7 Commercial Cleaning Books to Read as a Successful Janitor

Jason Hunt
January 4, 2022

[su_note note_color=”#f8ff17″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]On the internet, the sea of knowledge is beyond measure and much like the universe, the knowledge base keeps expanding each day. For those working in the janitorial space, information is certainly not lacking in any way; as a result, anybody that wishes to read commercial cleaning books, particularly on how to build six-figures as a cleaning service then start from these SEVEN best-sellers.[/su_note]

We highly recommend these books if you wish to experience growth as a janitorial business owner.

Books that benefit –

Written by professionals, these seven books have outlined real-life scenarios, based on which you too, could build a successful commercial cleaning service.

1. The Science of Professional Cleaning ~ Forrest L. Farmer

Packed with janitorial business nuances, this book takes a very different stand unfolding the cleaning industry with a step-by-step approach.

The Science of Professional Cleaning has been written by one of the best authors in the cleaning industry who has been credited for writing multiple best-sellers on running janitorial businesses successfully.

It lays out the inner workings of the cleaning business and explains with a touch of scientific theory conveying the true essence of every aspect in detail.

Forrest L. Farmer is a respected figure known to possess vast knowledge which he passes on through his books.

Get yourself “The Science of Professional Cleaning” and delve deep into the cogs and gears of the janitorial industry.

2. Inside the Janitorial Business ~ Frederick R. Massey

Inside the Janitorial Business” is one of the greatest books ever written by a leading author who has cemented his legacy by publishing numerous books on similar topics.

As an aspiring enthusiast in the commercial cleaning space looking to build their own startup then this is a must-read.

The renowned author of this book has contributed other books that look at the janitorial industry from various angles.

In this book, you will learn how professionals have started their businesses and remained sustainable

Inside the Janitorial Business” is a book we highly recommend as its value has never changed with time, and we can guarantee that it will still be relevant a hundred years from now.

3. Careers in Janitorial and Cleaning Services ~ Don Rauf

Before we get into the details of this book, it is necessary to mention its author.

Don Rauf has been known as a key figure in the field of progressive technology who has written and published over 50 books covering numerous topics, including janitorial business in detail.

Careers in Janitorial and Cleaning Services” is one of his most prolific pieces that has left no stone unturned conveying the depth of knowledge behind it all.

This book has been a recent release being available for purchase since 2014 comprising updated data that janitorial business owners generally seek.

The texts describe the cleaning business as an essential career despite the marred notion in the eyes of the general public.

Don Rauf takes this career and elevates it to a position that deems it a necessity for society.

4. How to Start Run and Grow a Successful Residential and Commercial Cleaning Business ~ Maria Carmen

When anyone seeks to start a janitorial business, there are lots of questions that may go through their mind.

The uncertainty of starting and running a cleaning business is no small issue and this book is the perfect guide for those seeking glory in the field of janitorial services.

The author has laid out the most effective plan that helps startups make their move with precision.

Moreover, startups don’t continue to face obstacles for long by jumping straight into action and winning janitorial bids.

5. The DO’s and DON’Ts of Contract Cleaning From One Who DID and DIDN’T ~ Richard D. Ollek CBSE

Janitorial Business owners need to amass vast knowledge on the industry they’re currently in and it pays to know the do’s and don’ts when outlining a janitorial business plan.

Janitorial cleaning books like these are hard to come by, especially, those written by prominent figures in the industry.

Richard D. Ollek is someone you can trust when he states the Do’s and Don’ts of contract cleaning.

This book was written with years of experimenting and implementing different tactics while compiling a list of things that you should absolutely avoid doing.

This in-depth guide can help your cleaning business get on the right track when it comes to finding cleaning contracts without spending a fortune!

We recommend giving this book a read before starting your own operations as a cleaning business.

You may grasp the vital knowledge to prevent yourself from making mistakes while helping you to make the right decisions.

6. Jump Into Janitorial: How to build a cleaning business netting over six figures a year ~ Ron Piscatelli

Janitorial businesses have the innate capability of generating profits that can rival high-ranking business models.

This often doesn’t occur to everyone while they are confined to marginal profits.

Ron Piscatelli, a renowned author who writes books that cover topics on how to maximize profits as an entrepreneur.

His book “Jump Into Janitorial: How to build a cleaning business netting over six figures a year” outlines the perfect business model that can help janitors maximize their profits.

We guarantee legitimacy of the tactics in this book as they have already helped our associates yield profits.

7. Speed Cleaning ~ Jeff Campbell

If all other books were written on a serious note, “Speed Cleaning” exhibits a more relaxed and entertaining tone for its readers.

This book is the perfect go-to guide for every janitorial business owner and staff. The author, Jeff Campbell, is well known for writing knowledgeable books with a tone that entertains readers.

With the effective cleaning processes and strategies mentioned in this book, janitorial staff can refine their techniques and impress clients with ease.

It is a lighter side to learning and refining your cleaning techniques.

We recommend janitorial business owners instruct their staff read this book for learning the effective techniques mentioned in this book.


Cleaning business books can prove to be a valuable asset for janitorial business owners. Their techniques are not confined by time, enabling them to guide and operate a cleaning business with finesse.

There are countless commercial cleaning books written so far on the cleaning business model as these seven tips will suffice.

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