How a Commercial Cleaning Certificate Can Double Your Income

Jason Hunt
August 20, 2020
The cleaning industry is at an all-time competitive level with many new startups in recent times, particularly during this CoVID-19 pandemic. The situation calls for many young entrepreneurs to meet the ensuing demand; moreover, a cleaning certification will certainly double their income. Note that not all janitorial services can offer the same quality of expertise.

The facility managers are usually hiring affordable cleaners, as well as practice all the recent cleaning methods for offices imposed by WHO. This is when having a cleaning certificate can boost your janitorial services noticeably.

  • Cleaning certificates establish a common ground for the recognition of a maintained cleaning standard.
  • Such a document can take your business from startup to making 400k a year!
  • ISSA or International sanitary supply association can issue certification for commercial cleaners to each of their graduates.
Achieving a cleaning certificate can also save you money on advertisement. You can get listed as a CIMS or CIMS-GB certified cleaning service in your area.

What is CIMS Certification?

CIMS certification is a widely recognized certificate handed out by ISSA.

The Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) shows the reliability and quality of your cleaning industry.

This is done after meticulous evaluation and assessment, and having a CIMS certification will provide your company with a reputation with high acceptance.

CIMS certification is handled by a reputable examining body, in which case, the ISSA.

They are the world's leading cleaning industry association today.

ISSA has elevated a lot of cleaning organizations to new heights of success by making them stand out in this massively competitive industry.

  • Here's why you should go for a CIMS certificate.

How can CIMS or any cleaning certificate benefit your service?

When you sign up for any cleaning certification, your business will be put through examinations and assessments that may span over six areas of cleaning standards and management.

Before the examinations and assessment, you will receive training, a thorough briefing to bring your staff up to speed.

The training your cleaning service receives will cover six major areas that will include an entire organization instead of subsidiaries.

Companies will need to score at least 100% on mandatory requirements, and another 60% on recommended requirements or other areas.

Furthermore, the benefits it will bring you through the assessment will elevate your standard by helping you determine the shortcoming(s) along with your strengths as well as opportunities.

You could use this to your advantage in how you package your services when reaching out to potential clients.

  1. Quality of deliverance

Certified cleaners must deliver the best quality services all the time.

When you sign up for a cleaning certificate, you will have to ensure the quality of your cleaning as per the standards currently imposed by WHO due to the Coronavirus infestation.

Your products and workforce must follow international cleaning guidelines, which could also help you sign up for multiple repeat clientele.

This will also save money from wasteful practices while ensuring excellent quality staff for building a good rapport with the customers.

Your organization will be providing professional services through proper staff training; therefore, a certificate will give you the seal of approval for maintaining high quality.

Quality work practices, staff training, and product sales will place you above other cleaning services in your area.

  1. Service categories and areas

Cleaning certificates will assess your organization on how you deliver service to your new as well as existing clients.

The service assessment will cross-check your company's ability to manage client requests, punctuality, and follow-up methods and intervals.

By qualifying for the certificate, your organization will innately improve its standards, so your name stays on their list for many more years to come.

The benefit of standard service delivery can save a lot of money by bringing big cleaning projects.

Moreover, it also assesses the aspect of client relationship management, which is a crucial part of after-sales support as an added value to your business.

  1. Management committee

What makes a great cleaning organization stand out is its management committee.

It shows how committed your organization is to achieving its goals and completing work, even during the most challenging scenarios.

The goal of this certificate is to ensure your cleaning team possesses the best sense of commitment in addition to service quality.

As a result, whoever may look up your organization will know what they're getting at when they choose you.

Improving your organization's management committee will get you recurrent office cleaning jobs in your area throughout every year!

A cleaning certificate reveals the level of commitment and hard work.

This, in turn, will boost the revenue of your cleaning company by a significant margin.

  1. Staff management

One of the main focuses of a cleaning certificate is to manage your staff with excellence.

It is often found that cleaning industries have staff who are also less motivated required for delivering quality service.

It is crucial that the staff is adequately trained for handling almost all cases with professionalism.

Upon obtaining a cleaning certificate, your company will house trained, qualified, and consistent staff.

This will help build a positive rapport with the clients and can double your profits following evaluation and training.

  • Your cleaning company will be given a score that will correlate to your employee retention and management skill.
  1. Health and safety regulations

Your services will have to ensure the safety of your employees as well as clients.

Having qualified for a health certificate will put you on the list of safe cleaning companies in your area.

 Customers will assure about your cleaning service while minding health and safety regulations. 
  1. Customer relationship management

Your cleaning organization will need to ensure excellent customer relationship management as it's crucial when it comes to attaining a cleaning certificate.

Your staff and employees will receive training before the examinations upon request.

This shows your cleaning organization boasting a high level of customer relationship management.

 With proper CRM and verified janitorial leads, your janitorial business will gain efficiency while cutting down advertising fees. 

Why is it essential to get a cleaning certificate?

A certified cleaner possesses better chances of landing a job.

The simple answer to this is the competition out there.

Settling down in any market as a new cleaning service can cause lower profit margins; however, with a cleaning certificate, you will easily manifest a positive reputation for your cleaning company.

  • This will also get you into their records as a recognized certified cleaning service in your area.
  • Your cleaning team will already have a much-needed reputation along with the training you will receive for benefiting your janitorial service.
  • It boosts your management and productivity, thus, saving you a lot of money at the same time.

The whole idea of receiving a certificate is to get hired more frequently about serious office cleaning leads always popping up in your area.

You will also be making money from the achieved status and qualification that your cleaning business will reach.


This adds to the benefits of having your cleaning industry certified by a governing body such as ISSA. The benefits start from better operational directions to proper staff training. It will double your income and triple your market standings with the competition. The benefits increase as you will receive adequate training for your staff if required. The whole point of having a cleaning organization is to provide exceptional services. You will also receive that desirable amount of revenue that you and your staff worked so hard fo

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