Having a Cleaning Task Checklist Could Really Impress Your Clients

Jason Hunt
February 6, 2019
Naturally, whenever there will be multiple unattended tasks, having a cleaning task checklist ready can trigger a sense of sincerity in your clients. Don’t let anything remain unattended, which is why a cleaning task checklist can reveal to clients your sincerity in work.
The checklist will act as a menu detailing the set of responsibilities you will perform.
A checklist to ensure everything in order and organized.

Most importantly, with a cleaning task checklist, all you have to do is simply ask the client to select from the services you’re offering.

In addition to set packages, make sure prospects can easily opt for a personalized checklist too, depending on their needs.

Sometimes choosing from multiple options could confuse people; therefore, having a cleaning task checklist on the screen of your client’s phone can make things more user-friendly.

 Find out how your business can get benefitted with an appointment setting support through telemarketing

Simple and easy-to-use interface:

  • There are going to be add-ons too under the list of sub-categories.
  • Simplicity is likely to improve the rate of orders placed on the platform.
  • An easy to understand user interface will enable more users to understand your software better.

However, stick to specific options that you generally provide to make things easier on your end.

For example, under the "Floor Cleaning" option, include an additional line for mopping/vacuuming.

Once you have grouped your services list, it will be much easier for your prospects to be aware of your capacity.

Make use of price lists:

It's quite similar to visiting a restaurant and checking out their food menu with the price list.

 It gets a lot more convenient if your cleaning task checklist (download link) comes with prices right beside every service category on the menu. 

Once you offer a generous list of pricing information, prospects will be aware of how much money they will need to afford.

There are drawbacks attached to this strategy as well.

Firstly, you wouldn't know how much work is involved in cleaning a certain space; as a result, if vacuuming a floor requires scrubbing it beforehand for eliminating grouts, definitely it will cost extra.

Secondly, it's much more convincing if you're offering combined packages compared to a single pricing list.

Whatever your pricing strategy is just make sure the prices are clear, competitive, and affordable; otherwise, it'll be remarkably challenging to sustain.

cleaning task checklist for coronavirus cleaning offices - janitorial leads pro
When you abide by a checklist, you know exactly what to cover and how to approach your projects.

Include more details:

Aside from a clear janitorial pricing list, it's imperative that you also include the number of hours you'd be willing to spend as well as the amount of space you're going to clean.

For cleaning bathrooms, you can charge every fifteen minutes as space may vary from one space to another.

In the case of window cleaning, you can charge per square area for every set of windows on a residential or commercial building.

Find out in detail about pricing your janitorial services without low-balling yourself.

In addition, remind customers repeatedly about how prices will vary due to opting for more services listed on the cleaning task checklist.

Clients are extra conscientious regarding eco-friendly cleaning practices, so if that's something you want to emphasize, don't fall short in words.

Cleaning task checklist for preventing infection -

Once employees have everything in order, refer to this checklist which can help minimize coronavirus infection among your workforce.

Equip PPE and improve the ventilation at the site by opening windows or using air purifying equipment

Clean out high-reaching places before moving to low-level areas

Carry out cleaning using an all-purpose cleaner and wipes, focus mainly on surfaces such as:

  • Doorknobs
  • Keyboards
  • Phone handles and keypads
  • Light switches
  • Sink taps and toilet flushers
  • Refrigerator handles
  • PCs and office chairs
  • Cupboard handles and other surfaces

After primary cleaning, use an EPA-approved disinfectant to neutralize pathogens.

 Scattering the disinfectant on the surface will clear off all pathogens (contact times can vary between 30 seconds to 10 minutes) 

It is recommended to vacuum floors making sure to minimize the kick up of debris in the process.

  • Mop floors with the recommended disinfectant and allow time for the disinfectant to take effect.
  • Clean out trash bins, disinfect them and replace with new liners.

After the job carefully dispose of gloves and face masks, wash hands with soap for at least thirty seconds.

If hand-washing isn’t an option, use hand sanitizers for the time is making sure to wash hands as soon as possible at a later time.

After cleaning -

Once cleaning is sorted as per your cleaning task checklist, there are a few more activities involve for ensuring further safety.

Dispose of all single-use equipment, such as gloves, masks, gowns, wipes, trash bags, etc.

Double-bag trash before disposal.

Reusable equipment, such as mop heads, needs to be stored away from other equipment in plastic bags until they can be disinfected by a cleaning facility.

Disinfect mop handles, water buckets, and other reusable equipment immediately.

Things to consider:

Each employee must dispose of their PPE immediately after each job.

Gloves and masks aren’t meant to be reused or used for long periods, hence, washing hands between PPE use is also highly encouraged.

These additional measures will surely take away time, but they drastically reduce contamination of "The Rona" virus.

Re-enforce the importance of washing hands during work hours.

Employees must avoid touching their mouths or faces, especially while wearing PPE.

They must avoid contact with others until they’ve quarantined themselves for two weeks.

Employees must use cleaning chemicals as directed on the manufacturer’s label.

It is vital to include this on cleaning task checklists to make sure they familiarize themselves with products that may be new to them.

Ensure that your inventory isn't expired or your cleaning tools will not be very effective against all pathogens, especially the coronavirus.

If any of your employees exhibit COVID-19 symptoms or return a positive test, ensure that you take steps to retrace the people and places they’ve come into contact with, and take necessary precautions to reduce contamination across other staff members.

Update pricing information:

After a cleaning task checklist is prepared, always remember that the industry is evolving continuously along with its prices.

The competition will be intense; therefore, you as an office cleaning service are prepared to offer more options to your prospects.

And as you do, keep tabs on the market so you are familiar with their prices too.

Updating company information across all networks signifies consistency and verified information.

As these bits of data will be changing, make sure you have also updated your profile information across social channels too.


Having a clearly defined cleaning task checklist will help you with better organizing and control of your janitorial business.

Most importantly, it will help your business gain traction as more clients will be placing more orders.

The simpler the interface, the easier it will be for users to become familiar with your platform online.

In terms of appropriate software to automate your janitorial service, feel free to connect with the Janitorial Manager. Stay with us for more insights on the janitorial cleaning industry.

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