10 Cleaning Industry Trends in Upcoming 2024

Jason Hunt
December 19, 2023

The cleaning industry is continuously evolving, with new trends emerging each year. As we look towards 2024, here are ten key industry trends.

1. Adoption of Robotic and Automated Cleaning Machines

The industry is witnessing a significant shift towards robotic and automated cleaning machines. These machines bring value by improving cleaning efficiency, quality, and data-driven decision-making.

They allow human staff to focus on more critical tasks, although their adoption has been slow due to high costs and maintenance requirements​​​​.

2. Labor-Saving Products and Tools

With difficulties in attracting and retaining employees post-pandemic, there’s an increasing demand for labor-saving tools and products. This trend aims to address workforce shortages and improve operational efficiency​​​​.

3. Emphasis on Green Cleaning

Sustainable practices remain a priority in the cleaning industry. There’s a growing interest in more concentrated formulas, products with fewer perfumes and dyes, and packaging with less plastic or recycled content​​.

4. Changes in Flooring Impacting Cleaning Product Demand

Modifications in flooring types are shifting the demand for specific cleaning products. As flooring materials evolve, so does the need for appropriate cleaning solutions​​.

5. Rising Costs and Economic Pressures

The industry is grappling with increasing costs due to various global factors, including raw material shortages, energy costs, and inflation. These challenges are impacting businesses at every stage, from manufacturing to sales​​.

6. High Software Usage in Business Management

There’s a significant rise in the use of business management software among cleaning companies. This technology helps simplify operations, increase productivity, and manage client and employee data effectively​​​​.

7. Focus on Custom Services to Meet Client Needs

Customization is key. Cleaning companies are increasingly offering personalized service plans and consultations to address the unique needs of each client, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction​​.

8. Prioritizing Convenience for Clients

Convenience is becoming a critical factor influencing consumer decisions. Companies are adapting by offering services and solutions that prioritize ease and accessibility for clients​​.

9. Internet of Things (IoT) in Cleaning

IoT technology is being used to monitor chemical and water usage, the health of crucial machines, and refill needs for paper/soap dispensers. This tech-driven approach enhances cleanliness and efficiency in facilities management​​.

10. Supply Chain and Staffing Challenges

Ongoing supply chain issues and staffing challenges remain significant concerns for the industry. Businesses are navigating these challenges by adopting new technologies and strategies to retain and attract employees​​​​​​

End Note

At the end we can say, the cleaning industry is rapidly evolving, marked by a shift towards automation, sustainability, and client-specific services.

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