be selling to them

Focusing on a specific niche makes it easier for search engines to determine whom you’re targeting.

Despite knowing who your audience is, telling them what you want to say about your commercial cleaning business is not enough.

Chances are that your competitors are selling to them already, thus leaving you with only one option, making a good impression.

There is only one way to do this and that is by telling them precisely what they want to hear.

The catch is, how do you know what they want to hear? You have to make phone calls and have conversations with your existing customers.

Discover what problems your customers were trying to solve when they hired you and how well you have helped them in solving those.

Have them tell you why they think your company is the best and then spread those ideas through your Facebook marketing.

Tell your prospects what your customers already love and understand the problems you could be solving for them.

Furthermore, Facebook allows you to collect information on the appropriate audiences by driving in more traffic as your existing follower-base begins to interact with your posts.

Subsequently, their activity will become visible on the newsfeed of other users that might in return decide to visit your site.

You can learn the following information about your audiences, such as –

  • gender,
  • language,
  • age,
  • location, etc.
  1. Be ready to review your ads’ progress 

At the moment you decide to go for Facebook advertising; you must also choose to review how well your ads are often doing.

Insights provide a clearer picture of the progress of any company made so far. Team discussion will lead to further clarity by deciphering questions that were left unanswered initially.

After your Ads begin to run; however, you must continuously check in to see that they are doing well and you are getting the leads that you need from this platform.

Of course, you had already prepared for this when you took the step to install Google Analytics on your website to track requests for quotes and so on.

If you are not, it might be time to stop advertising through Facebook.

Whatever the case, you must consider all these indices, and you must have all the tools ready before you even begin.

Marketing is essential, but only a few are capable of implementing the process. This is much more so if the marketing in question has to do online.

Social media is a big hit today, and many people are taking their advertising to their respective Facebook pages.

How to setup Facebook remarketing campaign for collecting more client information?

  1. Signing in to ads manager
  2. Look for “audiences” in the search bar
  3. Go to “create audience” and select “custom audience

Based on these grounds, you will be able to remarket your promotional campaigns on Facebook:

What’s your campaign objective?

If your target is to generate increased awareness of your cleaning service, you’re likely to either redirect more traffic to your website or leave messages on your Facebook page.

For the latter case, make sure you are fully prepared for responding to each of the queries because there will be many!

Also, make sure you have filtered your demography because people above 60 are less likely to be janitors.

Where would you like your ads to display?

  • You can go for in-stream videos or Stories, but Facebook definitely knows better where your ads will receive the highest clicks.
  • Set an ad budget by opting for either daily or monthly, depending on your affordability.
  • Keep an eye on your Insights to learn more about which of your posts have gained the maximum reach, both organically and/or paid.
 Respond to every text message and reply to comments underneath your posts that will ensure further visibility.  

Facebook ads and commercial cleaning business:

Running Facebook ads can be a powerful strategy capable of generating a vast number of leads all looking for commercial cleaning services.

After designing your advertisement, you can either publish it instantly once the ad gets approved by Facebook.

Cleaning companies can instigate campaigns for as low as $2/day or as much as they can afford. 

When someone clicks your ad, they should land somewhere that is an elaborate version of your ad (also relevant) with a proper call-to-action.

The ads will be placed on the newsfeed. One-click signup and submission process.
The selling part will be entirely in your hands. Impress them, show them commitment and the contract is yours!

If you compare FB ads with traditional marketing such as TV or newspaper, you’ll notice that Facebook ads save both time as well as resources.

Moreover, you can get instant feedback from your potential clients so you can curate better advertisements or promotional campaigns.

While making ad posts, there are a few things to consider so that your ads hit the right spots with the users.

Online trends are all ephemeral and you will need to keep track of what works with the audience.

Keeping your mind updated about current trends can help you optimize your ads to organically appear in more places with the use of hashtags.

Keeping in line with world events can also help you grab the attention of the audience and this could prove to be a powerful tool when you take full advantage of what’s going around you.

Guide them to your website

The ultimate goal of ads will be to guide people to your website where they will find everything they need and even more.

Consider your website like the net that traps fish and you will need to make it in a way that does this job perfectly.

Use your ads to provide services that will compel the audience to click links that will take them to your website where they can learn more about your product or service, even consider buying from you.


While these steps feel like a whole lot of work, they are the only viable way to make sure that your Facebook Ads are working. Still, you cannot guarantee the clicks or calls from a Facebook audience. This is why you must consider each of the steps, and measure up before choosing Facebook for promoting your commercial cleaning business.

Do you wish to run ads on Facebook for your commercial cleaning service? Then contact us on our Facebook page now.

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