Commercial Cleaning Certificates: Ensure Safety

Jack Dickson
May 12, 2023

Hygiene and cleanliness are prerequisites for all facilities, but being up to the standards is a real challenge for janitorial business owners.

To properly certify your business’s ability to meet all regulatory standards, you must acquire Commercial Cleaning Certificates.

These certificates demonstrate the standard of work provided by the cleaning company, ensuring each contract has been professionally provided premium cleaning services such as disinfection and sanitizing, which is paramount for facilities such as

Lodgings, medical facilities, and restaurants where hygiene is of critical concern.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Cleaning Company

As a Certified Cleaning Company, you can enjoy numerous benefits.

BenefitsHow it works
Increased credibility and customer trust.Certifying your business as a commercial cleaning service proves that you meet industry standards and guidelines.
This can give potential customers peace of mind that your services are reliable and trustworthy.
Obtaining necessary certificationsGetting Commercial Cleaning Certifications can open your door to acquiring more superior certifications.
It can also provide vendors with discounts through professional associations’ certification programs.
Understanding local regulationsCommercial Cleaning Certifications keeps you aware of any legal requirements or regulations for businesses offering cleaning services in your area.
It may include obtaining additional business licenses and permits required for a cleaning business.
Accessing industry associationsIt gives you access to associations that offer resources to the certified members, such as networking opportunities or access to vendors providing premium supplies for your cleaning business.
Additionally, some associations have certification programs that can enhance your reputation as a cleaning business.
Developing a quality assurance programBecoming a certified cleaning company delivers you the facility to arrange an assurance program is essential to achieving certification for any business.
Sloppy work or results could result in fines or loss of certification status if standards are not met and maintained over time.
So it’s essential to develop comprehensive policies around employee training, customer satisfaction metrics, equipment maintenance procedures, health & safety protocols, etc., allowing your company to demonstrate its commitment to consistent excellence.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Certifications

Businesses can obtain various commercial cleaning certifications, depending on their industry.

Some of these include:

Types of Cleaning CertificationsNarration
Rental Cleaning Technician CertificatesThis certification is for those in the rental property industry.
It covers health and safety protocols, property conditions, tenant rights, and customer service expectations.
Restaurant Cleaning Technician CertificatesThis certification is designed for professionals working in the restaurant industry.
It focuses on sanitation issues in food preparation spaces, dealing with pests, kitchen safety guidelines, and hazardous waste disposal.
Hospitality Cleaning Technician CertificatesThis certification prepares individuals to clean hotels and other hospitality establishments correctly.
It covers topics such as hotel guest relations and satisfaction standards, property inspection protocols, infection control policies, and more.
Certified Custodial Technician CertificatesThis program provides training covering various topics, including

How to Earn Commercial Cleaning Certifications?

Here are some steps you can take to earn your certifications:

1. Choose the right certificate

Decide which one will best help your career or organization. Consider if you need a general or specialized certification, depending on your industry.

For example, earning a Commercial Cleaning Specialist certificate may be beneficial if you clean commercial properties.

2. Research requirements

Once you have selected the certificate, research any requirements that must be met before completing the program.

These may include needing to take another required certification beforehand.

3. Apply for the certification

On the issuing organization’s website, apply for the program, and pay any necessary fees like exam or application fees.

4. Become a member

Joining an organization that is responsible for administering your training journey can bring several advantages, such as discounts on tuition fees, free access to training manuals, and even the scope of attaining higher-level certifications.

5. Complete training

Training timing and the material will vary based on the training management. Still, they can often consist of multiple modules spread out over several weeks and discussing various topics related to the industry.

Be sure to review all material to feel prepared for your exam.

6. Take your exam

Sign up for an available time slot to take your exam – whether online or in person at a testing center anticipated by the organization – and study accordingly to succeed on your test day!

If you want to discover the training programs and certifications important for the cleaning industry’s success, continue reading for details!

Where To Apply For A Commercial Cleaning Business Certificate?

Once all the requirements are met, commercial cleaning businesses can apply for their respective certifications from either government organizations or private entities, depending on their country/region’s specific regulations.

ISSA is one of the largest and leading industry associations, providing companies and individuals with certifications across all levels.

Getting certified by the ISSA is an excellent way to showcase your professional qualifications and expertise in sanitation and quality assurance.

An ISSA certification can also open up new opportunities for career growth, as employers will be able to see that you are qualified and experienced in these key areas.

Final Thoughts

Having standardized cleaning procedures is a prerequisite for janitorial businesses, and Commercial Cleaning Certificates can help you prove that your work meets regulatory standards.

This is especially important for hospitality, medical, and food service businesses, where cleanliness is essential to protecting customers and staff from the potential spread of infectious diseases and other health risks.

Make sure your business is compliant and ensure the safety of your employees and customers by investing in commercial cleaning certificates today.

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