Find More Cleaning Leads Through Proper Cold Calling Strategy

Jason Hunt
May 18, 2019

[su_note note_color=”#f8ff17″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”5″]Once, I worked in a commission-based telemarketing company. It was bizarre calling someone who does not know me or my motive. It was a nightmare to introduce the company and get to be called a scammer, eventually. I could barely sustain myself and my family; hence, decided to get into lead generation service.[/su_note]

The only hope I had then was the fact that my colleagues were making money. The thought of it motivated me at the same time.

[su_highlight background=”#fa9200″ color=”#fdfbf5″]So I knew right then and there that it’s certainly possible to make money by generating cleaning leads and appointment setting on behalf of office cleaners near me![/su_highlight]

I realized that my way of approaching prospects wasn’t appropriate; in fact, our conversation never lasted more than 5 to 8 seconds.

I was scared of being yelled at over the phone, which further affected my performance



The best way to get the attention of someone who does not know you is by introducing yourself first.

While representing yourself to get the attention of your client, the first few seconds of the phone call are extremely valuable.


Tell the client your name and the name of your company. Remember that their time is limited, so keep your introduction short and simple.


Be smart, firm, and flexible at this stage. Some clients do not like over-familiarity so if you are too familiar and not professional with your greeting; you might lose them.

Make the salutation business-friendly.


The survey is critical; I mean very vital. Once you have already gotten their attention, be sure they are the client you’re looking for.

Please make sure they’re the people you want. You do not need all your leads to become your clients. It would be best if you filtered them.

Always remember you have many commercial cleaning leads clients to call, don’t dwell on one.


Once you ascertain you got the qualified client, then shoot your shot.

Share the news and introduce the company to them.


As a commercial cleaning leads service provider, it is important to sit with the client face to face to talk about the services the clients will prefer.

  • Chat with the clients about the kind of services you offer as a cleaning vendor.
  • Setting an appointment with cleaning leads is essential because it helps to close sales most often.
  • I found a career in telemarketing already, and the best way to achieve being a telemarketer is to read more and develop my skills.

Do you care to know how I develop my skills?

Alternatively, you wonder how I am successful in my cleaning business, right?

Commercial cleaning jobs are the most comfortable job for me in my cleaning business. I know what I want, and I pursue it.

With focus and persistence, you can also get genuine cleaning leads by following my cold calling tips.

Here Are More Tips To Follow As A Cleaning Leads Vendor:


A pre-call order to develop is to research the company you are about to call.

For you to render your best service, research the company to know what the company looks like and the cleaning they will love.


It is essential to know what to say so you are not thrown off balance.

Write a 30-second long script that you can comfortably say over the phone; however, avoid copying the text as you might forget while missing out on crucial unique selling points.


Do not get distracted by anything.

The only things you should have on your desk are the leads you want to call. Be focused and prepared to turn leads to clients and not vice versa.


No matter how many times the leads reject your proposition, do not discontinue your process.

Whenever you have cleaning leads available, keep reaching out, and give away leads for free if possible for developing newer and stronger customer relationships.


You cannot get it at once so you will keep practicing to get it right.


A cold call is a process of calling prospective commercial cleaning leads clients who do not know you for marketing or selling the company’s products or services.

Right attitude and confidence over the phone help by securing more appointments

In other words, it is an unsolicited business call to convince your prospective customers to buy your sales product and service.

  • It is also a technique used by a telemarketer for contacting potential clients to generate awareness.
  • Cold calling doesn’t work for all yet it works for everyone.
  • Cold calling works for almost everyone who’s aware of telemarketing tips; as a result, it does not work for everyone.

It is good to respect your clients’ privacy, and some clients already have it written “no cold calls” calling such a client is an infringement.

You also get from leads’ attitude if your calls are wanted or not.

It is when you call someone who does not know you or anything about your company to introduce your company to the person.


Follow the proper tactics for triggering interest in your prospects

While generating conversation with your commercial cleaning leads there are five stages to follow.

Please, note that before you follow these five stages, you have to be very organized.

Be very prepared, know you are about to speak with a prospect quite willing to share their likely problems that you must be willing to solve.
So get your listening skill extra sharp!

Follow the stages as these tricks have been tried and tested by many; therefore, if you wish to succeed by cold calling, your effort has to be consistent and continuously learning.

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